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Dattani Book Agency, Mumbai, Educational Books


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Suppers of COSMETICS : Science and Technology - 2nd Ed - 3 Volumes Set, Harry's Cosmeticology - 2 Volumes Set, Arctander's Perfume and Flavor Materials of natural Origin and Aroma Chemicals, Understanding Fragrance Chemistry By Charles Sell (Givaudan).

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Dattani Book Agency, Mumbai, Educational Books

  1. 1. We are dealing in Books and Periodicals such as technical books, science books,medical books from all over the Globe, having clientele of R & D Libraries ofCorporates, Govt., Educational Institutions and Large and small scale industries.
  2. 2. - Profile -Incepted in the year 1973, Dattani Book Agency is a company catering to theneeds of corporate libraries, R & D libraries and other institutions. We deal indiverse subjects of books like cosmetics formulation books, perfumesformulation books, chemical technology books, technical books etc. rangingfrom perfumes, fragrances, food science, pharmaceutical, flavors, essential oils,soaps & detergents, cosmetics & toiletries and many more. We can procure andsupply any Title on any subjects from any Publishers.Headed by Mr. Vinod Dattani, we have been able to accomplish spectaculargrowth and phenomenal recognition in the Indian market. Under his visionaryguidance, we are capable of delivering books on any subjects from any publishersin the world to our global clientele.Some of the Publishers titles Procured, stocked and Serviced by us : John Wiley, USA, Taylor & Francis, UK Marcell Dekker,UK, RSC, UK, Walters Kluwer, Europe Allured Publishing Corp. , USA American Oil Chemists Society, (AOCS), USA American Chemical Society (ACS), USA American Official Analytical Chemists Assn., (AOAC), USA Oxford University Press, USA Springer, Germany and all other major PublishersFor all your requirements , please mail us...
  3. 3. - Educational Books -Books on Cosmetics and Toiletries:We have wide range of Titles on Manufacturing Cosmetics, Toiletries, Soaps & Detergentsboth Indian and Imported Books COSMETICS : Science and Formulating Natural Technology - 2nd Ed - 3 Cosmetics Volumes Set Harrys Cosmeticology - 2 Personal Care Formulas Volumes Set
  4. 4. - Educational Books -Books on Perfumery, Fragrances, Essential Oils:We have wide range of Titles by Both Indian and Foreign Authors on Fragrances, Perfumes ,Essential Oils Arctanders Perfume and Essential Oils - By Ernest Flavor Materials of Guenther (6 Volumes Set) natural Origin and Aroma Chemicals Understanding Fragrance Perfumery : Techniques Chemistry By Charles Sell in Evolution - 2nd Latest (Givaudan) Ed
  5. 5. - Educational Books -Books On Pharmaceutical, Herbal, Ayurvedic and Medical Sciences:We have wide variety of Title by distinguished FForeign and Indian Authors All Type ofPharmacopeias Available Ready Stock IP 2010, BP 2010, EP 2010 Indian Pharmacopoeia - Handbook of 2010 (3 Volumes Set) Pharmaceutical Excipients, - 6th Ed British Pharmacopoeia Lehningers Principles Of 2012, 6 Vol Set And Cd Biochemistry - 5/Ed
  6. 6. - Educational Books -Books On Flavor Science, Food Science and Technology, bakery Science,Confectionery , etc:We Deal in wide variety of Titles both Indian and Foreign Authors on Food Science, FlavorScience Food Chemical Codex Flavor Creation - 2nd Ed. By John Wright (IFF) Fenarolis Handbook of Sensory-Directed Flavor Flavor Ingredients, Sixth Analysis Edition
  7. 7. - Educational Books -Books on Analytical Sciences: Official Methods for LC/MS: A Practical Users Analysis of AOAC 18th Ed Guide Revision 4 (2011) Practical HPLC Method Handbook of Modern Development, 2nd Edition Pharmaceutical Analysis, 10
  8. 8. - Educational Books -Books on Organic Chemistry, Synthesis and Chemical Engg.: The Merck Index: An Comprehensive Organic Encyclopedia of Name Reactions and Chemicals, Drugs, and Reagents, 3 Volume Set Biologicals, 14th Edition Fundamentals of Kirk-Othmer Concise Heterocyclic Chemistry: Encyclopedia of Chemical Importance in Nature and Technology , 5th Edition, in the Synthesis of 2 Volume Set Pharmaceuticals
  9. 9. - Educational Books -Books on Water and Wastewater and their Analysis: APHA : Standard Methods Water Quality & for the Examination of Treatment: A Handbook Water and Wastewater on Drinking Water Wastewater Microbiology, Introduction to Potable 4th Edition Water Treatment Processes
  10. 10. - Educational Books -Sports Science, Judo , Karate, and Physical Education Titles: Human Kinetics Books on Books & DVDs on Martial Sports - READY STOCK Arts, Jiu-JItsu, Judo, Karate Books on Judo, Karate , Martial Arts
  11. 11. - Educational Books -General Library Reference Books: McGraw Hill Encyclopedia Encyclopaedia Britannica of Science & Technology 2010 Print Set Project Management: A DDC - 23 DEWEY DECIMAL Systems Approach to CLASSIFICATION Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, 10th Edition
  12. 12. - Educational Books -Other Products: Chemistry and Technology IFSCC Scientific of the Cosmetics and Monographs Monographs Toiletries Industry on Cosmetics Raw Material Analysis and Quality Household Cleaning, Care Botanicals: A and Maintenance Phytocosmetic Desk Products Reference 12
  13. 13. - Educational Books -Other Products: Cosmetics Formulation Analysis of cosmetic Manufaturing & Quality products - Indian Reprint Control- 4th Ed. The encyclopedia of Aging Skin: Current and ultraviolet filters Future Therapeutic Strategies 13
  14. 14. - Educational Books -Other Products: Cosmetics Additives : An Solubilization in Industrial Guide Surfactant Aggregates Detergents and the Database of Cosmetic and Environment Toiletry Formulations By Ernest Flick 14
  15. 15. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1973Nature of Business SupplierTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent North Africa South/West Africa Middle East South East Asia
  16. 16. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Dattani Book AgencyMr. Vinod Dattani / Chetan DattaniNo. 349 - A. A., Mangaldas Building No. 5, Kitchen Garden LaneMumbai, Maharashtra - 400 002, IndiaWebsite: