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Guardian Anti Corrosives Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, Iron Phosphating


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Manufacturing and Exporting wide range of metal treatment chemicals such as Iron Phosphating, Spray Phosphating, Calcium Modified Zinc Phosphating, Trication Coating, HOT ALKALINE DEGREASER, Room Temperature Alkaline Degreaser, Spray Degreaser, Emulsion Degreaser, Phosphoric Acid Based Derusting Chemical, Scale Remover, Derusting chemical (Strong Rust Remover Based On Mixture Acids), Rust Remover, Paint Booth Additive, Paint Detackyfyer, Spray Peelable Coating, Paint Booth Maintenance Chemicalsv.

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Guardian Anti Corrosives Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, Iron Phosphating

  1. 1. We are an ISO certified organization engaged in manufacturing and exportingwide range of metal treatment chemicals. Our high performance chemicals andeco friendly cleaners are the result of constant innovations and usage of latesttechnology.
  2. 2. - About Us -Our Company was founded as a proprietary company in 1972 under the name andstyle of GUARDIAN CHEMICALS, with the objective of manufacturing metal pre-treatment chemicals. When the industry was offering only a multi-tank projectfor the pre-treatment of ferrous components; we introduced the product‘FERROGUARD’ which combines the functions of degreasing, derusting andphosphating, all in one application for both ferrous and galvanized surfaces. Itwas an instant success. It is still our ace product.We are the pioneers in introducing ZINPOFOR, a cold zinc phosphating chemical,in the year 1976 which was tested and approved by the Defence. Probably wewere the first to introduce a successful cold phosphating chemical – not only inIndia but in the whole world.In the year 1983, we formed ourselves into a Private Limited Company. We arenow ISO Certified by TUV Germany. We have been exporting our products fornearly two decades now; we also provide consultancy services for manufacturingmetal pre-treatment chemicals, and for marketing them.We have built a very good reputation not only in India but also in many countriesworld wide. We are particularly happy to announce that we have been appointedas Exclusive Distributors in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka andThailand for N-TERPINAL products manufactured in the United States of Americaby M/s. WSI INDUSTRIES, LLC, SPRINGFIELD.We measure our success not in large quantity of chemicals sold, but in customer-loyalty and satisfaction, consistent growth and integrity within our industry andthe community in which we operate.Customer satisfaction has always been and continues to be the only item on ouragenda. we invite you to join the guardian family of satisfied customers.
  3. 3. Metal Treatment Chemicals:Our phosphating range is very wide. Among the range is, IRON PHOSPHATING (Dip & Spray),ZINC PHOSPHATING (Dip & Spray), CALCIUM MODIFIED zinc phosphating, TRICAT IONPhosphating, heavy duty ZINC & MANGANESE phosphating, phosphating for wire drawing,cold forming etc. Iron Phosphating Spray Phosphating Calcium Modified Zinc Trication Coating Phosphating
  4. 4. Degreasers:We are one of the leading manufacturer of a wide range of Alkaline Degreasers. Our rangeincludes, Light Duty and Heavy duty degreasers for industries, degreasers for sprayapplication, emulsion cleaning, liquid detergents, degreasers for general purpose andbiodegradable degreasers HOT ALKALINE DEGREASER Room Temperature Alkaline Degreaser Spray Degreaser Emulsion Degreaser
  5. 5. Rust Removers:We manufacture a range of DERUSTING CHEMICALS to suit every industry and everysituation. Our range includes rust removers for ferrous, non ferous, cast iron, reinforcedrods, etc. Phosphoric Acid Based Scale Remover Derusting Chemical Derusting chemical Rust Remover (Strong Rust Remover Based On Mixture Acids)
  6. 6. Paint Booth chemicals: Paint Booth Additive Paint Detackyfyer Spray Peelable Coating Paint Booth Maintenance Chemicals
  7. 7. Paint Stripper:We offer an array of Paint Stripper that is widely used in a number of industries. They aremade using high quality raw material and are tested by our team of experts to assure itsquality. Mostly this kind of stripper is applicable for repairing work on such machinery andequipments that cannot be shifted from their places. Stripeaze (Chlorinated Aquastrip (A Powerful Solvent Based Paint Water Based Paint Stripper) Remover) Alkaline Paint Stripper Hot Stripper & Cleaner
  8. 8. Rust Preventives:Among our wide range of rust preventives we have non drying waxy coating for a long timeprevention, hard dry film forming coating and WATER-DISPLACING RUST PREVENTIVE forshorter to longer durations. Rust Preventive Coatings Water- Displacing Rust Preventive Temporary Rust Long-Term Protection Preventives Rust Preventives
  9. 9. Industrial Cleaners:Apart from our alkaline and other degreasers we also have different Cleaqners for differentuses like Radiator cleaner, engine cleaner, leather cleaner etc. ENGINE CLEANER Radiator Cleaner Watch Cleaner Adhesive Remover
  10. 10. CORROSION INHIBITORS:Providing you the best range of CORROSION INHIBITORS such as Descaler - SAB, Descaler-Hyb, Safewash (Inhibitor), Pongoscale ( Corrosion Inhibitors) and Acid Corrosion Inhibitorwith effective & timely delivery. Descaler - SAB Descaler- Hyb Safewash (Inhibitor) Pongoscale ( Corrosion Inhibitors)
  11. 11. CAR CARE PRODUCTS:It is with confidence that we offer different products like body shampoo, tyre dressing, glasscleaner etc for the maintenance of our automotives. Car Wash Shampoo Car Tyre Dressing Glass Cleaner
  12. 12. Other Products: Bioclean (Environment Oil Sludge Remover Friendly Bio Degradable Cleaners) Rust Converter Rice Bran
  13. 13. Other Products: Barites Powder Catalytic Water Conditioner Oxygen Scavenger ( Boiler Treatment)
  14. 14. Other Products: Phosphating Manganese Phosphating Etching Aluminium Hot Zinc Phosphating 14
  15. 15. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1983Nature of Business Manufacturer ExporterTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent East Asia North Europe South/West EuropePrimary Competitive Experienced R & D DepartmentAdvantage Large Product Line Large Production Capacity
  16. 16. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Guardian Anti Corrosives Pvt. Ltd.Mr. S. Swaminathan / S. Meenakshi SundaramNo. 326, SIDCO Industrial Estate, AmbatturChennai - 600 098, Tamil Nadu, IndiaWebsite: