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Construction Products By Mono Industries

( We are amongst the prominent manufacturers and Suppliers of the wide assortment of Poly and HDPE Sheet. These are used by the clients for their perfect performance and lightweight.

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Construction Products By Mono Industries

  1. 1. MONO INDUSTRIES An ISO - 9001 : 2000 Certified Company CM/L-2648870 IS 2508 : 1984 For Low Density Polyethiene Films
  2. 2. Mono Industries was set up in 1987 in New Delhi by a visionary entrepreneur, a skilled business man and a loving father and guide, Mr B Lal Rustogi. Today,30 years later, Mono Industries is standing taller and stronger and continues to achieve prosperous milestones. The key guiding principle that has accelerated the company's growth in an increasingly competitive market has been our agility and the ability to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients. With changing times, we have ensured that we continuously upgrade our machinery, infrastructure, raw material formulations and personnel skill-set. As a result, we now manufacture a wide range of products, while catering to a large group of well-known clientele from all over the country. As Director, I am thankful and grateful to my father for laying down a very strong foundation for the company, my brother and partner, Bharat for his vision and constant hard work and to the dedicated, loyal and skilled team at Mono Industries. Today, Mono Industries is a trusted name that stands for three decades of Quality, Reliability and Cost Effectiveness for our clients. With the support of my team and clients, I am confident that Mono Industries will continue to scale milestones of excellence for the years to come. Arun Rastogi Managing Director
  3. 3. About Us Established in the year 1987, in New Delhi, India, we at, “Mono Industries,”an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, arethe prominent name when it comes to manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive collection of LDPE & HDPE sheets, polythene films, bags & rolls.We also specialize in Geomembrane Films, Agricultural Films, Anti-static Protection Films, Pre-Opened Auto Fill Bags and Plastic lining for waterproofing,reservoirs,ponds,canalsetc. Our manufacturing units are located in Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, which have a combined capacity of over 500 metric tons per month. We are backed with sophisticated infrastructure managed by domain experts who enable us to run operations in an efficient way anddeliver the exact needs of clientswithease,accuracyandtimeliness. Strict quality control systems in our facilities ensure that our products have a wide recognition in the industryfor attributes such as high strength, durability, reliability and perfect finish. The quality of our productsisfurthertestifiedbythefactthatweareBIS(BureauofIndianStandards)certified. Over the past three decades, we have worked with a large number of Government and Private sector undertakings, supplying a wide range of products that find application in tunnels, greenhouses, agriculture, industrial packaging and many other industries. We have ensured that we continuously evolve with the changing needs of our clients, so that our technology and product range is up to speed withthemarket. Weasacompanyaimtoinspireandtoexceedtheexpectationsofourclients.Wetakegreatprideinthe fact that we not only provide quality, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery of goods to our clients, but also work closely with them as a team to ensure that our products add value to their operations, thereby saving them costs. As a result, our clients have always reviewed us as a reliable and highly professionalcompany.
  4. 4. SOMESALIENTFEATURESOFOURPRODUCTS OURPRODUCTSARESUITABLEFOR: • ExcellentchemicalResistance • GoodFatigue&WearResistance • Resistsorganicsolvents,degreasingagents& electrolyticattack • EnvironmentalStress&CrackResistance • UVandThermalWeatheringResistance • Conformationtosub-soilmovements • WaterResistance •TearResistance •Impact&PunctureResistance •Repairable •Recyclable •LightWeight • IrrigationProjects:WaterReservoirs,PondLining,CanalLiningetc. • AshPonds • SewageTreatmentPlants • WaterTreatmentPlants • Ports • Tunnels • Roads • Basements forwaterproofing • Foundationsincoastal/salineconditions • Hydroprojects • BelowtheraftofCoalHandlingPlants(Track Hopper/wagonTripplers)etc
  5. 5. PONDLINING WIDEWIDTHHDPE/LDPESHEETS/FILM/LINERUSEDFORFOLLOWINGAPPLICATIONS: • • Itishighlyusefulinporoussoilswherewaterretentioninpondandwaterharvestingtanksisminimal • Thistechniquecanalsobeusedintheliningofsaltpansforimprovingproductivityaswellasqualityofsalt • Techniqueissuitableforeffluentpondsandchannelstoreducesoilandgroundwatercontamination • Economicalandeffectivemethodofstoringwater • Preventslossofwaterthroughseepage • Eliminateswaterloggingandpreventsupwardsintrusionofsaltsintostoredwater • Usefulforthepurposeofstorageofdrinkingwater,forpiscicultureandforprovidingsupplementaryirrigation • Alargenumberofpondshavebeenlinedwithplasticsforprovidingdrinkingwaterinthecoastalandhillyareas ofGujarat,WestBengal,KarnatakaandHimachalPradesh • Shortensgestationperiodofcropgrowth • Preventssoilerosion Liningofpondsandreservoirsimproveswateravailabilityoveralongerperiodoftime OUR PRODUCT RANGE CANAL LINING • Increase in the hydraulic efficiency of the canal system • Prevent seepage losses • Prevent breaches in the embankment • Eliminate water logging and soil salinity of cultivable land through which canal/distribution passes • Reduction of weed growth in the canals • Dust free protection
  6. 6. High-density polyethylene geomembrane sheets are manufactured by Blow Film process, using resins produced under the most rigorous quality controls. We promise international standards, and guarantee of properties. HDPE Sheets are high-molecular-weight Geomembranes, derived from virgin resins and stabilized with the most modern additives available on market, giving the Geomembranes an excellent mechanical resistance and very good chemical compatibility. Blow Film process used by us gives the Geomembranes a balanced molecular orientation.Itsspecialformulationensureabetterflexibilityandaperfectsolderability. GEOMEMBRANES POLY SHEET FOR ROAD CONSTRUCTION The offered poly sheet for road construction is specially designed for laying beneath the tar and other road construction material and acts as a seepage barrier. Our supplied poly sheet for road construction is used to prevent the water damages and is easy to spread on the length and breadth of the required sizes of road construction.
  7. 7. WATERPROOFINGMEMBRANES A waterproofing membrane is a thin layer of water-tight material that is laid over a surface. This layer is continuous and does not allow water to pass through it. For example, on a flat terrace, a waterproofing membrane could be laid above the structural slab and below the finish tiles. This will ensure that water does not seep into the structural slab. The tiles and membrane must be laid over a filler material that is sloped to ensure that water flows into sumps and drains. Any water that remains as puddles over the tiles is likely to seep into the slabovertime,sopuddlesaretobeavoidedatallcosts. We at Mono Industries, manufacture these membranes which are strong, flexible, tear-resistant and elastic so that it can stretch to cover cracks and also move with the building. Since these membranes are to be exposed to the sun, we manufacture them so that they can withstand the heat and water for a long time. These membrane are flexible enough to take any shape they are laid over, and are capable of turning up and over walls and other constructionfeatures. POLY SHEET USED IN BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Our offered poly sheet is manufactured in various colors and in different sizes and thickness. These sheets are the protective coverings on under construction buildings so as to avoid any dust spreading to the nearby areas.
  8. 8. These films are widely used in various industrial applications for packaging products depending upon the need of the industry. We design and supply superior quality stretch films that are known for their high clarity, high gloss and stiffer formulation. High in performance and quality, our general purpose, multi layered and biaxially oriented stretch films find various industrial applications. We produce exceptional quality strong crosslinked stretch films whichpossessexcellentpunctureresistanceandopticalqualities. LDPE STRETCH FILM FOR PACKING LDPE/HDPEBAGSFORFOODANDPHARMAINDUSTRIES LDPE/HM/HDPE Films & Bags are used in various Industries such as Automobile, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Garments, Textile, Electronics etc for packing of products. These LDPE bags and rolls prevent the product from Dust/Rain And Transit Damage.LDPE bags and rolls are being made as per the needs of the company depending uponvariousspecificationsoftheProduct.
