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Rasaynam Rejuvenating Life, Delhi, Ayurvedic Treatment and Therapy Services


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offering services related to Ayurvedic Therapy, Treatment and Products. The team exercising Ayurvedic practices is a perfect combination of Ayurveda Therapists and practitioners, Ayurvedic Consultation, Clinical Panchakarma, Panchendriya Rejuvenation, Asthapanam Vasti..

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Rasaynam Rejuvenating Life, Delhi, Ayurvedic Treatment and Therapy Services

  1. 1. We are experts in offering services related to Ayurvedic Therapy, Treatmentand Products. The team exercising Ayurvedic practices is a perfect combinationof Ayurveda Therapists and practitioners.
  2. 2. - Profile -A PerludeRasaynam Rejuvenating Life established in the year 2010 is a ProprietorshipFirm, engaged in providing services of Ayurvedic Therapy, Treatment andwholesaling Ayurvedic Products. Our range includes Consultation, ClinicalPanchakarma, Panchendriya Rejuvenation, Asthapanam Vasti, Kshar SutraTreatment, Ayurvedic Medicine, Nasyam Theraphy, Relaxation Therapy,Virechan Therapy, Vaman Therapy and Panchakarma Message Table.Our organization aims at delivering finest solutions of Ayurveda the science thatdeals with life to all our clients. Ayurveada being a traditional system of treatingthe mind, soul and body from all types of ailments has been into practice asmedical science for more than 5000 years. Doshas vatta, Kapha and Pitta, thethree basic humors in Ayurveda that is responsible for human organismfunctioning. Disturbance in these three humors creates problems in terms ofillness and disease. At Rasayanam, we believe in balancing the three factors inthe best possible way to ensure good health and well being of the mankind.Services in form of therapy and treatment are designed in accordance torequirements of clients and the viewing the critical aspects of their healthissues. Products that we offer are sourced from reliable vendors of the nation.These products are made available in the Market in tamper proof packing withdate of manufacture and expiry. Healing abilities and effectiveness of theseproducts make them highly reliable and the most preferred one among clientsfrom national to international market.Understanding various requirements of body, we plan our treatment andtherapies. In making this done, we are supported by a team of Ayurvedapractitioners and doctors, with belief on the science that deals with life.
  3. 3. - Ayurvedic Treatment and Therapy Services -Ayurvedic Treatment:Our organization is involved in giving service and treatments of a wide range in AyurvedicTreatments. We use skilled professionals and experienced people for this treatments. Theseare mostly preferred for taking all your stress and pain in heart and body. Ayurvedic Consultation Clinical Panchakarma Panchendriya Asthapanam Vasti Rejuvenation
  4. 4. - Ayurvedic Treatment and Therapy Services -Ayurvedic Therapy:We at, Rasaynam Rejuvenating Life are indulged in provided services of a wide range ofAyurvedic Therapies. Our expert team allows us to provide efficient therapies. We arewell-known and certified wholesalers of ayurvedic products for therapy and also for serviceproviding. Nasyam Theraphy Relaxation Therapy Virechan Therapy Vaman Therapy
  5. 5. - Ayurvedic Treatment and Therapy Services -Ayurvedic Products: Shandhi Sudha Joint Pain Dr. Silm Tea Relif Oil Body Power Plus Piles Treatment
  6. 6. - Ayurvedic Treatment and Therapy Services -Other Products: Kshar Sutra Treatment Ayurvedic Medicine Infertility Treatment Treatment For Skin Diseases 6
  7. 7. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2010Nature of Business Service Provider
  8. 8. - Contact Us - Contact Details:Rasaynam Rejuvenating LifeDr. Hitendra SinghNo. 18, Gujrat Vihar, Near Preet Vihar, Metro StationDelhi - 110 092, IndiaWebsite: