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SG Enviro Technologies, Coimbatore, Water Treatment Plants


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Manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers and service providers of Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants and Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants. Apart from this, we also provide environment consultancy services such as Packed Bed Scrubber System, Venturi Scrubbers, Bag Filter Dust Collection System, Fabricated Ducting Works, Cast Iron Centrifugal Process Pumps, Sand And Activated Carbon Filter, Micron Filters, Water Ozonators, Ozonation Disinfection Treatment, Sand And Activated Carbon Filter, Bag Filter And Micron Filters, Ozonator Plants, Clarifiers, Settling Tanks And Lamella Clarifier, Surface Aerator And Floating Aerator, SS, Cast Iron Centrifugal Process Pump, Agitators And Mixers, Zero Discharge Automated With PLC Control RO System, Duel Media, Sand And Activated Carbon Filters, Air Ambient Quality Monitoring, Soil Analysis..

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SG Enviro Technologies, Coimbatore, Water Treatment Plants

  1. 1. SG ENVIRO TECHNOLOGIES SG Enviro Technologies offers Tern key Projects that include initial survey, site assessment, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of systems in Environment engineering to industrial and commercial establishments in all over India. Our business expertise covers Air pollution control Equipments, Waste water Treatment Plant, Zero Discharge Water treatment & recycling, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Environmental Consulting Services. SG Enviro Technologies brings to customers extensive experience in industrial applications, and expertise through technology partnerships andstrategicalliances. SS GG Engineering - Laboratory - Consultancy Services WET SCRUBBER Pulse jet bag filter AIR POLLUTION CONTROL EQUIPMENTS WATER TREATMENT PLANTCentrifugal Blower Cyclonic Separator Fume Extractor Venturi Scrubber Reverse Osmosis Plant PACKAGED SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT INDUSTRIAL EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT Ultra Filtration Nano Filtration Fabrication Work WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT PRESTIGIOUS CLIENT LIST Nani Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd., Laxmi Machine Works Kadri Wovens SG Industries Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research CRI Pumps National Engineering College Precicraft Components Pvt. Ltd., Perfect Aluminium Alloys Jayachandra Batteries Pvt. Ltd., Pioneer Engineering Projects
  2. 2. Surface Aerators Mechanical Agitators Diffused Aeration Systems Sludge Filter Press Sludge Thickeners Lamella Clarifier Bio Fill Media (MBBR, Tube Settler) Electrical Panel (For ETP,STP,RO Plant) Sheet Metal Fabrication Work Disinfiction Systems (Ozonation, Clorination, UV) Air Polution Control Ducting Works Clariflocculators Prefabricated Settling Tank Centrifugal Blower Factory Sf.No: 114H,Keeranam Road, Saravanampatty (PO), Coimbatore, TN, India. Regd Office : No2/73, Ingur Road, Chennimalai – 638051.Erode Dt.TN,India. Branch Office: No: 08,Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Police Quarters Road, Ganapathy, Coimbatore –641 006. Land Line : +91 422 6552355, : +91 4294 251085 Mobile : +91 9363261222, 8883311414, E-mail : : Websit : www. Call Us: OTHER EQUIPMENTS / COMPONENTS FOR COMMUNICATION ADDRESS Call Us: 08447570779