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Front Line Roll Forms Pvt. Ltd., Navi mumbai, Prefabricated Buildings


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Manufacturers and Exporters of Structural Section, Steel Frame Section, Pre Engineered Industrial Building, Pre Engineered Steel Structure, Pre engineer Building, Pre engineered Building, Prefabrication Steel Frame Building.

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Front Line Roll Forms Pvt. Ltd., Navi mumbai, Prefabricated Buildings

  1. 1. We specialize in manufacturing highest quality and most efficient low rise non-residential prefabricated buildings and pre engineering buildings suitable formanufacturing units, warehouses, offices, schools and sport clubs.
  2. 2. - Profile -We are one amongst the principal manufacturers and exporters of superiorquality cold roll formed industrial supplies. Cold roll forming is the most efficientmethod of converting sheet steel into desired shapes through a gradual processof bending by a number of specially designed rolls mounted on a cold formingmill. The technology has many advantages over the conventional press brakemethod of forming.We started a new concept by offering solutions by converting high tensile, highyield plates and sheet into the structural, promising optimal use of raw materialthrough flexibility of sizes, made possible by cutting and joining plates forfabricating beams (3 plate technology) and Cold rod forming of Strip steels.These Pre-Engineered buildings offer a great scope for creativity resulting intechnically sound and economically competitive alternative. This precisely iswhat we are out to offer when you need a building for industrial or commercialuse. These buildings are high quality; factory built, and timely deliveredaesthetic pieces and is proven money savers.Our forte lies in the ideal blend of precise computerized design and advancedmanufacturing technology to give value for money prefab structure. A number ofour buildings of a wide range and variety bear ample testimony to our claim ofdesign adequacy, functional convenience and aesthetics. Some of our feats suchas span up to 30 meters, column spacing up to 24 meters, heights up to 20meters and crane gantries of 2 Nos. of 25 MT each could well be called one of itskinds in the genre of civil engineering.
  3. 3. - Prefabricated Buildings -Cold Roll Formed Sections:We are the forerunner of Cold Roll Form Sections. Our Organization was the first toindigenously develop cold roll form sections. We are manufacturer of cold roll formedsections like Z Purlin, C Purlin and Lip Channel all this sections made by roll formingmethod. Structural Section Steel Frame Section Lip Channel Z Purlin
  4. 4. - Prefabricated Buildings -Pre. Engineering Building:We are pioneers in India in Pre-engineered buildings. Our PEB can be as unique as onesneeds. The complete building system is pre-engineered to facilitate easy production andassembly onsite. Pre Engineered Industrial Pre Engineered Steel Building Structure Pre engineer Building Pre engineered Building
  5. 5. - Prefabricated Buildings -Prefabricated Steel Structure:We have a comprehensive range of Prefabricated Steel Structure. Our Prefabricated steelstructures are reliable and accurately designed engineering fabrication of steel buildingsranging from both heavy to light steel structural members. Prefabrication Building Prefabrication Commercial Building Prefabrication Industrial Prefabrication Steel Shed Frame Building
  6. 6. - Prefabricated Buildings -Z purlin:Z-Purlins are great for all structural solutions. They can be thin-gauge lightweightconstruction elements produced by roll forming which are mainly used as roof purlins, butalso as secondary girders. Z-Purlins can be produced in an infinite variation, ranging fromthe smallest to the largest possible profile type, and in different overall heights. We provideeven-profile Z-Purlins. Z Purlin. Roof Purlin Roofing System Z Section
  7. 7. - Prefabricated Buildings -C Purlins:C – Purlin gives similar advantages as Z – Purlin. C - Purlins are preferred for cladding as itgives a plane surface on one side. We offer solution of cold roll formed C – Purlin in Lip, it isalso called C lip Channel. C – Purlin has many uses in Pre Engineering Building and industrialsetup. C – Purlin is very light weight solution in PEB as a secondary member. C Channel C lip Channel C purlin C Sections
  8. 8. - Prefabricated Buildings -Industrial Steel Structure:Our Industrial Steel Structures have diverse applications. We have world reckoning in thedomain of quality Industrial steel structures. We offer complete, cost-effective metalbuilding and steel building systems. We specialize in metal steel buildings for commercial,agricultural, industrial, and residential building use. Industrial Building Industrial Shed Solution PEB Industrial Shed Structural Steel Building
  9. 9. - Prefabricated Buildings -PEB Warehouses:PEB structures have unique versatility. Pre engineered building can come in virtually anysize with options for exterior features. They can come in small modest metal storagebuilding or large manufacturing facility complete with stone facade. Our well experiencedexperts help to plan warehouse space so the metal building will be just the right size andstyle for business needs. Pre Engineered Industrial Warehouse Warehouse PEB Industrial Warehouse Prefabricated Warehouse
  10. 10. - Prefabricated Buildings -Lip channel:Lip Channels have wide uses in automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, electrical appliances,machineries and so on. .We manufacture cold roll formed Lip channel in shape of hatsection, U lip and some are special shape in Cold roll forming method all this sections arehas many uses specially in overhead conveyor system storage system and much more. U lip Channel Conveyor Tracking Channel Hat Section Cold Rolled Section
  11. 11. - Prefabricated Buildings -Prefabricated Metal Building:Our Forte lies in PMB. We are a leading manufacturer of prefabricated metal buildings. Aprefabricated or “prefab” metal building is a facility that is built of a variety of factory thatis made up of components that are shipped to a location and then assembled on-site tocomplete the construction. Pre Engineering Metal Prefabrication Metal Building Structure Pre Engineered Metal Metal Structure Building Frame Building
  12. 12. - Prefabricated Buildings -Automotive Body Building Section:We employ cutting edge technology for producing Cold Roll Section for Commercial vehiclelike Bus chassis, truck chassis, trailer chassis and railway coaches.We are manufacturers of this section and supply to Automobile body builder. We candevelop any shape of cold roll formed section as per client requirement on a commercialbasis. Automotive Chassis Automotive Body Building Sections Section Bus Body Builder Section Railway Coaches Sections
  13. 13. - Prefabricated Buildings -Other Products: C Purlin Cold Roll Forms Section Prefabrication Steel Shed C Roll Formed Section 13
  14. 14. - Prefabricated Buildings -Other Products: C Steel Section PEB Industrial Structure Pre Engineered Cold Rolling Sections Warehouses 14
  15. 15. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1993Nature of Business ManufacturerTotal Number of 26 to 50 PeopleEmployees
  16. 16. - Contact Us - Contact Details:Front Line Roll Forms Pvt. Ltd.Ms. Chetna BhogleNo. A - 209, Arenja Corner, 2nd Floor, Sector - 17, VashiNavi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 703, IndiaWebsite: