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Cuplocks System & Prop Sleeve By Shree Hari Engineering


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( Being a perfectly shaped and swift movement of our company, we are instrumental in manufacturing and supplying an exclusive range of Cuplocks System, Prop Sleeve, Prop Nut, Jack Nut, Anchor Nut, Shuttering Plate, Shutter Clamp, Wedge Anchors Drop Pin, Single Clip, Pressed Swival Coupler, Pressed Fixed Coupler, Adjustable Screw Jack, etc. Offered products are manufactured using high grade raw material and contemporary machines. Available in many specifications like sizes, dimensions and etc, offered products can be modified also in tune with the specific requirements of our clients. Besides, we are also trading a wide array of Anchor Nut and Fixed Coupler.

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Cuplocks System & Prop Sleeve By Shree Hari Engineering

  1. 1. www. .comshreehariengineering STEEL SHUTTERING AND SCAFFOLDING Manufacturing —Rental —Maintenance STEEL SHUTTERING AND SCAFFOLDING Manufacturing —Rental —Maintenance STEEL SHUTTERING AND SCAFFOLDING Manufacturing —Rental —Maintenance Smart scaffolding for innovative construction
  2. 2. www. .comshreehariengineering02 THE COMPANY OURHUMBLEBEGINNINGS We began our journey by accumulating and integration our values, our mission, and our beliefs into a company known as Shree Hari Construction. This enterprise of ours acted as a means to enter the construction industry in Ahmedabad, where we were able to carve out a niche for ourselves. Our main area of expertise was in RCC construction, which can be elaborated as Reinforced Cement Concrete construction. After over 35 years of experience in the industry, with numerous projects to our name and myriad clients being a part of our endeavor, we decided to move a step further and enter into the realm of scaffolding. This was when the idea of Shree Hari Engineeringwasconceivedandgivenlifeto. OURAREASOFEXPERTISE Since the year of conception, namely 2014, Shree Hari Engineering has grown and developed to become the fastest growing enterprise in Ahmedabad within the Scaffolding industry. Some of the main areas of specialization of this enterpriseofoursincludecomplete conceptualization, designing and manufacturing of a wide range of Scaffolding Cup lock Systems. Some of the main products that we offer include the following : MS props, Cuplock System, H-frames, Shuttering Plates, Acro Wall-forms, U' Jack, Base Jack, Anchor Nut, Fix & SwivelCouplers,TieRod. OUREXPERTISE As far as our scaffolding products are concerned, our main aim is to cater to and maintain high standards of customer satisfaction, reliability and quality, using fair practices to meet client preferences. Some of the major uses of scaffolding are found in the construction industry. Scaffolding provides much-needed support and safety to workers, especially during projects that involve creating large structures. Scaffolding also provides a platform for workers to perform their construction related responsibilities, thereby acting as a powerful base for the efficient completion of the same. The scaffolding material that we manufacture is fabricated by employing the latestautomatedmachineries,whichhelpinthecreationofproductswhicharehighlydurable. OURCONVICTIONTOTIMEANDEFFORT Logistics is an important aspect of what we do at Shree Hari Engineering. For us, maintaining stringent delivery schedules and gaining customer loyalty through impeccable distribution is as important as maintaining the quality of our products. Our enterprise is driven by the constant need for progression through innovation and expansion of our skills, abilities and capacities. This is what helps us stand out amongst our competitors in the industry, thereby making us one of the biggest names in the modernized scaffolding industry, especially as far as thedomesticmarketscenarioisconcerned. WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISING IS A TESTAMENT TO OUR COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  3. 3. 03 OURCOMMITMENTTOCLIENTS Our way of working involves embracing the resources and capabilities of our clients and getting the most out of them in order to attain perfection. By using client-based resources such as scaffolding manpower, materials, access & formworks, we are able facilitate the successful completion of projects in a cost effective manner. Our motto in this case is to ensure that quality, safety and environmental factors are not compromised during the courseofourprojects.Otherthanprovidingscaffoldingproducts&services,wealsoofferareliablerentalservice for our clients. Through this service, clients can make use of our scaffolding equipment for their projects at nominalcharges,withoutcompromisingontheimmensequalityandefficiencythatourproductsareknownfor. OURMISSION The four main pillars of our mission, which have driven us forward towards new horizons, are customer focus, integrity & professionalism, quality,andcommitment. CUSTOMERFOCUS The main objectives of our enterprise include client satisfaction, value addition and customer service. Our method of working is solely dependent on process-driven and result- oriented systems of functioning. We strive to keep ourselves updated with modern technology so that we can keep our systems and processes in sync with the latest developments of the industry. Our vast scope within the realm of engineering, flexibility as well as efficiency enables us to master any type of project, making us experts in building and maintaining long-term business relationships. We aim to create a symbiosis between our company and your firm and enterprise, where development and innovation is done in the spiritofmutualbenefit. QUALITY One of the core facets of our mission involves the maintenance of quality, reliability and exceptional adaptabilityasfarascateringtoourclientsinthecommercial, industrial, building & domestic sectors in concerned. Integrity & Professionalism. Our conviction to quality, flexibility & reliability is maintained through an immense emphasis on integrity & dignity. We value professionalism & make sure that each & every project is conducted by keeping in mind the higheststandardsofethicsandlegality.
  4. 4. MANUFACTURING & INFRASTRUCTURE The manufacturing plant is having a total about 45,000 sq. ft. of working area with very well equipped and modern machineries, Technical experts and personnel as well as logistical infrastructure of the established industrial zone. www. .comshreehariengineering04
  5. 5. We manufacture quality products using high-end technological machineries like, Multi Drilling Machine, Automatic Mig Welding, Threading Machine, Shearing Press etc. Shree Hari Engineering provides it’s customer reliable solution that are on par with standards of safety, quality and formwork, efficiency while still being cost effective. 05
  6. 6. TRAINING / SERVICES OUROFFERING SCAFFOLDINGDESIGN/ENGINEERING The manner and overall approach that we take towards manufacturing Cup lock scaffolds and other supporting structures determine the success of our projects. Our aim is to provide engineering solutions that can help in the betterment and advancement of the scaffolding equipment industry. Our expertise in Cup lock scaffolding design helpsusinprovidingtailoredsolutionsforeachclient,whichincludesbothcommonlayoutaswellascustomdesign. SCAFFOLDINGDESIGNCALCULATION We follow a stringent and precise process of calculation and measurement, which is a crucial part of each project that we undertake. Our measurement procedure involves analyzing the structure drawing of your project, which is used to understand and calculate the scaffolding requirements for the same. The measurement of requirements is also done bykeepinginmindourownabilitiesasfarasdeliveringqualitysolutionsinacostandtime-effectivewayisconcerned. SPECIALIZEDTRAINING One of the biggest problems associated with any type of construction project is the probability of individuals falling from heights due to lack of proper safety precautions. In an age where insurance costs and personal injury can cost a company a fortune, taking the right safety precautions during a project can mean a lot to its overall success. Therefore, harboring a qualified workforce which consists of individuals who have been trained in the intricacies of scaffoldingoperativescanbeabigsteptowardssuccessfulexecution. Due to our extensive experience in scaffolding implementation and usage, we can provide on-site supervision and guidance for workers on how to work with Cup lock scaffolding and make the most of its efficiency. The practical knowledge that we provide to workers can help them assemble and disassemble the scaffolding equipment with ease at the project site, thereby improving time management as well as safety. Owing to the immense emphasis we place on the maintenance and strengthening of our relationships with clients, our duty and obligation to approach each project with utmost attention and care is paramount. Through our scaffolding consultancy services and regular workplace inspections, we provide both management and operational support. This enables our clients to maintain safetyandadheretobestpracticesasfarasworkingwiththeCuplockscaffoldingsystemisconcerned. THEORETICALEXPERIENCE This part of the training and specialization program initiated by Shree Hari Engineering involves getting workers acquainted with the uses and applications of the cup lock scaffolding system. This part of the training also involves familiarizing the workers with the safety procedures that need to be taken when working with scaffolding systems. The essence of safety as well as applicability lies in teaching workers how to erect, dismantle, and alter the scaffolding material in a quick and proper manner. The theoretical knowledge for usage and safety applications would involve using picture presentations in order to help make learning easierforworkers. PRACTICALEXPERIENCE In the practical part of our specialization and training program, our trainers demonstrate each and every skill required for the purpose of utilizing scaffolding equipment in the best way possible. Our engineers also act as crucial nodes for the development of the project, by providing crucial information & practical knowledge whenever it might be required by the workers. Practical guidelines, solutions and on-site demonstrations are all part of the package that we offer as far as each and everyprojectweundertakeisconcerned. www. .comshreehariengineering06
  8. 8. THECUPLOCKSYSTEM This is one of the most flexible types of scaffolding systems that can be used for the construction of slab floors. Some of the main features of this particular system is the ease with which it can be used even in cramped and narrow spaces. The system consists of only a few components, which are very easytoassemble,therebyimprovingtheconveniencerelated tofindingsolutionsforleveldifferenceduringconstruction. BASICSTRUCTURE Thebasicunitofacuplockscaffoldingsystemconsistsoffour horizontal elements which are fixed at a single point along theverticalelement.Thesameelementswhicharepartofthe system can be used to create suitable solutions for the purpose of assembling a stair tower, due to the high load bearingcapacityassociatedwiththesystem. Theverticalelementsinthesystemareequippedwithlocking kits, which are welded onto them at intervals of 500 mm or 1000 mm. This offers an economical and practical solution for projects which have level difference at the ground or at the deck. The locking kit consists of bottom and top cups, of which the bottom cup is welded onto the vertical element. The top cup or the upper cup is moveable along the length of theverticalelement. Withthemobilityoftheuppercupcomestheresponsibilityof ensuring that it is not removed from the vertical element completely, owing to the structural difficulties that could occur due to the misplacement of the same. The heads of the horizontalelements,whicharestructuredoutofbothendsof an element, are fixed between the cups along the vertical elements. With the help of a hammer, the upper cup can be rotated in the clockwise direction and the head of the horizontal element is squeezed rigidly between the upper andlowercups. CUPLOCK SYSTEM ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSO www. .comshreehariengineering08
  9. 9. CUPLOCKSTANDARD/VERTICAL Cuplockstandard/verticalaremanufacturedfrom48mmOD MS Round Pipe, provided in various sizes with cup joints welded at 500 mm Intervals. The top cups are made from malleable casting to endure rough site handling, and welded bottomcupsarepressedfromhighqualitysteel. LEDGER CUPLOCKLEDGER/HORIZONTAL The cuplock Ledger is used to make rigid bond to endure uneven site handling. This cuplock ledger is comprised of Forged Blade at the both end which fits between Top cup and Bottom cup of cuplock vertical. MS round pipe will be used of 48.00OD3.00mmthick.Minimumprojectionofbladesavoids damages in handing & uniform dimension makes the cup joint rigid. STANDARDSIZES SIZEINMETER APPROXWEIGHT Vertical1.00Mtr.2Cuplock 4.70 Kg Vertical1.50Mtr.3Cuplock 6.80 Kg Vertical2.00Mtr.4Cuplock 9.00 Kg Vertical2.50Mtr.5Cuplock 11.50 Kg Vertical3.00Mtr.6Cuplock 13.65 Kg STANDARDSIZES SIZEINMETER APPROXWEIGHT Ledger0.500Mtr. 2.00Kg Ledger1.000Mtr. 3.75Kg Ledger1.500Mtr. 5.46Kg Ledger2.000Mtr 7.15Kg Ledger2.500Mtr. 8.50Kg SPIGOTPIN/JOINTPIN The spigot pin is used in cup lock system. It is made out of 250/300 long round pipe of 38 MM OD. Spigot is connecting internally and to allow ease of joining. Though small in size. They are important part of scaffolding network as they alone areabletosupportstructureuptomultistoried. VERTICAL ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSO 09
