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Hi-Guard Steel Doors Solution, New Delhi, Steel Security Doors


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We are a prominent Manufacturer and Importer of products such as Steel Security Doors and Stainless Steel Doors, etc. These products are extensively used and appreciated for their optimum quality and long service life.

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Hi-Guard Steel Doors Solution, New Delhi, Steel Security Doors

  2. 2. when you are looking for a new home, you insist on vitrified flooring, modular kitchen, LED lighting, good interiors & many more. Ever thought of a security main door... Why compromise on safety ?? To ensure your safety without compromising on the aesthetics, we present you a range of Steel Security Doors These doors are strong, impossible to break open & yet stylish... offering double protection against burglars & miscreants The main key activates multiple locking points turning this steel door into a foolproof security system for your entire family.
  3. 3. Door Pattern Side Lock Front Door Panel Lock Set Side Lock Reinforced Hinges Down Lock Door Frame Peep Hole Sealed Strip Stainless Steel Door Sil Up Lock STEELDOOR STRUCTURE High-Quality Burglarproof Lock : Considering its safe reliability, a new-systle lockset is developed resolving the troubled back at home. The lockset has a unique effect of surface treatment, the door can be opened more comfortably and conveniently. Reinforced Side-lock Points : The thickness door leaf leaves the place for assembly of reinforced sid-lock, so is fimer and more durable. Air-bay-type seal : This kind of air-bay seal can seal the door better, Resists the wearing of door and door frame and enables heat preservation and sound insulation. New style invisible hinge : The doors and their frames are connected with new type of hinges, the opening angle can be adjustable so that the doors can be freely opened, such doors longevity are permanent and the perform -ance of guarding against burglar os more predominant. The multilayer door frame : The door frame is thichened to have functions of sound isolation, thermal insulation and cold protection. High-Quality Doorsill : Made of wholly stainless, the doorsill never rusts even after long-term use therefore makes your door dignified forever. Advantages Highly secured with 5 locking points operated with one key. cross bar lock fork for superior locking across mulitple points. multilayered and robust door frame. 100% termite proof & moisture proof. door viewer to see outside. strong steel door & frame with beautiful wood finish and steel finish. durable and long lasting. maintenance free door.
  4. 4. Hi-Guard Steel Doors, a division of Mehar Group was established in 2010 to identify the need of security and providing steel security doors solution that suits the best technical specifications and economically priced. About UsAbout Us Since then we have only laid emphasis on improving the quality and range of our product. Our quality, commitment & impeccable service sets us apart from rest of the industry and allows us to provide the complete range of products so that we may cater the individual tastes of every customer. This transformation is manifested in the pursuit of excellence and innovation at all levels of the company. Continuous improvement and value creation for its customers are a part of the Hi-Guard culture. And the result is our strong footing in many major cities across India right up to the far east. We say it is just the beginning... Our Values Be fair, transparent and honest in all our transactions. Foster a culture of mutual trust, respect and knowledge sharing. Maintain the highest standard of corporate governance. Be a socially and environmentally responsible company. Our Vision To participate in building tomorrows India by actively choosing alternative, eco friendly sources that can assure minimised pollution, a developed and sustained economy. To be universally respected and admired for customer service, operational excellence, consistent quality and ethical practices.
  6. 6. DESIRE Are you seduced by the so called warmth of wood ? Consider this : Hi-Guard steel doors offer endless options for attractive appearances Whether you are looking for a modern stainless steel appearance or a vibrant color finish, steel’s versatility allows it to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of most projects. And don’t forget all those advantages of performance, longevity & security. Size (mm) : 2100 x 960 x 70 : 2100 x 860 x 70
  7. 7. MOMENTO Hi-Guard steel doors are manufactured from superior quality steel material as per international standards to ensure their durability. To ensure their superior quality the raw material is passed through several chemical bath treatments to avoid rusting. Size (mm) : 2100 x 960 x 70 : 2100 x 860 x 70 Size (mm) : 2100 x 960 x 70 NEON
  8. 8. INSPIRE A lot of business owners feel they can save money by purchasing wooden doors, but they are sacrificing durability to save a few rupees. Wooden doors are also sometimes more expensive than steel doors. TUNIS Size (mm) : 2100 x 960 x 70 Size (mm) : 2100 x 960 x 70 Size (mm) : 2100 x 860 x 70 Size (mm) : 2400 x 960 x 70 Size (mm) : 2100 x 860 x 70
  9. 9. DIGNITY Size (mm) : 2150 x 960 x 70 : 2150 x 1050 x 70 Steel door are energy efficient & can even lower your establishment’s heating and cooling cost. They require little to no maintenance. Size (mm) : 2100 x 960 x 70 : 2100 x 860 x 70 GRACE : 2100 x 1050 x 70
  10. 10. MOTHERSON STEELDOORS Steel outperforms wood and fiber glass in demanding environments. Even when those other material use special cores or other techniques, they are still unable to match the security, performance & longevity of steel. Size (mm) : 2100 x 1200 x 70 MANCHESTOR MANCHESTOR DID
  11. 11. MAHARAJA AAllll HHii--GGuuaarrdd sstteeeell ddoooorrss offer stylized embossments which create a beautiful look of your door. Size (mm) : 2150 x 1500 x 70
  12. 12. TOTAL Hi-Guard steel doors give elegant look and feel to your home decor with the beautiful wood finish also enhancing the security of your home. As the name suggests this door offers a complete solution of two doors in one. A small window present on the inside of door can be opened to view outside and solves purpose of ventilation also. : 2100 x 960 x 70 : 2100 x 860 x 70 : 2100 x 1050 x 70 Size (mm) DOOR IN DOOR : 2400 x 960 x 70 : 2400 x 1050 x 70
  13. 13. SERENE Hi-Guard steel doors are now becoming the first choice of all the discerning house owners & institutional buyers. : 2100 x 960 x 50 : 2100 x 1050 x 50 The twin doors enhance the ventilation of your beautiful home also offering double protection against burglars and miscreants. : 2400 x 1050 x 50 Size (mm) TWIN DOOR
  14. 14. &GLASS STEEL DOORS These highly durable doors are resistant to rust, cracking & bowing which means they last longer and save your establishment’s money in the long run. Since wood absorbs moisture easily, it can peel, bubble, bow, twist & warp resulting in a costly replacement. Steel door are resistant to all these. Size (mm) : 2100 x 960 x 70 PANACHE SAPHIRE
  15. 15. GLASS Steel provides the best long term value in the door industry. It lasts longer, requires the fewest repairs and is sturdier than other products. And steel combined with glass dignifies the beautiful look of your home. STEEL DOORS MOTHERSON Size (mm) : 2100 x 1200 x 70 SEGE FAME
  16. 16. Stainless steel’s water repellant properties make them a perfect choice to endure any climatic conditions. Moreover its rich look gives your home a feeling of warmth and elegance. STAINLESS STEELDOORS Size (mm) : 2100 x 960 x 70 GALAXY FANTASY : 2100 x 1050 x 70
  17. 17. BLISS Aluminium is 3 ½ times stronger than pvc with a high strength to weight ratio. Its also water proof. With the beautiful wood finish on its surface & designer double glass in center, it becomes the perfect combination of performance, longevity & beauty for your bathroom. Size (mm) : 2100 x 760 x 35 : 2100 x 860 x 35 PEARL AL & GLASS DOOR
  18. 18. so your keys to security STEELDOORS / SOLUTION
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