  9. 9. PRE OPENED PERFORATED AUTO BAGS The offered auto fill bags are made from resin material for ensuring extra strength and durability. Our supplied auto fill bags can be easily used on the automatic packing machine. The offered auto fill bags are available at very economic market price. OTHER DETAILS: • Pre opened bags are made with exclusive resin for added strength • Bags are from seamless tubing and bottom sealed for extra strength, with no side slit seals • Industry standard core makes them compatible with all automatic packaging equipment • Precise perforations for proper bag performance with automated equipment • Work excellently in manual packaging operations • Plastic pre-opened bags on rolls are for use on automated packing machines • Available in clear, white front/clear back and anti-static styles, you'll find a large selection of stock sizes of pre-opened bags • Made with a tubular construction and a durable bottom seal, these bags have a slit in front and a perforated back for automatic or fast hand product loading • Our pre-opened bags are neatly wound on 3.5 inch cores ADVANTAGES: • Open easily • Recyclable, Eco-friendly • Pre-opened and perforated bags on a roll • Use on auto packaging machine for work efficiency • Shorten leadtime and save cost
  10. 10. PROCESS OF JOINING / INSTALLATION / SEALING OF POLY SHEETS ANDTYPEOFEQUIPMENTS/MACHINERYUSED Polythene or polyethylene sheetsare commonly used as a damp-proof membrane in construction sites, for all butsevereconditionsofdampness. Where site conditions are reasonably dry and clean, the overlap joints between the sheets are sealed with masticor mastic tape between the overlapping sheets and completed with a polythene joining tape.For this lapped joint to be successful the sheets must be dry and clean, else, the jointing tape will not adhere to thesurface of the sheets. As clean and dry conditions on a building site are rare, this type of joint should be only used where it isunlikelytohaveheavyabsorptionofgroundmoisture. Where site conditions are too wet to use mastictape, the joint is made by the overlapping sheets with a double welding fold. This fold is kept in place by weighing it down with bricks or securing it with tape. The double weld is formedbyfoldingtheedgesofsheetstogetherandthenmakingaweldingwhichisflattened. The plastic sheet is effectively impossible to fold because of its stiffness and elasticity.It always tends to unfold so itrequires a deal of patience to fold, hold in place and then contrive to fold along the joint. By using the maximumsizeofsheetavailableitispossibletominimisethenumberofjoints. At the internal angle of walls, a cut is made in the sheet to facilitate making an overlap of sheet at corners.These sheets which are commonly used as a damp-proof membrane will serve as an effective barrier to risingdamp, providedtheyarenotpuncturedordisplacedduringsubsequentbuildingoperations. We use Automatic Sealing/Combi-wedge welding machines with step-less adjustable temperature and drivemanufactured by M/s Leister Technologies, Switzerland, as also hand sealing machines for welding jointsand crossoverlaps.The above state of the art hot air blow sealing machine weighs approx. 6.5 kgs and operateson a voltageof220-230volts.Thetemperatureofthemachineisdigitallycontrolledwithamax.heatingupto600deg.C. Thesalientfeaturesofthemachineareasfollows: -Lowweight -Highweldingspeed -Step-lessadjustabletemperatureanddrive -Evenunderharshenvironmentalconditionsperfectweldingresults
  11. 11. •Thebaseshouldbewellcompactedandfreefromprotrudingparticles,weedsandpotholes •Stagnatedwaterifanyshouldberemovedandthesurfaceshouldbemoderatelydry Surface Preparation Material •SeepageBarrierlinesofthicknessof0.25mm-1.5mmfortheareaofcoverage • Seepage liner should be smooth, uniform in colour, texture & finish, free from pin holes, un dispersed raw material, streaks & particles of foreign matter, no other visible defects uch as melt fracture, holes, tears or blisters Delivery, Storage and Handling •Storethematerialinacleandryarea •Stackthematerialonsmoothgroundorwoodenplatformtoeliminatewarping •Protectthematerialduringhandlingandapplicationtopreventdamageorcontamination METHODOLOGY FOR SEEPAGE BARRIER LINING Scope This specification covers supply, laying, welding, repairingand protection of under slab seepagebarrier lining for preventing the penetration through the slab of damaging alkaline salts, moisture, mold, radon gas andwaterseepage.
  12. 12. Terminations •LaptheseepagebarrieroverfootingsandsealwithBOPPtape •Nopenetrationoftheseepagebarrierisallowedexceptforreinforcingsteelandpermanentutilities • If any penetrations are required like pipes or pedestals, these areas should be properly sealed with suitable product&method Installation • Unroll the Seepage barrier sheet above well prepared surface with the longest dimension parallel with the directionofthepo • Mark 100 mm overlaps over the edges of liner (length and widthwise) by drawing a white line using a marker pencil • Adjacentlayersshallbelaidwithin100mmoverlap • Theoverlapsshallbecleanedtoensurefreefromdirtandmoisture •OverlapsareweldedwithLeisterautomatic/handheldhotairfusionweldingmachinewithcorrecttemperature, pressureandspeed
  15. 15. MONO INDUSTRIES An ISO - 9001 : 2000 Certified Company MONO INDUSTRIES Mr. Bharat Rastogi (Director) Mobile : +919810045395, +919818634163 Our Head Office & Factory: WH-91, PH-1 Mayapuri Industrial Area, Delhi - 110064 Our Factory Units: A-21, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi & 180 B, Sector 3, HSIIDC Industrial Area, Bawal, Distt. Rewari, Haryana Phone : 91-11-26388458/ 26388459/ 26818481Fax : 91-11-46112984 Email: Website: CM/L-2648870 IS 2508 : 1984 For Low Density Polyethiene Films