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Oasis Concrete Solution, Surat, Sawing,


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Suppliers of Diamond Wire Sawing Services, Plunge Wire Sawing Services., Wire Sawing Services, RCC Cutting Services, Underwater Concrete Cutting Services, Concrete Core Cutting, Combi Cutting

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Oasis Concrete Solution, Surat, Sawing,

  1. 1. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  2. 2. Name  of  Concern:      Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Constitution:      Partnership  Company   Date  of  Incorporation:    1st  Nov  2002   Registered  Office:      203,  Riddhi  Residency,  L.P.Savani  Road,          Adajan  Surat,  Gujarat,  India     Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  3. 3. Mr.  Darshan  Shah      M.D.   Oasis  Group  of  Companies   •    Over   two   decades   of   experience   in   project   management,   application   engineering,   marketing,  administration  and  finance   •    Worked   with   multinational   companies   like   General   motors   India   limited   &   HILTI  India  Pvt  ltd.     •   Formed  Oasis  concrete  solution  in  2007  based  on  technical  expertise  and  application   engineering  knowledge  acquired  with  previous  jobs.   •   Introduced  concrete  cutting  technology  in  the  western  part  of  India.  
  4. 4. Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Core   Drilling   Floor  Sawing   Wall  Sawing   Wire  Sawing   Concrete   Breaking   Concrete   Dismantling   Floor   Polishing   Fire   Stopping   Anchor   Fixing   Rebar  Fixing   Our   Competency  
  5. 5. Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Manpower   Our  Total  Manpower          Between  50  to  100   Skilled  Labour  Force          10  Person   Unskilled  Labour  Force          Between  15  to  65   Supervisor            5  Person   Manager              2  Person   Office  Staff            3  Person   Semi  Skilled  Labour  Force          15  Person  
  6. 6. HILTI  Heavy  Duty  Drilling  Machines  TE-­‐76/70:  28  NOS   HILTI  Drilling  Machines  TE-­‐30/40:    18  NOS   HILTI  Diamond  Core  Drilling  Machines  DD-­‐120:  4  NOS   HILTI  Anchor  Fixing  Kit:      20  NOS   HILTI Anchor  TesKng  Kit:      1  NOS   Drill  bit  Extensions:        5  NOS   HILTI PS  35  Scanner:      4  NOS   HILTI  HDA  SeOng  Tools:      10  NOS   •   HILTI  HDA  –  Undercut  Anchor   •   HILTI  HSL  –  Torque  Controlled  Expansion  Anchor   •   Deeper  Depth  Chemical  Anchor   Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Anchor  Fastening   Range        M8  up  to  M48   SpecializaJons         Equipments  
  7. 7. HILTI  Heavy  Duty  Drilling  Machines  TE-­‐76/70:  28  NOS HILTI  Drilling  Machines  TE-­‐30/40:    18  NOS   HILTI Diamond  Core  Drilling  Machines  DD-­‐120:  4  NOS   HILTI  Rebar  Fixing  Kit:      20  NOS   HILTI  Rebar  TesKng  Kit:      1  NOS   Drill  bit  Extensions:        5  NOS   HILTI PS  35  Scanner:      4  NOS   •   Rebar  Fixing  with  Core  Drilling  /  Wet  ApplicaKon   •   Deeper  Depth  Rebar  Fixing  Job   Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Rebar  Fixing   Range        8MM  Dia  up  to  40MM  Dia   SpecializaJons         Equipments  
  8. 8. HILTI  Heavy  Duty  Diamond  Core  Drillings  DD-­‐200:  10  NOS   HILTI Diamond  Core  Drilling  Machines  DD-­‐120:  4  NOS   Special  length  core  bit   •   100MM  Dia  length  2.5  meter    3  NOS   •   112MM  Dia  length  2.5  meter    1  NOS   • 150MM  Dia  length  2.5  meter    2  NOS   •   225MM  Dia  length  1.8  meter    1  NOS   Core  bit  Extensions  1000MM      5  NOS   Core  bit  Extensions  300MM      3  NOS   VACCUM  Base  Plate  &  VACCUM  Pump:    1  NOS   •   Core  Drilling  depth  up  to  6  meters  in  concrete   •   FoundaKon  Bolt  removal  up  to  2.5  meters   Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Core  Drilling   Range      14MM  Dia  up  to  750MM  Dia   SpecializaJons         Equipments  
  9. 9. TYROLIT  Floor  Saw  CC1200-­‐I:      2  NOS   TYROLIT  Floor  Saw  HFS811:      3  NOS   TYROLIT  Floor  Saw  FSC1240:      1  NOS   •   Making  cutouts  in  slabs   •   Concrete  floor  dismantling   Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Floor  Sawing   Range      Up  to  480  MM  Depth   SpecializaJons         Equipments   Output      25  –  40  Sq.  Meter  (Cut  surface  area)  Per  Day  
  10. 10. HILTI  Power  pack  DLP-­‐32:      2  NOS   HILTI  Wall  Saw  –  Saw  Head    DS-­‐TS  32:    2  NOS   Track  Rail  2  Meters:        5  NOS   •   Wall  cuOng  up  to  730  MM   •   Floor  cuOng  more  than  500  MM   Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Wall  Sawing   Range      Up  to  730  MM  Depth   SpecializaJons         Equipments   Output      12  –  24  Sq.  Meters  (Cut  surface  area)  Per  Day  
  11. 11. HILTI  Power  pack  DLP-­‐32:      2  NOS   HILTI Saw  Head    DS-­‐TS  32:      2  NOS   HILTI  Wire  Saw  Aaachment  DS-­‐WS  30:    2  NOS   HILTI Wire  Saw  DS-­‐WS  10:      1  NOS   Track  Rail  2  Meters:        5  NOS   Plunge  Wire  Saw  Aaachment:      1  NOS   •   Port  Dismantling   •   Concrete  Bridge  Dismantling   •   Concrete  FoundaKon  Resizing  /  Dismantling   Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Wire  Sawing   Range    Up  to  4000  MM  Single  Side  Dimension   SpecializaJons         Equipments   Output      20  –  30  Sq.  Meters  (Cut  surface  area)  Per  Day  
  12. 12. HILTI TE-­‐1000  Breaker:      6  NOS   HILTI TE-­‐905  Breaker:      8  NOS   Other  Electrical  Breaker:      7  NOS   •   Concrete  wall  breaking  to  expose  reinforcement   •   Pile  breaking  to  expose  reinforcement   Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Concrete  Breaking   Range      Any  Substrate   SpecializaJons         Equipments   Output      10  Cu.  Meters  (Concrete)  Per  Day  
  13. 13. KLINDEX  Lavigator  600      2  NOS   KLINDEX  Lavigator  640:      1  NOS   •   Industrial  Floors   •   Warehouse  Floors   Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Floor  Polishing   Type  of  Floor    Concrete  Floor   SpecializaJons         Equipments   Output      2000  Sq.  Feet  Per  Day  
  14. 14. HILTI  CP-­‐636  Mortar   HILTI Mineral  Wool  Board  with  CP-­‐670  CoaKng   HILTI  CP-­‐606  Sealant   HILTI CP-­‐611  A  Intumescent  Sealant   HILTI CP-­‐620  Fire  Stop  Expanding  Form   HILTI CP-­‐678  Fire  Stop  CoaKng   •   Work  as  per  UL,  BIS,  FM  Global,  Standards   •   Can  achieve  2  hours  or  4  hours  fire  raKng   Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Fire  Stopping   UJlizaJon:  Cellulosic  Fire,  Concrete  /  Masonry  Substrate   SpecializaJons         Type  of  Product  
  16. 16. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  17. 17. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  18. 18. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  19. 19. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  20. 20. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  21. 21. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  22. 22. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  23. 23. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  24. 24. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  25. 25. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  26. 26. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  27. 27. Oasis  Group  of  Companies  
  28. 28. Oasis  Group  of  Companies   Email  :   Mobile  :09824940404