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Premier Holotech, Bengaluru, Hologram Wads


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Manufacturer and Supplier of Holograms & Holographic Products" Which include holograms labels, holograms stickers, security holograms labels such as Holographic Inductioning, Holographic Induction, Holographic Induction Sealing Wads, Holographic Web Films, Wide Films Holographic, Holographic Wide Web, Transparent Hologram Services, Holograms Transparenting, Industrial Hologram Sticker.

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Premier Holotech, Bengaluru, Hologram Wads

  1. 1. "Manufacturer & Supplier of Holograms & Holographic Products" Which includeholograms labels, holograms stickers, security holograms labels etc.
  2. 2. - About Us -Premier Holotech is one of the emerging leaders in the field of hologram andholographic packaging products manufacturing. Our objective is to become aforefront runner in providing anti-counterfeit solutions and gibing completesatisfaction to the customers in a timely and cost effective manner.We offer a variety of holograms and holographic products, including holograms -labels and stickers, hologram masters, latest holograms, instant holograms, hotstamping holograms, holographic pouches and hologram shrink sleeves. Ourproducts offerings also include holographic induction wads, holo pharmaproducts, holographic wide web films, transparent holograms, holographicscratch, holographic paper labels and holographic tapes and strips.Our products help in preventing the fraud imitation of global brands or products.These innovative and exclusively designed holograms help our clients toidentify authentic products guaranteeing complete security authentication andcounterfeit prevention.Our customer-oriented approach and extensive industrial knowledge hasenabled us to establish ourselves as one of the trustworthy companies in bothdomestic and international markets. We have a long list of satisfied clients incorporate and government sectors. Our team has assisted our clients innumerous ways in increasing the revenue, profit and brand equity.In addition, we are equipped with a specially developed computer-aided systemthat enables us to produce and deliver huge volume of products and in variousspecifications. Our office network is spread all across the country and we alsohave business partners based globally to ensure timely delivery.
  3. 3. Holographic Induction Wads:We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of Holographic Induction Wads that arewidely appreciated for their supreme quality. They are fabricated as per the requirement ofour clients, ensuring complete safety against counterfeit. These Holographic Induction Wadscan be obtained from us at most reasonable prices. Holographic Inductioning Holographic Induction Hologram Wads Holographic Induction Sealing Wads
  4. 4. Holographic Wide Web Films:We are engaged in providing our customers a broad array of Holographic Wide Web Filmsthat are widely accepted by our clients. These are particularly meant for packaging industryand have a huge demand in the market. Our Holographic Wide Web Films are manufacturedfrom finest quality raw material. Holographic Web Films Wide Films Holographic Holographic Wide Web
  5. 5. Transparent Holograms:We are known for our wide assortment of Transparent Holograms, which are developedbasically for ID cards to offer protection against fake ones. This range is largely appreciatedfor its superior quality and effectiveness. Our such range of Transparent Holograms isfabricated in compliance with the industry set norms. Transparent Hologram Holograms Rolls Services Holograms Transparenting
  6. 6. Hologram Stickers:Holograms stickers are available in various shapes and sizes and can also be customized asper the clients requirement.We can also provide hologram solutions in different forms,shapes and sizes. Sticker Hologram Hologram Sticker Industrial Hologram Stickers Hologram Sticker
  7. 7. Hot Stamping Foils:We are engaged in manufacturing as well as supplying a wide range of customized hologramhot Stamping films and foils, which are widely appreciated and used for mass production andauto application of holograms. These holograms are applicable for a number of surfacessuch as cloth, PVC, plastic, paper and films. Industrial Hot Stamping Hologram Hot Stamping Foil Hologram Hot Stamping Hologram Hot Stamp Foils Foil
  8. 8. Holographic Strip:Hologram strips are available online and offline and are used for auto application productsand pharamceutical products.We provide the strips in various sizes and specifications as perthe customers requirement. Designer Holographic Holographic Strip (On Strips line) Holographic Strip (Offline) Holographic Strip
  9. 9. Tamper Evident Labels:We provide special tamper evident holograms and hologram products.We have varioustamper evident hologram patterns like VOID, BEE-HIVE TAMPER, NORMAL TAMPER EVIDENT. Evident Tamper Labels Hologram Label Hologram Tamper Evident Evident Labels
  10. 10. Hologram Label:We are the leading company in the manufacturing of holograms and holographic products inIndia and cater to a wide customer base and have 5000 customers.We can provide high security hologram solutions for all range of products and brands. Hologram Pouches Hologram Labels Holographic Non-Tamper Hologram Stickers Evident
  11. 11. 3D Holograms:Prominent & Leading Supplier and Manufacturer from Bengaluru, we offer 3D Holograms suchas Technological 3D Holograms, 2D and 3D Holograms and 2D / 3D holograms. Technological 3D 2D and 3D Holograms Holograms 2D / 3D holograms
  12. 12. Holograms Product:We are a leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Holograms Product such as HolographicPouches, Holograms With Variable Information, Holograms in Spool Form and True ColourHolograms from India. Holographic Pouches Holograms With Variable Information Holograms in Spool Form True Colour Holograms
  13. 13. Other Products: Holographic Paper Paper Holographic Label Holographic Masters Latest Hologram Features
  14. 14. Other Products: Hologram Instant PVC Stamping Holograms Holographic Pouch Reliable Hologram Shrink Sleeves
  15. 15. Other Products: Shrink Sleeve Labels Holo Pharma Product For Pharma Industry Scratchs Holographic Scratch Holograms
  16. 16. Other Products: Holographic Strips And Hologram Security Tapes Rapid Diagnostic Devices Industrial Aluminium Foil
  17. 17. Other Products: Holographic aluminium Industrial Hologram Label Foil Seal Hologram Hologram Sealing
  18. 18. Other Products: Holography Laminate Laminate Holographic Holography Papers Sticker Holographic
  19. 19. Other Products: Promotional Holographic Holographic Tape Sticker Application Holographic Design Tapes Industrial Tamper Evident Seals
  20. 20. Other Products: Tamper Evident Stickers Hologram Paper Board Holographic Thread Rolls Hot Stamping Holograms
  21. 21. Other Products: Holographic Hot Stamping Hologram Tapes And Strips Hologram Taping Holographic Web Film
  22. 22. Other Products: Films Holographic Latest Laser Holograms Holographic Sheets Design Holograms Ebeam
  23. 23. - Company Factsheet -Nature of Business Supplier Manufacturer Exporter
  24. 24. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Premier HolotechMr. JainNo. 19, 3rd Floor, Arihant Towers, 2nd Cross, Nehru Road, New Gudadahalli,Mysore RoadBengaluru, Karnataka - 560 026, IndiaWebsite: