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Ashoka Gears, Noida, Industrial Gears


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Manufacturing and exporting industrial gears like Girth Gears, Bevel Gears, Axle Positioning Gears, Steel Gears, Ground Gears, Ring Gears.

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Ashoka Gears, Noida, Industrial Gears

  1. 1. Ashoka Gears Established in 1952,Ashoka Gears is a well diversified group having business interests in diverse industry segments. However, the flagship of the Group specializes in manufacturing industrial gears for diverse application in various industry segments
  2. 2. Ashoka Gears - Profile - The flagship of Ashoka Gears, we have been manufacturing and exporting industrial gears like Girth Gears, Bevel Gears, Axle Positioning Gears, Steel Gears, Ground Gears, Ring Gears and many more along with Gear Drives for a variety of gears applications ranging from toys to high end precision gears. We have constantly redefined and mastered our core competencies through innovation and hardwork. The company has been able to win the confidence and trust of its customers by maintaining high quality and timely delivery of products. An ISO 9001: 2000 certified company, we believe in customer satisfaction and strive to achieve the perfection in terms of quality products at the most competitive pricing. Continuous upgradations and innovations of products through collective team effort makes us distinct from our competitors. We are endowed with modern technology and equipment and backed by an excellent team of 450 experienced professionals to execute the prestigious projects entrusted to us, timely and qualitatively. Our manufacturing unit is spread over 12,000 Sq. yards in the NCR, New Delhi. Today, we have a large number of satisfied customers on our list at domestic as well as international markets because we believe in world class quality products
  3. 3. Ashoka Gears - Industrial Gears - Types of Gears: We expertise in manufacturing different types of gears such as girth gears, ground gears , differential gears, rack and pinion gears, spur rack gears with different performance specification depending on the industrial applications. The basic function of the gear is to alter the speed of the motor by converting the input of a prime mover into an output with high torque and low RPM. Girth Gears Ground Gears Differential Gears Ring and Pinion Gears
  4. 4. Ashoka Gears - Industrial Gears - Gears Application: Today gears are almost used in every industry. It is the most common device for transmitting power in mechanical engineering. Gears are an important component of small but complicated machines like clock to large kiln and mill drive system. The gears form an essential part in running of various machines and automobile. Automotive Gears Marine Gears Agricultural Gears Conveyor Systems
  5. 5. Ashoka Gears - Industrial Gears - Axle Positioning Gears: Axle positioning gears are classified into several categories on the basis of their applications, properties, material used and the position of axes. These axle positioning gears are arranged at different angles and positions with respect to the axis so as to meet the specific requirements of the clients. Parallel Shaft Gears Intersecting Shaft Gears Neither Parallel Nor Intersecting Gears
  6. 6. Ashoka Gears - Industrial Gears - Gear Accessories: Gear is a transmission device that transmits power and motion between the axes. The transmission is achieved by complete set of gears that perform the task. The complete assembly of the gear system consists of gear accessorie like gearbox, gearmotors, axle, gear actuator, transfer cases, gear cutter, winches and more. Geared Actuator Gear Cutter Gear Motor Axle
  7. 7. Ashoka Gears - Industrial Gears - Gears Drive: A gear drive is an assembly of gears turned by the motor to perform the specific task. The first gear attached to the motor supplies the power and are known as input gear, while the gear that amplifies the mechanical energy is called the output gear. There are various types of gear drives such as harmonic drives, bevel gear drives, hypoid gear drives, combination drives, worm drives and many more. Harmonic Drives Bevel Gear Drives Automatic Transmissions Combination Drives
  8. 8. Ashoka Gears - Industrial Gears - Gears Drive Classification: The reliability of gear drive system depends upon quality of the component, accuracy of the assembly and the solid design. Gear drives may be classified into various categories on the basis of work, principles and application of the gears. Mechanical Drives Speed Changers Fluid / Hydraulic Drives
  9. 9. Ashoka Gears - Industrial Gears - Gear Material: Gears are made of various materials depending upon their usage in diverse applications which includes Steel Gears, Aluminium Gears, Wood Gears, Copper Gear and many more. If you are looking for a high performance gear with reliable operation, the selection of suitable material is very important. Steel Gears Aluminium Gears Cast Iron Gears Wood Gears
  10. 10. Ashoka Gears - Industrial Gears - Other Products: Rack and Pinion Gears Spur Gears Bevel Gears Helical Gears 10
  11. 11. Ashoka Gears - Company Factsheet - Year of Establishment 1968 Nature of Business Manufacturer Exporter Total Number of 101 to 500 People Employees Turnover US$ 1-10 Million (or Rs. 4-40 Crore Approx.)
  12. 12. Ashoka Gears - Contact Us - Contact Details: Ashoka Gears Mr. Gaurav Khanna D-208, Sector - 63, Phase-III Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201 301, India