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Swadesi Natures Product, Hyderabad, Flower Soaps


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Manufacturers of Colorful Flower Soaps, Rose Flower Soap, Jasmine Flower Soap, Lavender Flower Soap, Shaped Gift Soaps, Natural Butter Soaps, Pearl & Butter Soaps, Flower Of Life - Handmade - Shea Butter Soap with Pure Lavender Basil Essential Oil Blend, Flower Of Life - Handmade - Cocoa-Butter Soap with Sandal Bergamot Essential Oil Blend, Flower Of Life - Handmade - Mango-Butter Soap with Mandarin Grapefruit Essential Oil Blend, Flower Of Life - Handmade - Shea Butter & Lavender Soap.

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Swadesi Natures Product, Hyderabad, Flower Soaps

  1. 1. Swadeshi Natures Products is involved in manufacturing & supply of variety ofsoaps based on Ayurveda and Alchemy. We manufacture fancy soaps, handmadenatural soaps, gift soaps, specilaity soaps, aromatherapy soaps, and herbalproducts.
  2. 2. - Profile -Swadeshi Natures Products is a well-known organization dealing with themanufacturing of a wide range of handmade soaps, natural handmade soaps,wholesale handmade soaps, aromatherapy soaps. We manufacture our productson the basis of formulations mentioned in Ayurveda, Alchemy, TibetanTreatment, and Unani. We combine natural resources and different herbs, whichare famous for their disease-curing capabilities, with many advanced techniquesto manufacture a wide assortment of toiletries and soaps, which keep our mind,body, and spirit active. Our soaps and herbal products are made of 100% naturalherbs which reduces stress & nervous tension. These soaps uplift our mental andpsychological status by reducing anxiety and improving the stability of our mind.Various types of herbal and handmade soaps are offered by our organization.Soaps made of Lavender, Jasmine, and Rose oil are manufactured by us. Apartfrom this, Sandalwood soaps and refreshing soaps of Lemon citrus are also madeby us. Our expertise also lie in making a wide assortment of handmade herbalsoaps with a wide range of essential and herbal oils, such as Tee Tree, Olive,Basil, Rosemary, and Cinnamon. Our soaps are also available in attractive shapesof leaf, heart, and rose.
  3. 3. Fancy Soaps:We manufacture attractive Flower Soaps with enchanting aromas of Jasmine, Rose,Lavender, Sandalwood, and Lemon which are available in a box, as a set of 3 and 6 flowers. Colorful Flower Soaps Rose Flower Soap Jasmine Flower Soap Lavender Flower Soap
  4. 4. Gift Soaps:We manufacture Gift Soaps in various shapes and colors. Our range of gift soaps includeshaped gift soaps, natural butter soaps, pearl soaps, aromatherapy soaps and more. Shaped Gift Soaps Natural Butter Soaps Pearl & Butter Soaps
  5. 5. Body Butter Soaps:We manufacture 100% Natural, Soft, Handmade, Luxurious Soaps with Moisturizing BodyButters, Medicinal Herbs, and Aromatic Essential Oil. Flower Of Life - Flower Of Life - Handmade - Shea Butter Handmade - Cocoa-Butter Soap with Pure Lavender Soap with Sandal Basil Essential Oil Blend Bergamot Essential Oil Blend Flower Of Life - Flower Of Life - Handmade - Mango-Butter Handmade - Shea Butter Soap with Mandarin & Lavender Soap Grapefruit Essential Oil Blend
  6. 6. Transparent Glycerin Soap:We manufacture a wide range of Handmade Transparent Glycerin Soaps with Olive Oil &Aloe Vera Juice with various scents like Lemon, Rose, Neem-Tulsi, Mint, Sandalwood, AloeVera, Lavender, Orange, Champa, and Kewda. Handmade Transparent Handmade Neem-Tulsi Glycerin Soap Glycerin Soap - Transparent Handmade Champa Handmade Lavender Glycerin Soap - Glycerin Soap - Transparent Transparent
  7. 7. Herbal Water/Hydrosols:Hydrosols (also known as herbal water or floral water) are obtained by distilling flowers,needles, woods, leaves, herbs, seeds, roots, and barks of plants and trees. Hydrosols are lessconcentrated than essential oils and have mild and subtle aroma. Therefore, they can beused on the skin without diluting them. Flower Of Life Orange Flower Of Life Tulsi Water Peel Herbal Water Flower Of Life Neem Flower Of Life Lemon Water Peel Water
  8. 8. Essential Oil:Essential oils are obtained from plants, trees, and grasses. They evaporate very quickly ifleft in the open. According to research, essential oils affect the mind and the body. Allessential oils help to balance emotions to some extent. They are also known to relax,stimulate, and uplift tired mind and body. Besides, these oils are also said to have antisepticand anti-bacterial properties. Lemon Essential Oil Tulsi/Basil Essential Oil Lemongrass Essential Oil Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
  9. 9. Other Products: Cinnamon & Black Pepper Flower Of Life - Soap Handmade - Precious Pearl Soap with Pearl Powder, Honey & Essential Oil Blend Flower Of Life - Flower Of Life - Handmade - Clay Soap Handmade - Saffron Soap with Mitti Ki Attar With Pure Saffron Oil & Saffron Extract
  10. 10. Other Products: Flower Of Life - Flower Of Life - Handmade - Panchagavya Handmade - Panchamrut Ayurvedic Soap Soap Flower Of Life - Flower Of Life - Handmade - Aloe-Vera Handmade - Honey Neem Tulsi Soap Oatmeal Handmade Soap
  11. 11. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2010Nature of Business Manufacturer ExporterTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian SubcontinentPrimary Competitive Experienced R & D DepartmentAdvantage Large Production Capacity
  12. 12. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Swadesi Natures ProductMr. Srinivas MurthyN. I. R. D., Rajendra NagarHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500 030, IndiaWebsite: