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Jayhind Polymers, Sangli, PTFE Products And Components


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Our company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of an extensive range of PTFE (Polytetrafluroethylene) products. We provide high quality PTFE Moduled and PTFE extruded products.

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Jayhind Polymers, Sangli, PTFE Products And Components

  1. 1. Company Profile PTFE Basic Properties of PTFE PTFE Grades Peek PTFE M - PTFE (Modify PTFE)
  2. 2. Products Products NEW PRODUCT MODIFIED PTFE (M-PTFE) Distinguished properties of modified PTFE (M-PTFE) M-PTFE is next generation molding grade resin chemically modified to gives Better Mechanical Properties & Weldabilty & superior performance than standard PTFE. It can be used preferably in application such as high performance gaskit & sealing application like seal rings, valve seats or bearings pads, diaphragms, bellows, pressure house bearings. NEW PRODUCT PEEK PTFE (Polyether ketone) 5 TO 20% Peek PTFE Products as per Customer Specification Excellent Dimensions stability than PTFE. Ideal for stop - start application to eliminate stick - sleep High Continues use temperature(up to 2600c) Available in Glass & Carbon field BRIDGE BARING PAD (PTFE DIMPLE SHEET)