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Future Techniks Private Limited, Tamil Nadu, Automatic Vending Machine

Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Self Service Automatic Vending Machines, Snack Vending Machine, Automatic Ticket Vending Machine, Ticket Vending Machine, Automatic Vending Machine, Coin Vending Machine - Model: BC-15K2.

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Future Techniks Private Limited, Tamil Nadu, Automatic Vending Machine

  1. 1. About Future TechniksFuture Techniks Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company is a well established and reputedManufacturer and Exporter of Automatic Self-Service Vending Machines and Transaction Kiosks. The Company wasestablished in 1995 by technocrats with more than twenty five years of industry experience. The Company is locatedin Chennai City of India, well connected by International Airport and Seaport.Future Techniks is a pioneer and leader in the design and manufacture of Automatic Vending Machines in India forSelf-Service operation across various industry segments with a wide range of Products. Our Bank Note to CoinVending Machine supplied to Reserve Bank of India has the world’s largest coin holding capacity of 50K coins for 2denominations and dispenses about 600K coins on weekly basis to the public.Future Techniks has an established customer base which is spread across all over India. Our Vending Machines andSolutions exactly meet the growing demand of the self-service industry in the domestic market. Our products areoffered under the brand name of “Venditech” – synonymous to “Vending Technologies from India”.Our Vending Machines and Kiosks are exported world over and are well accepted in countries such as Australia,Bangladesh, Cyprus, Georgia, Hungary, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland,Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sudan and UAE. The growing number of our International Customers is thetestimony of our relentless work in offering the best quality product at competitive prices internationally.Future Techniks has a dedicated team of Development Engineers with a combination of skill sets of Electronics andMechanical Engineering Technologies. This Professional expertise enables us to design, manufacture and delivermany self-service automated vending machines and Transaction Kiosks as per customer specifications within shorttime-frame. Presently we are offering about 30 different models of Vending Machines and 6 models of TransactionKiosks.Future Techniks is always well focused on offering its valued customers “Total Support and Complete Solution” inmeeting their Automated Self Service requirements rather than just selling machines. Our Valued Customers getonly the best World Class Technical Support from us at all times which has resulted in repeat orders on us.The Self Service market in India is poised for the growth in the coming years and Future Techniks is fully geared up tomeet up these growth prospects, challenges and maintain its leadership position in the industry.
  2. 2. Transaction Kiosks Automatic Ticket Vending Machine-ATVM-4 Automatic Ticket Vending Machine ATVM-4 is a Self- service Touch Screen PC based Transaction Kiosk configured with Bank Note Validator, Coin Validator, Note Dispenser and Coin Dispenser for balance change back. A 3 Inch Thermal Printer with auto- cutter is configured to issue the thermal paper tickets to the users after acceptance of the payment. Excellent Sales Audit and Report Generation functions. Tickets are configurable as per user requirement. Smart Card Issue/Recharge KiosksAutomatic Self Service Contactless Smart CardVending and Recharge Kiosk is designed to Vendnew pre-paid smart cards and also Recharge SmartCards against Receipt of Bank Notes. Findsapplication in pre-paid card vending and recharge inMetro Rail. Cheque Deposit Kiosk-CDK-1 CDK–1 is a Self Service Kiosk designed for Automation of Cheque Collection operations and issuing receipts to the users. This product is engineered to work 24 x 7 in Bank premises, Cheque Payment Collection Centres of Telecom Companies, Insurance Premium Collection Centres, Building and Construction Companies and other applications requiring automatic cheque collection like Utility Bill Payment etc.,
  3. 3. Snack Vending Machines Snack Vending Machine-SL-500 Snack Vending Machine Model: SL-500 is a compact Automatic Snack Vending Machine of twelve product selections with advance features, functions and with a fully loaded payment system that includes a Bank Note Validator, Coin Validator and Coin Dispensers for the user transaction devices. A Thermal Printer is configured to print Sales Audit reports. Suitable for vending snacks in room temperature. Highlight of this machine is its sleekness in the depth of the machine occupying less floor space. Snack Vending Machine-SC-500Automatic Snack Vending Machine Model: SC-500 is asixteen selection machine with four trays, full glassfront and white lighting for showcasing the products. Itis configured with complete payment system thatincludes Bank Note Validator, Coin Validator, CoinDispensers as user transaction devices and a thermalprinter for audit printing of Sales Report. Installed andoperational in many locations. Suitable for Vendingpackaged Snacks at room temperature. Snack Vending Machine-SC-400 Snack Vending Machine Model: SC-400 is a six selection small machine with three trays, full glass front and white lighting for showcasing the snacks. The machine comes with advanced features, functions and with Bank Note validator only making it highly affordable machine.
  4. 4. Automatic Ticket Vending Machines Automatic Ticket Vending Machine-ATVM-1 Automatic Ticket Vending Machine is a self-service Vending Machine configured for issuing Thermal Paper Tickets against receipt of Bank Notes/Coins. Automatic Ticket Vending Machine-ATVM-2Automatic Ticket Vending Machine is a self-serviceVending Machine configured for issuing Thermal PaperTickets against receipt of Bank Notes/Coins and alsodispense Balance change to the user. Useful in vendingentry tickets as a standalone machine. Automatic Ticket Vending Machine-ATVM-3 Automatic Card Ticket Vending Machine is a self- service Vending Machine configured for dispensing out Pre-Printed Card Tickets against receipt of Bank Notes/Coins and to dispense Balance Change as well. Pre-Printed Paper Cards of the size of Credit Cards.
  5. 5. Coin Vending Machines Coin Vending Machine-NCD-1E Coin Vending Machines are automatic machines that dispense coins against receipt of Bank Notes. These are widely used for exchange of Bank Notes to coins by the public and also called as Bank Note to Coin Changers or Coin Change Machines. NCD-1E model accepts Bank Notes and dispenses coins in single denomination with a payout capacity of 2500 Coins. Coin Vending Machine-NCD-2ECoin Vending Machine Model : NCD-2E accepts BankNotes and dispenses coin change in twodenominations with a coin payout capacity of 5000coins for two denominations. Very user friendlymachine. Coin Vending Machine-NCD-3E Coin Vending Machine Model: NCD-3E is configured to dispense coins of three different denominations against receipt of Bank Notes. These are widely used for exchange of Bank Notes to coins by the public and offer a payout capacity of 7500 coins for three denominations. Reliable in Performance.
  6. 6. Vending Machines Noodle Vending Machine-NVM-1B Automatic Noodle Vending Machine dispenses a box/cup of Instant Noodles against receipt of Bank Note and also dispenses hot water with a press of a button to the users making it ready to eat in 3 minutes. Biscuit and Cookie Vending Machine-CVM-4CThe Compact Vending Machine Model: CVM-4C is afour Selection multipurpose vending machine that canbe used to vend various products like BiscuitPackets/Snack Pouches/small carton boxes and polypack snack by inserting coins only.It is very useful for vending small size Biscuit Packetsalone alongside your existing Hot Beverage VendingMachine. Cookie Vending Machine-CVM-6B The Cookie Vending Machine is a useful add-on Companion to your existing Coffee/Tea Vending Machine. This Self Service Vending Machine dispenses Cookie Pouches/Biscuit Packets/Soup Sachets against receipt of Bank Notes and is a six selection compact machine with Bank Note Validator only.
  7. 7. Vending Machines Automatic Food Ticket Machine-ATVM-2FT The Automatic Food Ticket Vending Machine is a versatile self service machine that is easily adaptable to meet any pre-paid ticketing requirements of food counters against receipt of Bank Notes and Coins with balance change back facility. Food Coupons or Vouchers are printed out upon selection and payment. Useful in Take Away Food Counters. Card Vending Machine-PCVM-02BPThe Card Vending Machine (CVM) is a versatile selfservice machine that is easily adaptable to meet anycard vending requirements against receipt of BankNotes. This machine prints out a receipt to the user aswell. Souvenir Vending Machine-NCD-1EF The Souvenir Vending Machine is a compact floor standing model with movable wheels that accepts Coins and dispenses a Souvenir Coin.
  8. 8. Vending Machines Token Vending Machine-NCD-1ECF Token Vending Machine is an Automatic Self-Service Vending Machine that dispenses Gaming Metal Token against receipt of Bank Notes. Finds application in Gaming Centres.Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine-ASNVM-2CSSanitary Napkin Vending Machine is an Automatic Self-Service Vending Machine used for dispensing SanitaryNapkins against acceptance of Coins. The Machine isconfigured to dispense one or two types of SanitaryNapkins through reliable motorized spiral mechanism.Used for Vending Women Hygiene Care Product . Four Selection Automatic Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine-SNVM-4C This four selection Automatic Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine dispenses a Sanitary Napkin against acceptance of Coins as per user choice o the product.
  9. 9. Vending Machines Sachet Vending Machine-SVM-4C Sachet Vending Machine is an Automatic Self- Service Vending Machine that dispenses Small Sachets against receipt of Coins. Four product selection model that dispenses a sachet of 2 grams in weight. Durex Vending Machine-BVM-4BCDurex Vending Machine is an Automatic Self-ServiceVending Machine that dispenses a Durex Condom Boxagainst receipt of Bank Notes and Coins. This is a fourselection model and is configured to dispense 4different products with individual price settings. Condom Box Vending Machine-BVM-2B Condom Box Vending Machine is an Automatic Self- Service Vending Machine that dispenses a Condom Box against receipt of Bank Notes and Coins. It is configured with a Bank Note Validator, Coin Validator and Illuminated two product selection buttons with a Large LCD as User interface. 50 boxes holding capacity.
  10. 10. Vending Machines Cigarette Pack Vending Machine-BVM-4B Cigarette Pack Vending Machine is an Automatic Self-Service vending machine that dispenses a cigarette pack against receipt of Bank Note. Four Selection model that houses four different products with price settings. Coin Counting Machine-CCM-2000Coin Counting Machines are used for Counting Coindenominations for issue and bagging in Retail cashcounters and collection counting applications.Venditech-CCM-2000 Universal Coin counting machineis very user friendly, easy to operate and is compact insize for accommodation in any retail counter. For Enquires Future Techniks Private Limited W-564 Park Road, Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai-600101.Tamil Nadu. India. Web: E-mail: Tel: +91-44-26150522 & +91-44-26150523 Fax: +91-44-26150539