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Exacta Furnaces, Delhi, Temperature Furnace


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Suppliers of High Temperature Furnace, Gold Melting Crucible Muffle Furnace, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Muffle Furnace, Spectro Sample Polisher, Salt Spray Chamner/Corrosion Test Apparatus, Infra Red Moisture Balance, Laminar Flow, lab muffle furnace, carbon sulphur apparatus, hot plates, heating mantle, gold muffle melting furnace and hot air oven.

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Exacta Furnaces, Delhi, Temperature Furnace

  1. 1. Manufacturer, supplier & exporter of lab muffle furnace, carbon sulphurapparatus, hot plates, heating mantle, gold muffle melting furnace and hot airoven.
  2. 2. - Profile -Exacta Furnaces is a prominent Muffle furnace Manufacturer, HighTemperature Furnace Manufacturer, Gold Melting Furnace Manufacturer &exporter of a full range of scientific and laboratory equipment. The product lineincludes Rockwell Hardness Tester, Water Distillation Apparatus, Carbon AndSulphur Apparatus, Trinocular Research Microscope, Inverted Binocular TissueCulture Microscope, Rotap Sieve Shaker, Gyratory Sieve Shaker, HorizontalLaminar Flow Cabinet, Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet, Gold MeltingCrucible Muffle Furnace, Laboratory Hot Plates / Heating Plates and manymore. Besides the standard line of products, the company also provides customproducts developed for a specific applications or supplied configurations.Established in the year 2008, Exacta Furnaces is committed to achieveexcellence in all field of its business operations. The company has its ownmanufacturing facilities based at New Delhi. Besides this, Exacta Furnaces haswith it the services of highly experienced engineers and technicians, who arewell versed in various applications pertaining to laboratories systems andinstruments.Serving the markets for around four decades, Exacta Furnaces has successfullyregistered its name as a prominent supplier in Indian and internationalmarketplace.
  3. 3. Laboratory Furnaces:These Laboratory Furnaces are specially designed to meet the requirements of hightemperature applications.The furnaces have large surface radiation ratio to enhancethermal efficiency and reduce power consumption. High Temperature Gold Melting Crucible Furnace Muffle Furnace Heat Treatment Furnaces Muffle Furnaces
  4. 4. Metallurgical Laboratory Equipments:We are known as one of the most leading and trusted manufacturer and supplier of a veryhighly premium quality range of Metallurgical Laboratory Equipments. Our range is knownfor its excellent range and available at industrys competitive prices. Heating Mantle (Made of Metallurgical Hot Glass Yarn) Mounting Press Profile Projector Metallurgical Specimen Cut Off Machines
  5. 5. Scientific Laboratory Equipment:Manufacturer, supplier & exporter of scientific laboratory equipment. Our product rangeincludes lab muffle furnace, carbon sulphur apparatus, hot plates, heating mantle, goldmuffle melting furnace and hot air oven. BOD Incubator Refrigerated Water Bath (Low Temperature) Oven Universal (Memmert Muffle Furnace Type) Rectangular
  6. 6. Laboratory Apparatus:The function of various Laboratory Apparatus is to indicate and maintain the temperature.Our clients can also avail premium quality apparatus from us. We implement most advancedtechnology and glass components of high quality to offer our range of products. These aredesigned with innovative technology so as to ensure that the apparatus can withstand hightemperature. Carbon Sulphur Apparatus COD Digestion Apparatus Melting Point Apparatus Water Distillation Apparatus
  7. 7. Lab Consumables:We are a prominent manufacturer and trader of Lab Consumables that have longer shelflife and are highly effective for all laboratory purposes. More recently, our client base haveincreased and hence, there is a rise in their requirements. Combustion Tubes And High Alumina Crucible Boats Diamond Paste Emery Paper
  8. 8. Lab Glass Ware:Engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of lab wares, laboratory wares, glasswares, laboratory glass wares and scientific laboratory wares. Carbon Vessel Glassware Two Way Lab Glass Ware Three Way Lab Glassware Gas Bubbler
  9. 9. Measuring Instruments:Providing you the best range of Measuring Instruments such as Single Pan Balances / DigitalBalances, Infra Red Moisture Balance Automatic, Infra Red Moisture Balance and ElectronicDigital Balance with effective & timely delivery. Single Pan Balances / Infra Red Moisture Digital Balances Balance Automatic Infra Red Moisture Electronic Digital Balance Balance
  10. 10. Lab Machines And Instruments:We are a leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Lab Machines And Instruments such as LaminarFlow, Portable Incinerator, Laboratory Pulverizer, Magna Scope, Bod Incubators/De-Freezeres (Eco-Friendly), Ice Flaker Machine and many more items from India. Laminar Flow Portable Incinerator Laboratory Pulverizer Magna Scope
  11. 11. Biological Testing Chambers:Leading Supplier and Manufacturer from Delhi, our product range includes Biological TestingChambers such as Plant Growth Chamber, Environmental Test Chamber, Single & DualChamber Seed Germinator and Mortuary Chambers. Plant Growth Chamber Environmental Test Chamber Single & Dual Chamber Mortuary Chambers Seed Germinator
  12. 12. Laboratory Cabinet:Pioneers in the industry, we offer Laboratory Cabinet such as Sterile Garment Cabinet,Humidity And Temperature Control Cabinet, Deep Freezer Low Temperature Cabinet,Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet, Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet and Biological SafetyCabinet from India. Sterile Garment Cabinet Humidity And Temperature Control Cabinet Deep Freezer Low Horizontal Laminar Flow Temperature Cabinet Cabinet
  13. 13. Steam Sterilizer:Pioneers in the industry, we offer Steam Sterilizer such as Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer(Horizontal), Rectangular Steam Sterilizer (Horizontal), Front Loading Autoclave Sterilizerand Vertical Autoclave from India. Cylindrical Steam Rectangular Steam Sterilizer (Horizontal) Sterilizer (Horizontal) Front Loading Autoclave Vertical Autoclave Sterilizer
  14. 14. Sieve Shaker:Offering you a complete choice of products which include Sieve Shaker such as Rotary FlaskShaker, Rotap Sieve Shaker, Gyratory Sieve Shaker, Sieve Shaker (Table Top) and Metabolicshaker. Rotary Flask Shaker Rotap Sieve Shaker Gyratory Sieve Shaker Sieve Shaker (Table Top)
  15. 15. Lab Water Bath:Creating a niche of Lab Water Bath such as Circulatory Water Bath, Water Bath (DoubleWalled), Serological Water Bath, High Precision Water Bath (with Stirring Arrangement) andWater Bath at its best, with utmost quality. Circulatory Water Bath Water Bath (Double Walled) Serological Water Bath High Precision Water Bath (with Stirring Arrangement)
  16. 16. Biological Research Microscope:Providing you the best range of Biological Research Microscope such as Trinocular ResearchMicroscope, Inverted Binocular Tissue Culture Microscope, Stereo Zoom BinocularMicroscope, Brinell Microscope, Microscopes With Image Analyser, Monocular InclinedResearch Microscope and many more items with effective & timely delivery. Trinocular Research Inverted Binocular Tissue Microscope Culture Microscope Stereo Zoom Binocular Brinell Microscope Microscope
  17. 17. Moisture Meter Instrument:Supplier & Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Moisture MeterInstrument such as Grain Moisture Meter, Wood Moisture Meter and Tea / Coffee MoistureMeters. Grain Moisture Meter Wood Moisture Meter Tea / Coffee Moisture Meters
  18. 18. Centrifuge Machines:Leading Supplier and Manufacturer from Delhi, our product range includes CentrifugeMachines such as Programmable High Speed Research Centrifuges, High Speed Centrifuge,Refrigerated Centrifuge and General Purpose Laboratory Centrifuge. Programmable High Speed High Speed Centrifuge Research Centrifuges Refrigerated Centrifuge General Purpose Laboratory Centrifuge
  19. 19. Other Products: Rockwell Hardness Tester Micro Hardness Tester Hot Air Oven (Laboratory Electric Hot Air Ovens Type)
  20. 20. Other Products: Lab Chemicals Spectro Sample Polisher Belt Polisher
  21. 21. Other Products: Muffle Furnaces GMP Jominy End Quench Set Model Up Laboratory Hot Plates / Melting Furnace Heating Plates 21
  22. 22. Other Products: Digital Bomb Calorimetre JAW Crusher Specimen Leveller Press Industrial Lyophilizer 22
  23. 23. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2008Nature of Business Supplier Manufacturer ExporterTotal Number of 11 to 25 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent
  24. 24. - Contact Us - Contact Details:Exacta FurnacesMr. Mitesh AroraB- 46, Industrial Area, SahiPur, Shalimar BaghDelhi, Delhi, IndiaWebsite: