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Optics Technology, Delhi, Laboratory Testing Instruments


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The leading manufacturer of Laminar Air Flow, Clean Room Instruments & Other Laboratory Testing Instruments such as Infra Red Moisture Balance, Microbiological Blender, Electronic Balance, Air Curtain, Bursting Strength Tester - Micro Print Model, Bursting Strength Tester - Double Head Model, Bursting Strength Tester - Super Model..

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Optics Technology, Delhi, Laboratory Testing Instruments

  1. 1. Optics Technology is the leading manufacturer of Laminar Air Flow, Clean RoomInstruments & Other Laboratory Testing Instruments.
  2. 2. - Know Us -Optics Technology is the leading manufacturer of Laminar Air Flow, Clean RoomInstruments & Other Laboratory Testing Instruments. It was established in Delhiin 1978 as a humble Manufacturers & Exporters of Laboratory TestingInstruments , since then Optics Technology has grown by leaps & bounds to be aleading player in India serving the Pharmaceutical, Food, Agro, Electronic,Semiconductor, Medical, Chemical Biotech Industries etc. & has also developedexport market in all over Asia & other countries. Our Lab Instruments has beeninstalled all around India & world in a wide variety of industries such asPharmaceutical, Electrical, Semiconductor, Medical Universities, FoodProcessing, Milk Plants, Oil Industries, Agricultural Industries, IVF CentersPharmacy & in reputed R&D Laboratories. We are committed to providing ourcustomers with highest quality products & services which meet & exceed theirrequirement. We are also committed to continuously improving the products &services we offer. Optics Technology provides his customers with reasonableCompetitive Pricing, Quality Products & Timely service. We very muchappreciate those customers who have allowed us to be of service to them for thepast so many years & we want to work with our customer to provide the latesttechnological advancements with which to operate your R&D Laboratories. Weare regularly exporting our different instruments to different countries like :Poland, Syria, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Srilanka, Riyadh Dubai, SaudiArabia, Prishtina, Tanzania, Euthopia, Egypt, Pakistan, U.S. etc.
  3. 3. Scientific Instruments:We are engaged in providing different kinds of scientific instruments that includes laminarair flow - horizontal, laminar air flow - vertical, seed germinator, laboratory centrifuge,bursting strength tester - double head model, jar test apparatus, dehumidifier, polishingmachine - single disc, flame photometer, digital antibiotic zone reader, antibiotic zonereader, tray drier, etc. Infra Red Moisture Microbiological Blender Balance Electronic Balance Air Curtain
  4. 4. Digital Bursting Strength Testers:Engaged in the manufacture and supply of digital bursting strength testers such as burstingstrength tester - micro print model, bursting strength tester - double head model, burstingstrength tester - super model, bursting strength tester - micro digital model, burstingstrength tester - standard model. Bursting Strength Tester - Bursting Strength Tester - Micro Print Model Double Head Model Bursting Strength Tester - Bursting Strength Tester - Super Model Micro Digital Model
  5. 5. Water Baths:Manufacturing and supplying water baths such as water bath - serological, water bath highprecision, cooling water bath, water bath incubator shaker, water bath - with holes. Water Bath High Precision Cooling Water Bath Water Bath Incubator Water Bath - With Holes Shaker
  6. 6. Laminar Equipments:Supplier of a wide range of laminar equipments such as laminar air flow hanging model,laminar air flow - vertical, laminar air flow - horizontal, laminar air flow table top model. Laminar Air Flow Hanging Laminar Air Flow - Model Vertical Laminar Air Flow - Laminar Air Flow Table Horizontal Top Model
  7. 7. Refractometers:Creating a niche of Refractometers such as Refractometers Like Abbe, Butyro Refractometerand Hand Refractometer With Imported Optics at its best, with utmost quality. Refractometers Like Abbe Butyro Refractometer Hand Refractometer With Imported Optics
  8. 8. Scientific Equipments:We are a leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Scientific Equipments such as DistillationAppratus, Laboratory Ovens, Jar Test Apparatus, Digital Dissolution Test Apparatus - SingleStage, B.O.D Incubator, Laboratory Centrifuge and many more items from India. Distillation Appratus Laboratory Ovens Jar Test Apparatus Digital Dissolution Test Apparatus - Single Stage
  9. 9. Digital Meter:Leading Supplier and Manufacturer from Delhi, our product range includes Digital Meter suchas Digital PH Meter, Pocket Ph Meter, Flame Photometer, Spectro Photometer, PhotoColorimeter, Digital Bomb Calorimeter and many more items. Digital PH Meter Pocket Ph Meter Flame Photometer Spectro Photometer
  10. 10. Shaker:Offering you a complete choice of products which include Shaker such as Gyratory SieveShaker, Rotary flasks shaker, Rotap Sieve Shaker, Table Top Sieve Shaker and Kahn Shaker. Gyratory Sieve Shaker Rotary flasks shaker Rotap Sieve Shaker Table Top Sieve Shaker
  11. 11. Laboratory Machines:Our product range includes a wide range of Laboratory Machines such as AutoclaveHorizontal Cylindrical, Digital Antibiotic Zone Reader, Incubator, Biological Safety Cabinets,Vacuum Oven, Freeze Dryer - Lyphlizer and many more items. Autoclave Horizontal Digital Antibiotic Zone Cylindrical Reader Incubator Biological Safety Cabinets
  12. 12. Equipments:Pioneers in the industry, we offer Equipments such as Muffle Furnace, Tray Drier,Dehumidifier, Autoclave Vertical, Portable Autoclave, Autoclave Rectangular Horizontal andmany more items from India. Muffle Furnace Tray Drier Dehumidifier Autoclave Vertical
  13. 13. Other Products: Hot Plates - Round Hot Plates - Rectangular Professional Line Deep Freezer Analytical Balances
  14. 14. Other Products: Heating Mantle Modulation Meters Sampling / Dispensing A.C. Module Booths
  15. 15. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1978Nature of Business Supplier ManufacturerTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesStandards & Quality Standards & Quality CertificationsCertifications ISO : 10002 : 2004 (18-August-2013) SSI Registration No. (070021200994)
  16. 16. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Optics TechnologyMr. Y.L. Sharma2/3, D.S.I.D.C, Community Works Centre, J-Block, ShakurpurDelhi, Delhi, IndiaWebsite: