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Packaging Solution, Sahibabad, Cooking Kettles


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Established with an objective to redefine the concept of food packaging and processing, Packaging Solution has been able to create a niche for ourselves in the market. Our products are Steam Jacketted Kettle ( Model No.psk110), Cooking Kettle Fixed Type, Vacumm Evapurated Vessel (Model NO. PSK108), Double Seamer (Can Still Type PSS 139), Double Seamer (1ADS Type PSS 138), Double Seamer ( PSS140 Can Still Type).

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Packaging Solution, Sahibabad, Cooking Kettles

  1. 1. Established with an objective to redefine the concept of food packaging andprocessing, Packaging Solution has been able to create a niche for ourselves inthe market.
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  3. 3. Cooking Kettles:Avail larger and smaller sizes of industrial cooking kettles to meet specific requirements.The variety offered includes Steam Jacketed Kettle, Fixed Type Cooking Kettle, VacuumEvaporated Vessel and other custom configured cooking kettles. Steam Jacketted Kettle ( Cooking Kettle Fixed Type Model No.psk110) Vacumm Evapurated Vessel (Model NO. PSK108)
  4. 4. Canning Equipment:We offer a full range of canning equipment from Can Reforming and Filling to Seaming andEmbossing . These machines are designed to provide multiple speed option for application infood processing, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. Our range of canning equipmentcan be availed in different capacities based upon the requirement of the clients. Double Seamer (Can Still Double Seamer (1ADS Type PSS 139) Type PSS 138) Double Seamer ( PSS140 Rotary Flate Can Body Can Still Type) Reformer (Model-PSR141)
  5. 5. Bottling Equipment:We offer a complete portfolio of Bottling Equipment, which is manufactured using qualityraw material such as stainless steel. These equipment provide easy grip over the bottle andmakes a air-tight seal to prevent leakage. Available in different capacities, our bottlingequipment are used for packaging of mineral water, fabric softener, rinse, shampoo,detergent and lubricating oils. Crown Corking Machine ( Pp Cap Sealer (pedestal Model No.pscc135) Model) Lug Cap Sealing Machine Rotary Bottle Washer (model No.pslc137)
  6. 6. Sauces/Jam Processing Plant:We offer a wide range of sauce/jam processing plant that are used at different stages andfor different process of making jams or sauce. We have designed these machines for easyusage and long lasting performance. Manufactured using food grades steel, these plants canbe availed at competitive prices. Rotary Fruit & Vegetable Inspection Conveyor Washing Machine Bucket Elevator Screw Feeder
  7. 7. Tutti Frutti Plant:Avail equipment for dicing and cubing papaya and other fruits like apple, papaya, carrotetc., that meet with the specific requirement of the industry. Cubes and dices of the desiredsize can be availed with the use of these machines. Easy to maintain, these machines can beavailed at competitive prices. Dicing & Cubing Machine Tray Drayer Dicing & Cubing Machine Tray Drayer
  8. 8. Pickle Making Equipment:We offer state- of the-art equipment that will ease the process of making pickles. We makemachines for cutting chillies, lemon, raw mango, mixing the pickle etc. Simple in design andeasy to use, these machines are designed to give consistent and long lasting performance. Chilly Cutting Machine Lemon Cutting Machine Pickle Mixer Raw Mango Cutting
  9. 9. Juice & Pulp Extraction Plant:We offer machines to extract juice and pulp from various fruits like pineapple, apples,oranges etc. These machines are easy to use as well as clean and maintain. We offermachines for making juice, pulp, paste, crushing fruits, homogenize etc. Hydraulic Juice Press Paste Making Machine Pulper (MODEL Fruit Mill/Crusher (Senior) NO.PSP115) (Model NO.PSF121)
  10. 10. Fruits and Vegetable Processing Plant:We offer a complete portfolio of food and vegetable processing machines fabricated from10/10 s.w.g. stainless steel. These are designed for gentle handling of the products duringdifferent stages right from washing to the final packaging. Our range of food and vegetableprocessing equipment / machines are renowned for corrosion resistance, dimensionalaccuracy and sturdy construction Paste Making Machine Pulper (Model NO.PSP115) Fruit Mill/Crusher (Senior) Piston Filler (Model (Model NO.PSF121) No.PSPF250)
  11. 11. Aloe Vera Plant:Providing you the best range of Aloe Vera Plant such as Piston Filler (MODEL NO.PSPF250),Homogenizer, Rotary Bottle Washer and Vacuum Filling Machine (MODEL NO.PSV126) witheffective & timely delivery. Piston Filler (MODEL Homogenizer NO.PSPF250) Rotary Bottle Washer Vacuum Filling Machine (MODEL NO.PSV126)
  12. 12. Other Products: Canning Retort Potato Peeler Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter
  13. 13. Other Products: Hand Flanger (Model- Treadle Lid Embossing PSF142) Machine (Model-PSF143) Round Can Body Beader Canning Retort 13
  14. 14. Other Products: Straight Line Exhaust Box Vacuum Filling Machine ( Model No.psv126) Piston Filler ( Model Pulprizer No.pspf250) 14
  15. 15. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2004Nature of Business Supplier Manufacturer ExporterMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent
  16. 16. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Packaging SolutionMr. Pankaj SharmaNo. 8/287, Sector - 3, Rajendra NagarSahibabad - 201 005, Uttar Pradesh, India