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RPM Tools Consulting, Coimbatore, Industrianl Machines


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Suppliers of CNC Router M25B, CNC Router M25-H, MY-L4060 Mini Laser Engraver, MY-L3040 Mini Laser Engraver.

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RPM Tools Consulting, Coimbatore, Industrianl Machines

  1. 1. Our Key Products :::1. CNC Router Machines2. Laser Engraving/CuttingMachines3. Plasma cutting machines4. Waterjet Cutting Machines5. RP Machines6. 3D Scanner
  2. 2. - Profile -RPM Tools Consulting (RPMTC) provide services to acquire and run systems thatallow users to create physical objects from computer models. Not only can thesetechnologies be used to create prototypes for later production in the medical,industrial, artistic ,wood working, signage, architectural, jewelery and otherfields, they can also be used to make finished parts or tools.In this regard, CNC Router,Laser Engraving / Plasma/ Waterjet Cutting Machines,RP Machines, 3D Scanner are sold by RPMTC. CAD / CAM Softwares, Cutting toolsand other accessories of these machines are also supplied. RPMTC is more than aseller, is a consultant for your success using these machines.The necessarysupport in applications and service are provided at every stage .ExcellentTraining on Designing and Machining by experienced engineers is given withevery machine.RPMTC help organizations to acquire the right technologies and to run the unit toextract maximum benifits. RPMTC source the right machineries and softwaresystems to exactly fit to market / customer needs.RPMTC also do Build, Own /Transfer and Operate Rapid Protoyping and Manufacturing systems. RPMTCsupport single machine to master turnkey projects.
  3. 3. - Industrianl Machines -CNC Routers - Mini Series: CNC Router H6090 CNC Router -double head- small table CNC Router H3030 Small CNC Router
  4. 4. - Industrianl Machines -CNC Routers - Medium Series: CNC Router -double head- CNC Router -double head small table CNC Router H1224
  5. 5. - Industrianl Machines -CNC Routers - Maxi Series: CNC Router M25-II CNC Router M25B CNC Router M40 -large CNC Router M25-X size
  6. 6. - Industrianl Machines -CNC Routers - Hi End Series: CNC Router M25-H CNC Router M25-I T-Slot Table Top for CNC CNC Router with Vacuum Router Table Top
  7. 7. - Industrianl Machines -Laser Machines:Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials, and is typically used forindustrial manufacturing applications, but is also starting to be used by schools, smallbusinesses and hobbyists. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser,by computer, at the material to be cut. MY-L3040 Mini Laser MY-L4060 Mini Laser Engraver Engraver MY-L6090 Laser Engraver MY-L1290 Laser Engraver
  8. 8. - Industrianl Machines -Others: CNC Controller CNC Router Table Top CNC Machine Kit Parallel Cable
  9. 9. - Industrianl Machines -Other Products: CNC Router - Cylinderical CNC Router Four Axis Engraving Natural and Artificial CNC Router For Education Wood Working Machines
  10. 10. - Industrianl Machines -Other Products: Plasma Cutting Machine Rapid Prototyping (Omni) Machine (Shining 3D) Water Jet Machines (YCL) CNC Router Attachement(Plug and Play type)
  11. 11. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2011Nature of Business SupplierTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Australia/NZ Indian Subcontinent Caribbean East/Middle Africa North Africa South/West Africa East Europe East Asia Central America North Europe Middle East South America South/West Europe South East Asia North AmericaPrimary Competitive Experienced R & D DepartmentAdvantage Good Financial Position & TQM Large Product Line Large Production Capacity
  12. 12. - Contact Us -Contact Details:RPM Tools ConsultingMr. Pradeep Kumar K. P.No. 3- 182 - T, Vinayaga Tower, Kadampadi Road, Above S. B. I. Bank, Air ForceStation, SulurCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641 401, IndiaWebsite: