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Span Filtration Systems Private Limited Manufacturer


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( We "Span Filtration Systems Private Limited" has been providing solutions in air filtration for over two decades. With installation of 1000+ Solutions across multiple industries SFS is a market leader in industrial air filtration in India.

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Span Filtration Systems Private Limited Manufacturer

  2. 2. The effects of polluted internal environment are unseen and are ignored till they cause ruckus in otherwise smooth manufacturing. That's the hidden menace. UNDERSTANDING THE HIDDEN MENACE Particle Size: (µm) 2
  3. 3. THE POLLUTANTS 1 µm particles and smaller (viruses and bacteria) enter the blood stream 10 µm particles (pollen) are caught in the cilium 100 µm particles (soot) are caught in the nose 3 µm particles (asbestos) are caught in the lungs 3 Pollutants penetrate way deeper than you think
  4. 4. WE MANUFACTURE WHATEVER BE YOUR 20 years of expertise 5 Specialized solutions to filter the most challenging pollutants Serving over 500+ applications to create incredible results 4
  5. 5. CLEAN AIR IS A WISE INVESTMENT CUT Cleaning bills DECREASE Electrical maintenance INCREASE Machine speeds without pollution MINIMIZE Fire hazards PREVENT Respiratory problems RECLAIM Expensive coolants REDUCE Accident risks 5
  6. 6. up to 75 to 90% of filtration costs are incurred in operations and maintenance up to 10 to 25% Your filtration costs are related to buying and financing COST-EFFECTIVE FILTRATION SOLUTIONS LONGER Product Life LOWER Maintenance LESSER Energy Bill Lowest Life-Cycle Costs with SFS 6
  7. 7. Because every application needs a specialized approach, SFS offers a specialized solution for every application. ADVANCED APPLICATION ENGINEERING Smoke Mist Dust Fumes Gases 7
  8. 8. PROVEN RANGE FOR YOUR SPECIALIZED NEEDS One stop solutions for all your needs ESPs Fume Extractors Dust Collectors Portable Mist Filters Centralised systems Customised solutions 8
  9. 9. Design Training Services State of the art Technical Application Center with CAD, Solid Modelling, Simulation & Analysis Tools Extensive operator training at SFS or your premises with Well- proven training modules that empower operators to perform routine maintenance 20,000 sq. ft. State-of-the- art factory Manufacturing Standardization and value engineering Dedicated Team of highly experienced service engineers & nationwide support for all kinds of maintenance CAPABILITIES Manufacturing 9
  10. 10. Shree Kelkar Managing Director LEADERSHIP Ashwini Kelkar Director - Marketing Harsh Parchure Application Engineering He is especially recognized for hands-on approach to developing new, innovative air filtration solutions. With her strong technical background, deep technical know- how and extensive application understanding Ashwini is unfolding new frontiers for SFS Her leadership has seen the company grow from strength to strength and also emerge as a market leader in industrial air filtration solutions in India. 10
  12. 12. 12 INSTALLATIONS ACROSS 70+ INDUSTRIAL CLUSTERS Ahemadnagar Ahemdabad Alwar Ambattur Amtala, WB Aurangabad Bengaluru Bhandara Bharuch Bhiwandi Bhopal Bidar Chakan Chengalpattu Chennai Coimbatore Daman Daruhera Dhar Dharwad Faridabad Gazhiabad Gurgaon Halol Hamirpur Haridwar Hoogly Hoshiarpur Hosur Howrah Hyderabad Ichalkaranji Jamshedpur Jhajjar Kanchipuram Kanpur Kathewada Kistapuram Kolhapur Kolkata Ludhiana Manesar Medak Mehsana Mohali Mumbai Mysore Nagpur Nashik Navi Mumbai Noida Pantnagar Parwanoo Patiala Pimpri Pinjore Pithampur Puducherry Pune Rajkot Rohtak Rudrapur Rupnagar Rwari Saswad Satara Shirur Silvassa Sriperumbudur Thane Thiruvallur Tumkur Vadodara Vaishali Vasai Visakhapatnam Yadrrav
  13. 13. 1000+ HAPPY CUSTOMERS 13
  14. 14. LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS 4, Ramtekdi Industrial Town Planning Scheme, Hadapsar, Pune 411013, Maharashtra, INDIA +91 20 6560 3153/54 14
  15. 15. APPLICATIONS SERVED Carbon Dust Graphite Machining Bench/Tool Cutter Precast Slab Cutting Abrasive Cut-off machines Rubber Mills Woodworking Jewellery Buffing Dry Machining such as Grinding, Buffing etc. Laser/Plasma Cutting, Polishing etc. DUST COLLECTORS
  16. 16. FILTER LIFE, PERFORMANCE, AND EFFICIENCY GUARANTEED! Modular design means optimum site flexibility and shorter manufacturing lead time Durable, long life with heavy duty construction Vertical design of the filter cartridges provides more efficient pulsing of dust Smallest floor space with compact design Application engineering for filter media, pleat spacing options as per your specific application Faster, trouble-free change-out of cartridges Designed to create lesser noise on shop-floor FEATURES 16
  17. 17. TECHNICAL DETAILS SFS Dust Collectors are engineered with a singular goal - to create a clean environment in variety of applications generating fine to coarse particulate dust. TOP VIEW SIDE VIEWGADIAGRAM FRONT VIEW 17
  18. 18. Dust Collectors HAPPY CUSTOMERS
  19. 19. WELDING FUMES EXTRACTOR APPLICATIONS SERVED Stand-alone welding stations Welding lines in automotive Welding applications in fabrication Heavy welding in engineering Specialized welding processes
  20. 20. PROVEN RANGE TO TOTALLY ELIMINATE HAZARDOUS FUMES Highly compact design with filtration unit mounted on wheels to provide mobility Low maintenance fume extraction system with cartridge type filter Higher filtration area Auto cleaning with compressed air reverse pulse jet arrangement Blower arrangement at cleaner side reducing problems in the impeller and motor assembly Flexible suction arm provides freedom of adjusting the suction point at any convenient position FEATURES 20
  21. 21. SFS offers a full range of welding fume extractors, from standalone filtration systems to a comprehensive solution for entire shop-floor. TECHNICAL DETAILS 21
  22. 22. BENEFITS 22 Improved shop-floor environment with clean air Ensure highest worker health and safety Protection from harmful fumes for production equipment & manufacturing processes Higher productivity with lesser disturbances on shop-floor Simultaneous filtration of fumes at multiple welding stations through centralized systems Most optimized ducting layout means lowest power consumption Highly effective suction of welding fumes through specially designed suction hoods Flexible, convenient, easy to use fume extractors
  23. 23. Welding Fume Extractor HAPPY CUSTOMERS
  24. 24. ELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR APPLICATIONS SERVED Induction Quenching Cold-drawing Gear Cutting Grinding with Straight Oil Straight Oil Machining Forging Operations Cold Pressing Metal Working Heat-treatment Processes
  25. 25. TOTAL FILTRATION FOR FINE MIST AND SMOKE FEATURES Compact sturdy design ensures longer life Built-in safety features and unique power pack, coupled with safety switch to disconnect ESP in case switched on when the door is still open Additional safety with indicating lamps on control panel to showcase operating conditions Lower blower maintenance required as blowers are mounted on cleaner side Vertical ESPs have relatively smaller footprint & are therefore ideal in case of space constraint Easy to install and maintain 25
  26. 26. Ensure effective filtration of wet and dry smoke TECHNICAL DETAILS 26
  27. 27. HAPPY CUSTOMERS Electrostatic Precipitator
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. FILTERMIST OVER 150,000 UNITS IN DAILY USE Oil mist is removed at source Oil mist is removed from the air by centrifugal impaction Clean oil is returned to machine Clean air is returned to workplace Smoke and fume can be removed and efficiency increased with the addition of a clip-on after filter FEATURES 29
  30. 30. The new compact S series with airflows from 180m³/hr to 950m³/hr FILTRATION PERFORMANCE REDEFINED 30
  31. 31. The new advanced FX series with airflows from 1250 m³/hr to 2750 m³/hr FILTRATION PERFORMANCE REDEFINED 31
  32. 32. Filtermist HAPPY CUSTOMERS
  33. 33. 33 Centralized systems for mist and smoke filtration
  34. 34. A•mist APPLICATIONS SERVED Grinding Turning Milling Electrical discharge machining Machining with straight oil
  35. 35. WHY OIL MIST FILTRATION? Oil mist may cause cancer by inhalation Oil mist causes slippery floors and collects dust on machines and walls. The requirements of the authorities are becoming stricter. It is important to invest in equipment that meets future requirements. Oil mist coats ventilation channels and can cause fires. Oil mist coats the heat exchanger, reducing the efficiency of the heat recover 35 A.mist20 A.mist10
  36. 36. CENTRALIZED OIL MIST FILTERS 36 A.mist40T The highest possible collecting efficiency The filtered air becomes so clean that it usually can be returned to the premises. This means less loss of energy and a more balanced ventilation. Extremely low maintenance Absolent filter units can usually run for at least one year without requiring a filter change. Moreover, A•mist filter cassettes can usually be washed. This results in a low total cost of ownership. A very reliable filter unit The filter unit does not have any moving components, which eliminates the risk for stand-stills. Functional Design The A•mist filter range has a highly robust tower design that occupies a minimum of floor space. Its hinged access doors make service still more convenient. The filter is supplied with a baked powder painted finish that adds colour to the shop floor. A.mist40TF FEATURES
  37. 37. CENTRALIZED OIL MIST FILTERS ADVANTAGES 37 Cheaper installation Easier service because of less service points Lower life-cycle costs per unit Significant savings in floor-space Effective, centralized control over the filtration process Possibility to lead the process air through a heat exchanger. The series of central filter units consists of parallel modules which are dimensioned after the needed air-flow.
  38. 38. A.mist HAPPY CUSTOMERS
  39. 39. A•SMOKE APPLICATIONS SERVED Heat treatment Cold-drawing Gear cutting Grinding with neat oil CNC turning with neat oil Forging operations and cold pressing
  40. 40. WHY OIL SMOKE FILTRATION? Oil smoke may cause lung diseases if inhaled. Oil smoke causes slippery floors and collects dust on machines and walls. Oil smoke can lead to coating in ventilation ducts that may cause fires. Oil smoke can cause coating in heat exchangers reducing the efficiency of the heat recovery. The oil that is drained from the filter can be reused. 40
  41. 41. If you run your CNC machines at high speed and with a high coolant pressure, or if you’re working with die casting or hardening, the machines will start to “smoke”. This oil smoke consists of tiny particles and the smoke is thick. The particles penetrate everything and can even reach your bloodstream! The same problem often arises during minimal quantity lubrication (MQL). To get rid of this type of pollution, you must install a tough filter – A•Smoke! CENTRALIZED SMOKE COLLECTORS 41
  42. 42. CENTRALIZED SMOKE COLLECTORS ADVANTAGES 42 Cheaper installation Easier service because of less service points Significant savings in floor-space Effective, centralized control over the filtration process Possibility to lead the process air through a heat exchanger. The unit can run for 1–6 years without requiring a filter change. Extremely low life cycle costs Designed for handling the most demanding applications A.smoke40 A.smoke80 A.smoke 20
  43. 43. A.smoke HAPPY CUSTOMERS
  44. 44. CLEANING CABINET Easy to operate Zero maintenance equipment as there are no moving parts Highly efficient component cleaning Works with a connection to existing air supply and needs no power supply Compact design that is easy to position in the workshop Remove coolant, chip/particle residue from components. ADVANTAGES 44 Perforated table surface allows the dirt-laden air to be drawn down into the Downdraft table. The contaminated air pushed through the pre-filter The heavier particles are then separated and collected in the Cleaning Cabinet drawer The residual contaminated air flow is cleaned with high efficiency filter, to collect the finer machining dust Clean air is exhausted back into the original environment. Options for automated/manual cleaning of DownDraft table filters FEATURES