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Maheshwari Industries, Ghaziabad, Plain Pet Bottles


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Manufacturers and Suppliers of a qualitative range of PET Bottles and Cap Closure that includes PET Jars, PET preforms, Printed PET Bottles, Plain Pet Bottles, Cap Closures, P.P General Utility Item, Agarbati Stand, Caps & Closures, Caps & Closures-20lt Seal, Caps & Closures-25 Gm Container, Caps & Closures-28mm, Confectionary And Pharmaceuticals, Confectionary And Pharmaceutical-1, Edible Oil-Code no. 1, Edible Oil-Code no. 1 (1000ml ), Food Packing Container-600ml Flower Pot.

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Maheshwari Industries, Ghaziabad, Plain Pet Bottles

  1. 1. We are one of the manufacturers and suppliers of a qualitative range of PETBottles and Cap Closure that includes PET Jars, PET preforms, Printed PETBottles, etc. Our products are highly appreciated for its designs, colours anddurability.
  2. 2. - Profile -Maheshwari Industries was established in the year 2005, and is engaged in themanufacturing and supplying of a comprehensive range of high quality PetBottles and Cap Closures that are largely in demand by many industries. Oursuperior range of products includes Plain & Printed PET Bottles, PET jars, CapClosures, PET Preforms and many more. We manufacture our products using thebest quality raw materials sourced from reliable vendors in the industry. We aimto offer products that cater to the increasing demands of our clients, as well asmatch their needs and expectations. We also offer customization of our productsas per client specifications.With the help of a well-equipped manufacturing plant, as well as a team ofdedicated personnel, we have been able to provide our customers with a worldclass range of products to suit their needs accurately. Moreover, the flexibilityof providing customer specific products has earned us a huge client base acrossthe country in a short time. Our quality testing methods and timely delivery oforders is considered to be the best in the industry due to which we have earnedthe trust and faith of our esteemed customers. We endeavor to continueproviding superior products and services to our clients to their completesatisfaction.Our quality controllers test the products on various parameters before it isdispatched to ensure that our clients receive a flawless and damage free range.They also ensure that our products are in compliance with the internationalstandards of quality. We offer high quality products, timely delivery, affordablepricing and customization to our clients, and this has largely helped us carve aniche for ourselves in this competitive market.
  3. 3. Plastic Product:We are engaged in offering high quality Plastic Product which have a wide application in theindustries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, medical and beverage industries. Theyare used for sealing bottles and can be customized as per the detailing offered by thecustomers. Plain Pet Bottles Cap Closures P.P General Utility Item Agarbati Stand
  4. 4. Caps & Closures:We supply a range of Caps & Closures that is available in different sizes. These aremanufactured with the help of Modern technique that enhance its quality and durability. Caps & Closures Caps & Closures-20lt Seal Caps & Closures-25 Gm Caps & Closures-28mm Container
  5. 5. Jar For Confectionary And Pharmaceuticals:We manufacture and supply a wide range of economical pet plastic jars for confectionery.These pet plastic products are available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, designs, andfinishing, offering an excellent visibility and aesthetics. Confectionary And Confectionary And Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical-1 Confectionary And Confectionary And Pharmaceuticals-2 Pharmaceuticals-code 1
  6. 6. Bottles and Jars for Edible Oil:we are manufacturers and suppliers of the strong but light weight & economical Edible Oilcontainers. These scrupulously molded item are extensively used in the packaging,transporting, and marketing of the Edible Oils. Edible Oil-Code no. 1 Edible Oil-Code no. 1 (1000ml ) Edible Oil Edible Oil-Code no. 2
  7. 7. Food Packing Container:We are manufacturer superior quality food product containers cater impressively to diversepackaging requirements of the food packaging industry. These packing & packaging productsare highly suitable for packaging of all types of perishable and non-perishable food products. Food Packing Container- Food Packing Container 600ml Flower Pot Masala Spoon Rice Bowl
  8. 8. Spice Jar And Heeng Container:Our range of PET extends to serve the Spice & Heeng industry as well. Our containers arefood grade, hygienically manufactured (using injection and stretch blow molding process ),unbreakable and non toxic. All these features render them highly useful for packaging of alltype of Spices & Heeng. Spice Jar And Heeng Spice Jar And Heeng Container Container-Code no. 1 Spice Jar And Heeng Spice Jar And Heeng Container-Code no. 2 Container (500ml )
  9. 9. Mineral Water Jar And Dispensor:We offer Mineral water Jars & Dispensers from 10 - 25 ltr. These are extensively used forstoring Mineral Water . Made from food grade plastic material, our dispensers assurechemical compatibility . Available in variegated range of shapes, colors and sizes, thesedispensers can be customized as per the requirement of the clients. Mineral Water And Mineral Water And Dispensor Dispensor-1000ML Bottle Mineral Water And Mineral Water And Dispensor (1000ml) Dispensor-10 LTR Dispancer 2
  10. 10. Jars for Oats And Muesli:We are one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of a wide variety of Oats jars in India,which are used extensively for the reliable & safe packing of Oats. These packing jars aresupplied to numerous industries of India and abroad. Oats And Muesli-1000ML Oats And Muesli-code No. 2 Oats And Muesli-code No. Oats And Muesli-1600ML 3
  11. 11. Pet Preform:We are engaged in offering a wide range of blow moulding items such as Pet Preforms. Thesepet preforms are manufactured using injection molding technique that is a fast and efficientmethod for manufacturing hollow containers of thermoplastic polymers that providesquality. We offer our range of items as per our valued customers requirements. Pet Preform-25MM Pet Preform-28MM ROPP/PCO ROPP/PCO Pet Preform-83MM Pet Preform-100MM
  12. 12. Jars for Pickels:We manufacture and supply a wide range of economical Pickels jar. These Pickels jar areavailable in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, designs, and finishing, offering an excellentvisibility and aesthetics. Pickels-200ML Pickels-450ML (Code no. 1) Pickels-450ML (Code no. Pickels-500ml 2)
  13. 13. Jars for Rice:We offer the industry players a truly world-class medium for packaging Rice. The inherentproperties of our containers such as being transparent and odorless and its available invariety of designs and sizes make it one of the best packaging materials available. Rice-700ML Rice-1000ML (Code no. 1) Rice-1000ML (Code no. 2) Rice-1200ML
  14. 14. Jars for Tea & Honey:Rich and varied industry experience enables us to fulfill elegantly the diverse packagingrequirements of the major players of the tea and honey industry. We manufacture tea, andhoney containers which surely have an impressive edge over other forms of packaging.These pet plastic containers can be customized as per the diverse specifications andrequirements of clients & customers. Tea & Honey-200ml Tea & Honey-450ML Tea & Honey-500ml (Code Tea & Honey-500ml no.1)
  15. 15. Product Photo Gallery:Please click below to see the product photo. Pet Jars-P1 Pet Jars-P2 Plastic Cap Pet Jars (2)
  16. 16. Other Products: Pet Jars Caps & Closures-46mm x 7gm Caps & Closures-46mm X Caps & Closures (83MM 17gm Inner-Plug) 16
  17. 17. Other Products: Caps & Closures (83mm X Caps & Closures (83MM X 8gm) 10GM) Caps & Closures (83MM X Caps & Closures (83mm X 12GM) 15gm) 17
  18. 18. Other Products: Caps & Closures (83MM X Caps & Closures (100mm 17GM) X 16 gm) Caps & Closures (100MM X Caps & Closures (120MM 25GM Handle) Inner-Plug) 18
  19. 19. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2005Nature of Business ManufacturerTotal Number of 26 to 50 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent
  20. 20. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Maheshwari IndustriesMr. Amit Daga/ Akshat DagaG-11, Udyog Kunj Industrial Area, Hapur By- Pass RoadGhaziabad - 201 301, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaWebsite: