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Floral Incense (India), New Delhi, Japanese Incense Sticks


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Offers wide range of Incense, Incense Sticks, Dhoop, Agarbattis such as Japanese Incense Sticks, Melting Aroma Japanese Incense Sticks (Bambooless), Japanese Incense Sticks (Eden Scents Bambooless), Aroma Incense Sticks, Flora Coil Box, Aroma Garden Coils, Melting Aroma Coils, Melting Aroma Japanese Incense Sticks - Bambooless, Japanese Incense Sticks - Eden Scents Bambooless, Japanese Incense Sticks - Eden Scents, Japanese Incense Sticks - Fiesta Incense Collection, Aroma Therapy Incense Sticks.

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Floral Incense (India), New Delhi, Japanese Incense Sticks

  1. 1. Floral Incense (India) In India warmth and elegance is not only in the hearts of its people, it is in the air too. Floral Incense offers wide range of Incense, Incense Sticks, Dhoop, Agarbattis, etc. that aromatize your surroundings.
  2. 2. Floral Incense (India) - Profile - We, from Floral Incense present an exclusive medley of incense sticks in a variety of fragrances and sizes that match all your preferences. Our ability to respond rapidly to the needs of the market makes Floral Incense your ideal partner in a long run. We have unmatched expertise in aroma technology and that is reflected in our innovative and wide product variety. Over the years we have blended the traditional art of manufacturing Incense Sticks with modern Perfumery and packaging technology. Floral Incense (India) is a sister company of Cleenex Products (India) that has been commenced in the year 1977. At Cleenex Products, we are engaged in all activities such as Production, Fragrance Development, Packaging Development and R&D. Our manufacturing facilities are clean, hygienic and fully equipped to produce first class quality products for a global market. We have set new standards in providing better Incense quality and innovative packaging. Our incense sticks are unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins, oils, and forest products. Also, free from toxic materials and brings you a safe and natural experience.
  3. 3. Floral Incense (India) Incense Sticks & Cones: Manufacturer and exporter of all types of smokeless incense sticks that includes floral incense sticks, aroma incense sticks, japanese incense sticks, and agarbattis. Japanese Incense Sticks Melting Aroma Japanese Incense Sticks (Bambooless) Japanese Incense Sticks Aroma Incense Sticks (Eden Scents Bambooless)
  4. 4. Floral Incense (India) Incense Coils: Flora Coil Box Aroma Garden Coils Melting Aroma Coils
  5. 5. Floral Incense (India) Japanese Incense Sticks: Japanese incense sticks are replenished with clean and refined fragrance that creates a mood of tranquility and relaxes the mind, body and spirit. The Japanese incense sticks, beautifully packed in the kimono obi style exhibit the traditional touch. Melting Aroma Japanese Japanese Incense Sticks - Incense Sticks - Eden Scents Bambooless Bambooless Japanese Incense Sticks - Japanese Incense Sticks - Eden Scents Fiesta Incense Collection
  6. 6. Floral Incense (India) Other Products: Aroma Therapy Incense Melting Aroma Incense Sticks Sticks Aroma Incense Sticks ( Zodiac Aroma Incense Millennium 2000) Sticks 6
  7. 7. Floral Incense (India) - Company Factsheet - Year of Establishment 1977 Nature of Business Manufacturer Total Number of 11 to 25 People Employees
  8. 8. Floral Incense (India) - Contact Us - Contact Details: Floral Incense (India) Mr. Narender Pal Gupta No. 590/610, HPR School Gali, Libas Pur Road, Siras Pur New Delhi, Delhi - 110 042, India