  10. 10. ADJUSTABLEPROP/MSPROP These are crucial components that can be used for the purpose of all types of building construction projects. These elements provide ideal and economic solutions for supporting all kinds of formwork, slabs, beams, walls and columns. These act as adjustable load bearing supports which especially find usage in withstanding vertical loads or as wall braces.ThesearealsoknownasAdjustableProps,alsoknown as Scaffolding Jacks, Shoring Props, Post Shore Props, Formwork Props, and Pipe Support. Heavy Duty Steel Prop, Light Duty Props, and Normal Duty Props, are other forms of thistypeofarrangement. SPECIFICATIONS ¶ Outermembersaremadeof60mODroundpipe ¶ Innermembersaremadeof48mmODroundpipe ¶ Top&Bottomplatesaremadeof150x150x6mmplates ¶ Heavy duty malleable cast iron prop nut provides the facilityforfineadjustment ¶ G' pin made of high tensile strength also provides facility forfineadjustment ADDITIONALFEATURES ¶ Our roll-threaded props ensure that loss of material is reduced to a great extent, through which load bearing capacity as well as shelf life of the prop is increased to a largeextent ¶ As per the needs of the customer, Props are available with various heads like Beam Head, 'U' Head, Angle Head and RegularFlatHead ADJUSTABLE PROP / MS PROP SIZES OF MS STEEL PROP Outer Inner Weight 1.50 mtr x 1.50 mtr 14.20 Kg 2.00 mtr x 2.00 mtr. 18.00 Kg 2.00 mtr x 2.50 mtr. 19.60 Kg Outer Inner Weight 2.00 mtr x 3.00 mtr. 21.25 Kg 2.50 mtr x 2.50 mtr. 21.80 Kg 2.50 mtr x 3.00 mtr. 23.40 Kg ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSO www. .comshreehariengineering10 PROP SLEEVE PROP NUT (HEAVY DUTY) PROP G LOCK
  11. 11. 11 SCAFFOLDINGGALVANIZEDPROP Props Provide the Ideal and the most economic method of support for all kinds of formwork, slabs, beams, wall & Columns. Scaffolding Galvanized Prop treated with high quality zinc. They are also invaluable for a wide variety of applications in general building construction and repair work. Props eliminate the costly labour and time consumed in cutting timber to length, wedging and nailing when used in the vertical as a prop which is made as per heavy & light duty. Props are the compression members used as temporary supports for building and civil engineering works incorporating a means for adjusting and fixing their length. Props are designed to provide a simple & cost effective method to shore and re-shore. Props are used in all types of construction work to withstand vertical loads or acts as wall brace wherever adjustable load bearing members are required. Sizes : Various Sizes as per customer requirement and specification SCAFFOLDING GALVANIZED PROP ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSO SIZES OF GALVANIZED PROP Outer Inner Weight 1.50 mtr x 1.50 mtr 19.00 Kg 2.00 mtr x 2.00 mtr. 24.50 Kg 2.00 mtr x 3.00 mtr. 29.00 Kg
  12. 12. BASEJACK/UJACK TheUJack/adjustablejackstirrupheadisusedatthetopof the vertical cuplock standard in order to provide an additional maximum adjustment of length up to 300 – 600 mm. The main application of these types of U-Jacks is to hold MS beams and chennal in places, upon which the shuttering plates are placed during the construction. The U-Jacks are manufactured using the Roll Threading process, which increases safety and enables them to have a load-bearingcapacityofupto4tons. Hollow Pipe Jack Size Weight 230 mm 1.850 Kg 350 mm 2.300 Kg 450 mm 2.600 Kg 600 mm 3.200 Kg MS Solid Rod Size Weight 300 mm 2.650 Kg 350 mm 2.850 Kg 450 mm 3.500 Kg 600 mm 4.350 Kg Base jacks locate in the bottom of the cuplock standards standards (vertical), they provide adjustment for variations in ground levels, and they have a safe working loadofapprox4tonseach. Specification: ¶ Hollowpipeof38mmODandSolidRod32mmOD ¶ TheJackNutofSGIronCastings ¶ BasePlatesize : 150mmx150mmx6mmthick U Jack & Base Jack are Specially designed for leveling scaffolding, fast and accurate onsite installation is provided by a combination of coarse and fine adjustment uptomaximumof550mmandcanbecustomized. BASE JACK | U JACK ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSO www. .comshreehariengineering12
  13. 13. SHUTTERINGPLATES/CENTERINGPLATES These products are one of the core elements which are used for supporting building constructions slabs, canopies, beams, lintels for RCC construction work. These plates provide a much needed alternative for wooden plates, as they are manufactured using non- corrosive and durable materials. Shuttering plates are fabricated from 3.00/2.5 mm thick MS Sheets and 25/30/35 X 4/5 mm thick MS angle. As per the requirements and preferences of the clients, the sizes can be customized and adjusted. Even the shapes can be changed in order to fulfill specific requirements for clients. BASICALLYTWOTYPESOFSHUTTERINGPLATES WeldedandRivetedshutteringplates These structures are known by different names, include centering plates, steel plates, Farma, floor form panels andsoon.Thesizesoftheseplatesareasfollows: Welded shuttering plates Size Weight 900 mm x 0'9" 08.00 Kg 900 mm x 1'0" 10.00 Kg 900 mm x 1'3" 11.00 Kg 900 mm x 1'6" 12.00 Kg 900 mm x 2'0" 16.00 Kg Riveted shuttering plates Size Weight 3'0" x 0'9" 06.00 Kg 3'0" x 1'0" 07.00 Kg 3'0" x 1'3" 08.00 Kg 3'0" x 1'6" 10.00 Kg 3'0" x 2'0" 12.50 Kg SIKANJA/BEAMCLAMP/SHUTTERINGCLAMP Sikanja is used for shuttering formwork, Mainly in column. It hold both the sides of wall of column. Sikanja is made up of 30 x 5 mm M S Flat which tempered by heat treatment to strengthen Apart from this, offered clamps areavailableinstandardaswellascustomized Availableindifferentsizes: 2'0"-1.13Kg|2'6"-1.32Kg|3'0”-1.50Kg ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSOSHUTTERING PLATE 13
  14. 14. Shuttering Plywood is BWP grade plywood treated with preservatives mainly used for concrete purpose. Manufactured with select hardwood, it withstands the loads & forces encountered during the pouring of concrete andvibrations APPLICATIONS Construction, Repair and Maintenance of Buildings, Bridges, Beams, Fly- overs,VehicleBodies,Roofing Std.Thickness(mm) : 12,18 Sizes : 2440X1220MM WEIGHT ImportedCalibratedPly : 25.00kg-12MM ImportedCalibratedPly : 34.00kg-18MM IndianPly : 30.00kg-12MM IndianPly : 45.00kg-18MM SALIENTFEATURES ¶ FilmFacedShutteringPlywoodismosteffectiveinRCCConstructions. ¶ Ithasasmoothmirrorlikesuperiorfinishingonbothsurfaces. ¶ It saves up to 45% of cost compared to other similar products due to its morerepetitionduringshutteringwork. ¶ Its cross laminated structure between Face veneer, Core veneer and the Filmagainenhancethestrengthofply. ¶ After using it as shuttering plywood for many times, its salvage can be usedforpaneling,roofing,flooring,partitionsetc. TIPSFORMAINTENANCE ¶ Clean & Oil the surface before use. The surface should be recoated with mouldoilbeforenextuse. ¶ Apply sealants such as chlorinated rubber paint at the cut edges before use. ¶ Sidescrewingandnailingshouldnotbeperformedontheply. ¶ Should be stored in packs on a flat and raised surface in a dry, covered placewithfreecirculationofairforbetterrepetitions. ¶ Care should be taken during transportation to avoid scratches, plywood shouldnotbedraggedoveroneanothertoavoidscratches. FILM FACED SHUTTERING PLYWOOD www. .comshreehariengineering14
  15. 15. H-FRAMESCAFFOLDING Shree Hari Engineering is known for providing the most popular scaffolding frame set/H frame for use in plastering, masonry, and general construction. The H-frames are created in the Safeway Style, which makes them compatible with frame scaffolding as well. These frames are manufactured fromthehighestqualityMSpipes. H-frames consist of welded frames with 48 OD vertical pipes, which are braced together with scissor type cross braces that are secured by bolts. The H-frames are essentially parts of a larger system, which is bound together by components known as modules. One module within this system consists of two H-frames and two diagonals. An entire H-frame system consists of one horizontal connection and four cross bracings. Theentiresystemcoversanareaof1.8meters. H FRAME SCAFFOLDING SIZES OF 'H' FRAMES CROSSBRACINGS Thistypeofscaffoldingsystemisusedwheneverthesituation ariseswherelargeheightsaretobescaled. Crossbracingsare crucial for H-frames as they can add immense strength and stability for these systems, especially when placed at distances of 2.5, 2.0, 1.5, and 1.0 meter. The cross bracings can also be customized according to the height which needs to be scaled. Using the cross bracings as a part of the H-frames is especially useful as far as utilizing them for the purpose of supportstagingandaccessscaffoldingisconcerned. Size 1.50 x 1.00 mtr. 20.00 Kg./Nos. 1.50 x 1.25 mtr. 21.50 Kg./Nos. 2.00 x 1.00 mtr. 24.00 Kg./Nos. 2.00 x 1.25 mtr. 25.50 Kg./Nos. (HxW) Weight SIZES (IN MM) : 30 x 30 x 4, 34 x 34 x 4, 37 x 37 x 3. ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSO 15
  16. 16. JALI(KHAPEDA)/PLANK/WALKWAY/MSCHALI A Jali is a crucial tool as far as any construction work is concerned, due to its use as a temporary platform that can be integrated with the help of cup lock standards and ledgers. These contraptions are especially useful for works related to outer wall plastering, glass fittings and so on. Jalis or walkways have the dimensions 25 X 25/20 X 20, which are created using M. S. Square pipes and 20 NB round pipes. The thickness of the pipesarealteredandchangedaccordingtotheclient'srequirements. These can be used to increase the rate of work by allowing more than one individuals to focus on the same area at the same time. Jalis are durable contraptions, which enable them to bear the load of people as well as materials without buckling under the weight of the same. The standards we follow as far as galvanized steel components as well as the technological measures we take to ensure their lightweight character help in creating superior quality support systems for employees. The technical specifications of these productsareasfollows:2.5mtrlongX0.3mtrwide. JALI (KHAPEDA) SIZES (in mm) Size 2000 x 300 2500 x 300 2500 x 350 3000 x 300 3000 x 350 Weight 15.00 Kg 18.00 Kg 20.50 Kg 22.50 Kg 25.00 Kg JALI / PLANK TRIPODSTANDFORJALI(KHAPEDA) This is a easy supporting accessory for Masonry, Plaster and For- sealing work to adjustable height and width range. Main Function: Pin up to make it fixed and not move. The commonly sizes are: any reasonable size is can be customizedaccordingly. AdjustableRange:500mmorasperclientrequirement. Sizes: 1 Diameterrangeontube48-60mm 2 Thicknessrangeontube2.8mm,3.2mm 3 AngleSize35x35x5mmand30x30x3mm ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSO www. .comshreehariengineering16
  17. 17. ACRO PLATE WALL FORM Acro Plates are mainly manufactured by the heavy raw material such as sheet above 2.5 mm thick and angles size of 45x45x5 mm. The quality raw material being used is of ISI standard & of acceptable quality. The range of the Acro plate is available in ready stock, but with specific specification of any bulk need we can also be provide with minimum delivery period. Punched angle frame provide facility to adjust any plate. Acro Plates manufactured by our company is well accepted productintheBuildingconstructionfield. Wedge Pin Anchor Nut WALLERS Acrow steel waler provides high accuracy for the panel alignment. Moreover, the slotted end eases the connectiontothenextpanelusingAcrowsplice. Size (in mm) Weight 1250 x 200 14.30 Kg 1250 x 230 15.25 Kg 1250 x 300 19.00 Kg 1250 x 350 22.00 Kg 1250 x 400 24.00 Kg ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSO Acro Corner Acro Soldier Size (in mm) Weight 1250 x 450 25.25 Kg 1250 x 500 27.00 Kg 1250 x 600 34.00 Kg 1250 x 750 40.00 Kg 17
  18. 18. TELESCOPIC SPANS / ACRO SPANS ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSO Adjustable Telescopic Spans Easy method for slab supporting most economical and convenient product. It is ideal to be used as self - supporting runner in shuttering systems. Moreover, Adjustable Beam spans are installed under shuttering plates or floor from panels. Adjustable telescopic span is made out of 2.0 mm thick MS sheet with support of 10 mm dia bar and 40 x40 x 5 mm tee. The perfect Adjustable Telescopic spans are manufactured using high quality Machines and well equippedtestingequipmentinstalledinourworkshop. Acrospanhaveastandardizedsizei.e. 2.35x3.45,2.4x4.1mtr.,2.5x2.5mtr., FEATURES ¶ Usedforsupportingbeambottomsandcenteringsheet ¶ The adjustable span is assembled with an outer sliding & one inner sliding, in order to provide variable lengths to the span and lock in differentpositions ¶ A self cleaning device on the collar nut, which automatically clears the thread of concrete & dirt where the nut is rotated thus assuring quick andeasyadjustment ¶ Spans are considered an integral structural construction scaffolding components of a construction scaffold & provide support to the entire structure ¶ As per the need they can be adjusted & are extensively used support floorformsduringlyingofslabs BOXTYPEMINISPAN ¶ Box type mini span is alternative method of telescopic span for slab supporting ¶ ItisMadeofMSSquarePipe65x65mmand72x72mm ¶ AvailableSize:2x2mtrs.-26Kg|2x2.5mtrs.-29Kg www. .comshreehariengineering18
  19. 19. SYSTEM FORMWORK SYSTEMFORMWORK Formwork is to be strong enough to withstand the dead and live loads, forces caused by ramming and vibration of concrete and other incidental loadsimposeduponitduringandaftercastingofconcrete. Thelightweightnatureofthecomponentsisperhapsthebiggestadvantage with horizontal panel systems. They can be moved around the site with relativeease,ascomparedtotraditionalformwork SystemformworkforWall/Beam/Slab With it's function accessories, the system formwork allows the construction companytoundertakeanyformwork. Systemformworkconsistofbasicfivetypesofparts ¶ SystemFormworkPanels ¶ SystemJointClamp ¶ Waller ¶ TieRod&Nut ¶ Insidecornerjoint ¶ Outsidecornerjoint ¶ Fillerpanelsnullifiesanyerror ADVANTAGES ¶ Quickformworktimemin50%reductioninshuttering&de-shutteringtime ¶ Samepanelscanbeusedinliftshaft,column,wallorclimbingwork ¶ Formingofretainingwallswithoutspecialcompensation ¶ Easy handling and few accessories for corner forming. Accessories are simpleandfunctional ¶ It is very useful if the same repetitive work like highrise or same casting pattern ¶ High loading capacity up to 300 mm thick slab, permissible concrete 2 pressure40kN/m 19
  20. 20. www. .comshreehariengineering20 Shree Hari Engineering is very known in importing wooden beams which are normally called in construction industry as H-Beams (Timber). These beams are manufactured under stringent quality measures. This concrete supportH-Beamisauniqueintroductiontoovercomethecumbersomeand costly procurement of timber. H-Beams are designed to withstand various loadsduringconstructionactivities. The wooden flanges are made of chemically treated, seasoned timber. Using a unique finger jointing method, the webs are manufactured by joining these flanges with boiling water-proof plywood / Timber and thus made as a monolithic timber beam. Both the flange and web is hot processedbywedgetechnologytomakeitacompositeversatilesection. H-BEAMSAREAVAILABLESIZES: H-20(20cmsdepth) ¶ Lengthsvaryfrom1.8mto5.9MtrforH-20 Timber H-Beam for formwork is used for concrete formwork construction. H20 timber beam is widely applied in slab formwork systems, wall formwork systems, column formwork systems, timber structures,andothertemporarybearingstructures. CHARACTERISTICS ¶ Solid flange : Sawed-Pine or Spruce imported from Finland, High quality spruce;Highstability ¶ Solid web : Birch or poplar or larch plywood; High durability; High load bearingcapacity ¶ TreatedbyWBPglueexteriorusedweather&water-proof ¶ Beamendssealed:Protectfrommoisture&UV;Reducedamage;Increase servicelife ¶ Withhighstandardization,universalproperty,fastoperation. ¶ Highstiffness,lightweight,strongload-carryingcapability. ¶ Lowcost,recycleresource. BeamMax ShearForceMax. BendingMoment H-20 11KN 5KN.M FORMWORK H BEAM TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION 40mm 200mm 80mm 27mm
  21. 21. SOFTWOODSAWNTIMBER (Pine/SylvesterPine/Spruce) Soft wood is mainly imported from Russia, Germany and Europe. Soft wood is very strong wood, cheap and easy to work(lesstoolwear). Soft Wood is evergreen trees and is a renewable resource; therefore pinewood is cheaper than other varieties of wood andalsoavailableinabundance. SIZES ¶ 2"x2" ¶ 2"x3" ¶ 3"x3" ¶ 4"x3" ¶ 3"x1.5" ¶ 9"x1.25" ¶ 9"x1.5" ¶ 12"x1.5" SOFT WOOD SAWN TIMBER 21
  22. 22. GIRDERS / I BEAM (ISMB) Heavy duty Girders/ Beams are used to support heavy structures. These are specially used for bridges, Canals, Box culverts and basement construction. It is made of I beam cross section for strength. ISMBspecificationforgirdersisas: AvailableSizes 100x50mmx6mtr 125x65mmx6mtr 150x75mmx6mtr 200x100mmx6mtr ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSO C-CHANNEL Horizontal Support like Spans, used in 100X50 mm size. It is a high strength product. Some of the salient features of these channels are Corrosion Resistance, High Strength, Durability, Precise DimensionsandSturdiness. SIZES : 100x50mmx6mtr.,150x50mmx6mtr. www. .comshreehariengineering22
  23. 23. ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSOHEAVY DUTY BRIDGE CRIB (TRESTLE) Heavy Duty Bridge Crib System is widely used as staging for heavy floors at higher altitudes, and also serves as scaffolds on certain occasions. Each heavy duty tower has an unmatched capacity of 25 MT and is ideal for handling heavy loads at unusual heights. It also serves as Table Formwork in multi- storied constructions and can be handled as single unitsuptoaheightof5mtr. Heavy Duty Bridge Crib are mainly used for staging purposes in the construction of flyovers, Buildings and Bridge - Tunnel form work, Small & Big under Pass,Small&BigCulvert. Anglesused50x50x5mmSize Height : 500mm,1000mm,1500mm&2000mm Base : 450x450mm. Additional supports of MS Angles can be provided, on the standing angles, as per the requirement of thecustomer. 23
  24. 24. MS PIPE Ms Pipes are used for manufacturing various scaffolding products like MS Prop, Cuplock Vertical & Ledgers etc. It is also used to build scaffolding structures with Couplers. WehavedifferentsizeofMSPipes. MSRoundPipe 38.00mmOD MSRoundPipe 48.00mmOD MSRoundPipe 60.00mmOD ON HIRE ON HIRE ON HIRE AVAILABLEAVAILABLEAVAILABLE ALSOALSOALSO www. .comshreehariengineering24
  25. 25. SCAFFOLDING REPAIR & RECONDITIONING REPAIR&RECONDITIONING Shree hari Scamain provides scaffold repair and reconditioning of all modular scaffolding systems, Acro Formwork, Span,Shutteringplates,MSPropsandfullscaffoldrefurbishmentservicesforallscaffoldfittingsandaccessories. As with all our services all work is carried out to the very highest standards using only qualified and experienced personnel. All components are first visually checked for defects before being straightened using a hydraulic tube straightened specificallydesignedandmanufacturedbyourselvesfortherepairofsystemscaffolding. Our dedicated scaffold repair and reconditioning facility and division is equipped with skills, knowledge and expertisespanningovertwoyearstoreturnyourequipmentbacktofitforpurposecondition.Scaffoldexportisalso available;contactusformoredetailsandinformation. BEFORE AFTER 25
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