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The cuning iools olihe nail making machines become bluni and they require re-
grining.  We have developed...


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Ekta Nail Machines, Rajkot, Wire Nails


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Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Wire Nail making machine Automatic Wire Drawing Machine and all kinds of its Tool Parts such as Wire Nails, Wire Nail Machine E1 N1, Wire Nail Machine E1 N2, Wire Nail Machine E1 N3, Wire Nail Machine E1 N6, Polishing Machine, Automatic Cutter, Wire Nail Cutting Tool, Wire Nail Gripping Dies, Wire Nail Header Punch, Wire Supplier Tools. Over the past Eight decades, a well deserved reputation has been molded by us.

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Ekta Nail Machines, Rajkot, Wire Nails

  1. 1. V3 _— ii‘: [ml The cuning iools olihe nail making machines become bluni and they require re- grining. We have developed a special. Cutter Grinder rdr grinding all Ihe profiles oleimers. These machines are provided with special type of jigs and fixtures so ihal even a semi-siklled worker can grind (re-sharpen) the cutting taais easily alter a short training. It takes only a law minutes to re-stIarpsn. Tt'Iese three wtlell type Cutter Grinder is available in 200 mm wheel size. wire Nails are produced by Wire Nail Making Maohinesrhe Nails are to be polished as a well nnlshed products. The quality of the Nails produced depend upon the wire used on the Machine. Generally, the wire received trim the supiier is round dull due to vlnre Drawing process and also one times geis rusied due to weather effects. Tne wire Ier prooess ufcutling Nails is nol so bright and as a result, the Nails produosd do not have be brightness and shining. Such finisheds are never acceptable tn the huyer. Thus. the Nails dn require polishslng vimloh results in aahrsctive nnished prodcuts. To overcome ttlis dilficuity. the machine known as POLISHING BARREL has been developed. The polishing barrels are available in two sizeviz. 250 Kgs. And 500 Kgs. Capacity percharge. TIPS ON POLISHING WIRE NAILS 1. Load the polishing barrel with Wire Nails up to a level 3 lo 4 inches above the halffllled level. (llnailsare rusty. ad nalta Iitere of Kerosene befure addding saw dust and run the Barrel lorabout 10 minutes with blind lid i'Ixed)Add saw dust in the barrel the upto 30% of the full level. Fix the blind lld and run the barrel tor about 30 minutes. Stnp the barrel and change the lid from blind tcl perlurrated. Run the barrel for about 40 minutes with psrofrreted lln In order to remove the saw dUSt. ThiS will result in bright 8: shiny nails. 2. It the minor finished is required on the Nails, it si advisable to use SDI-‘I’ LEATHER PIECES in second sequencesotpollshlng Instead olsaw Dust 1 5m 20 Kgs. Of such LEATHER PIECES are required for our 250 Kgs. cap. Polishing asrrel.1'hese LEATHER PIECES can be applied again and again Ier about. . capaclty Gage 20 to 17 Length 12mm. 19mm. 38mm 600 Pieces per minute Power: 1.0 HP Moters Panel Pln Nail Machines Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll fixllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  2. 2. MACHINE WORKING RANGE most wnzoitt I LENGVH 'MIi. Il'row: lé Awnox APPROXWEIGG’ CASEEIZE _ . van NP noon or rm lull. awn. uill Iuctes W‘ “‘5““‘v Wm‘ EN-l IAO-2: I744: I2-4o: im; i«: sstl 1.5 : IIma9M Ara dis : lll0iIli)mxll2tl : N2_iu| _ tr-ti’ I250: in: V sou . 2.n 't350a50 175 no uiurioaoxiizo : tn_iuI_ iso_zstoo_ I4 _ we ‘ an _iasmioon no I Ilsa uslorllaoxiizo EM use I0-4 ! l>l5tl_ za isti 7.5 ziatiiiiciril mniznlio Imiiisooxim Due to Policy or Continuous improiverrierit, we reserve the right to alter the ' 'onw‘nhoutrto1ioe. ' HEAVY DUTY ' CONTINUOUS OPERANTING ‘ HIGH RELIABILITY ' LOW LIFE. QUICKAND EA$Y$ETUP. TROUBLE FREE WORKING ‘ PRECISION QUALITY NAIL. CONSTRUCTION : Well designed Machine Base Body Crank Sham. Side shah. conneaing Rod etc. Makes this Machine Heavy Duty and sutable Ior bontinuous operating with high reliability. well known and proven design with moretften 25 yearsofexperlenoe resulting in maintlenanoefree design. QUICK AND EASY SETUP : Dies and Cutters for varying sizes of Mre dia, requiring nospeoial tpolsrorehangingthesetup. Cnangeavuflom one size tothe next can be finished in minutes by even a Imv skilled operahor. Similary, desired Iengllt of Neil can be adjusted quickly and mrivenientlybysimple mechanism. QUALITVAND RESLIABILITY: Quality. I-asint, Alloy steel crank shah and side Stlafl. H. S.S. cutting Toots Header Die, Phosphorous Bronze Bearings, Hardened and gound slides, other bushes and shans. vlhre straightening mechanism using Antitrioation bearing. balanced rotating partswith reduced noise and vibration. Centralized one point Iubrilation to ensure neoessurle lubrication at all rsquiredpint easily. All these features resulting in long and trouble tree opelation. Interchangeability or parts makes it very oorrverllerltfor spares and maintenance. Easy availability or spare trom almost ready stock combination or proven design using best quality material & process with committed and dedicated workmanstllp resulting In high precision quality Nail day aiwday E k1'A NAil MAclIiNE 3/7 Corner Ramnagar, B/ h. K, Raeiklal. Ali industrial Area, Rajkot. Mobile: 098258 14046 Email : info@ektanaiimachlne. <:om www. ektanailmachine. com Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine