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Labtop Instruments, Maharashtra, Blood Bank & Laboratory Equipments


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We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and exporter of Laboratory and Blood Bank Equipment. These include Laboratory Equipments, Blood Bank Equipments, Laminar Air Flow Bacteriological Incubator, Laminar Air Flow Cabinet, Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuges, Medical Freezers & Refrigerators, Blood Drawing Chair,Bio Freezer, BOD Incubator, Cooling Incubator, Laboratory Refrigerator, Photo Stability Test Chambers, Plant Growth Chambers. We also offer Blood Bag Tube Sealer, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Platelet Agitator and Ultra Plasma Freezer. Our wide range meets the demands of blood banks, hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical industry & clinical laboratories.

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Labtop Instruments, Maharashtra, Blood Bank & Laboratory Equipments

  1. 1. Our prestigious customers Aux; Lm >~eTTT: TT~cTTa K1 Lm No. anTs Lm iAr1‘. TT"| .:. lT*T-= "TT‘r*| mC Uri HLL LN? Lave LIL! P. » .141 P‘ / nmrn Ph.1m'rI'r1 Hwy T nrrTTT | '.’T2fl4I. ’H })R: TT1r«‘, -7 I Ta 32 »1po‘T. I~ mm Trv: «1l: TI'T Lm 5;= n.m Trsmm= - rm Tram Ltd -s= ,a; TaTe. > '. :TpsT. Tes Ltd Jrrrscr ts ecr-"aw L: d 8 ma Lm E4 mp TvsTTu. TT= or QT Jwzer HT BAH. mm M: T £ZuHo~'T}€ bT‘: T'. ’n SFTINT‘ 28 ‘T J-‘Y‘ T-: V'»TJT' JT lr>. .|L'T.1 CW3 Lid LTTHTATT )‘fTE. ,"T! .=IT UHTTSH1 W’rTs{1T‘: TT T DC Ltd LTJT" LTCT WHISCT“ L’: T HT-‘ ~TmT+. Lm Ma"L]E| DY€ Hevweq LT: T 1ycTT. ; La: -,TTa LTcT L in N. NCL : |T'T‘. T“. ©1mT @; "@T§T= “T] ’ ’ ’ ” T ‘. ATg: -na Egypt Jordan New Zeaiand TaTwan Austraha E1hTopTa Kenya Pamstan Tanzarua Ausma France Korea Philippines Togo aangmucsh Germany Kuwait Sauch ArabTa Turkey Bhutan Havana LTbya Smgapore UAE aolma Iran MaTawT spam Uganda Brazn Iraq MaTay5Ta Sn Links UK Bnmm | sraeT MEXTCD Sweden USA Canada Italy Myanmar swnzeriana venezuma Chma Japan NBQBT syna / Temam | SO134B3 2012 C6 1015 IJTIK-1-)7»: Wk ’ .613}, ' QueV1|TIymLab EquTpment
  2. 2. Vision Lablop has to reach Tabs and biood banks Tn each and every corner ol the wond, by deTT/ enng standard quahty and advanced technology Tnstruments wnh prompt customersatTstat: tTon. Mission | nnovatTon Qu aTTty Prompt Servuce On tTme dehvery Quality Policy Our quality poTTcy encompasses the compiete process — [Tom bnehng and manulacturrng to markettng and sen/ TcTng, and T5 Tn TTne win the iramework oi appitcabie TeguTatTons and globaflys‘ natTanaTTy prescnbed Tndustry norms The quahty poitcy consmutes a cus! omer—centrTc approach‘ Ts aTmed at delTverTng value and achTevTng compTe1e customer sausiactzon Updates and upgrades on the OuaTTty Management System are extremely T: ntTcaT Tn evaTuatTng Labtop‘5 commttment to quatvty. L
  3. 3. 0 LABTOP Quality Lab Equipment LABTOP Quality Lab Equipment 08 CERTIFICATE . ... ..-— unto? Insrluuerrrs WI’. LTD. uTamc»oT. s: nmm wcrv AhulsoN. wM. ivrA'IA sumunoua vAsAAE.4nT: u nvsn no»: mun _-. _.. .'-‘. '.. '.—". .="——~" ''T. ?‘‘__. ‘.: ' 05 ‘TIU! . CERTIFICATE LABTOP IMSTRUIEMB PVT. LTD. uavuvnuusaruzrnn as aw Aumsow WALNFAVA SAVIVALIROID V1.5» Eantzoo mm mm TNDIA «. _:= ... ._. ‘.. _._. _.. .. . ... ... .=__. .-_. _.. Walk—in~Plant Growth Chamber (LGC) w Capaciiy 4500. 0000. i25DO. IB750, 2500 and 27000 Lilies 1 Tempeialue range we to soar: VTempevalue accuracy‘ :0 2 c 1 Humidtiy iaflgei 40 la 95% RH w RH aocuacy :21. w PLC oonlruled Wa| kAin—Refrigerator (LLR) T V CflfiECIlY' 4500, B000, 12500. ‘ IE75O 22500 and 27000 Lilies 1 Terlvoeralute range 2 c me C 1 PLC [01 event management x MICIO coniioilei based Dlogiam ‘ innei chambs SS 304 1 Audxrvlsual alami Walk—in-Stability Chamber (LSC) V Capaoly 4500. 5000, i25DO. 13750, 22500 and 27000 LI| .Ie§ 1 Tenipevalue Tang: -2' 200 to 50-0 v Temoevalue a: x:um: y' :0 2 C V Humldily range: 40 lo 95-as nn 1 RH aocuacy : 2% , PLC mmmed V PLO corilrolled r. uisoiuIs: zm2~Ac:2oi2 Isommooa new-L Iumncnllz. uuvnv, won, wuvuuriou no usnvicma or noon sum, unuuvocnr NIB scisunruc Enurllaxn ma nmvumsmx u-— . . nzumc, IAHLKACVIHI. mun. won. ununnou Ann ulwnzmo as sumo mug uuaumn mu ICIEKIIFII: scurusur: nu nmuuzm Walk-in-Deep Freezer Walk-in-Cooling (LDF) Incubator (LCI) Vcapaahf 4590‘ saw‘ T2590‘ ‘Caoaotiy 4500 0000. 12500. IB750, 2500 and 27000 Lilies T0750. 22500 and 27000 Lures ‘ 1en. ;,. ,a. .,e ,3.“ mg ‘Temperature range’ 5 c la 00 c VTQT-upealue agwacy : re 1 MICIO oonliolei based Dloglam :3 1 ss lacks and Hays V Inner diamber SS 304 w PLC aonuoiiea ‘ AUTUSIEUE 53 Hays ‘ Audio-visual aiavm V Acwiaq. :0 5 4: V PLC oonlialleu Walk-in-Bacteriological Walk-in-Blood Bank Incubator (LB! ) Refrigerator (LBR) : '=. __ % VCaDacTly 4500. 3001 I25fl0‘ ‘Capaety 4560 aooo. I25(X1. - t-g_—-1__ 18750. 22500 and 27000 Lilies T8750. 22500 and 27000 Litres “u = $ VTen| )e1alue range 1TempaaIule range H: .. ... _ _. ._. .. ._ ---_--_-= .:3=--= =._. .----= ~4--- RT~5 crc in 6000 ‘V/ ccuIaCy :054c '-5-—. :,‘_‘_ : §:= ‘="_2:‘-‘E VTenpaalue aocuacy :0 24:. ~ 1 MICID ocnlioler based ptograni ‘ SS racks and Hay: 1 Inner diarlibel SS 304 V PLC oonllciiled * / tdiuslable ss hays ‘Audio-visual aiami 1 PLC oonliolled Certificates Walk—Tn—CTTambe
  4. 4. Laboratory Plant Growth Chamber (LGC) Refrigerator (LLFI) 4 Il um . n:. T LABTOP® QualTty Lab Equipment Photo Stability Chamber (LPC) TH nwl Tu -, Seed Germinator (LSG) V, .<l ‘Tn-, Cooling Incubator (LC! ) l, ‘ , ill ll-«I. IlI>ll Bacteriological incubator (LBI) w VllJ. |lIvll Jl_ll_IT»; r Stability Test Chambers , i_T l LV_ll 5 Ti LABTOPE Quality Lab Equipment Ultra Plasma Freezer —B6°C (LUPF) Laboratory Refrigerator (LLFI) uwrr T, 'll. lTl vll-hlltrf mi <T. T ‘lT'»T. 1 MT l l u Tan r. ‘ Blood Bank Refrigerator £935‘). Plasma Freezer -40°C (LPF) l“ll ‘ll ll-Iltltrll _-; TT .2424 4244; Platelet Incubator (LPI) , . Cryoprecipitate Bath (LPB-20) * L -T T, Plasma Thawing Bath Platelet Agitator (LPA) (LTB-20) T «H TT, vT wt l T, ~Ta« Blood Bank EquTpTTTeTTt
  5. 5. both sides ' ‘ IR sensor ‘ Audio-visual alarm , V Uniloim pressure ‘ Automatic control Blood Bank Scale (LWS) V Capacity 2 kg V Accuracy lg weigirt to volume ‘ Tate lunctrori V LCD display V Auto Calibration Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge (LBC-12) V Teiiipeialule range 40 Clo 30 c V Maxrnmi soeeci 4000 rorrr V Speed accuracy 250 rpm V Maximum FICF i2l66xg V Maiirrrunr cacaety tam rrit bags Blood Donor Couch (LDC) V Based on rieeriieriyrierrire pririepies V riii aoiusirrreri cart be cime V Duaigeareri motor V Ensuring safely and ourritort ‘. to the dmui V ccetor rrmeas with ludmg V T= ar. ~iiity tor blood ouieciicin item Electronic Plasma ‘ “ Expressor (LPE) l V Motor activated ciarriolng V Spring loaded acrylic plale V Micro controller based program V sesy coriiicrsien ol G) LABTOP Quality Lab Equipment Dialysis Chair (LDC) ‘ Based at haemdd‘/ m~riiic pmcides V TtIl£VKJ)l. |Sll'1IenltZt bedune V rriue eciuaier V Ensiuig salely and oomluri lo the petreit V Castor tweets viiilhicickirig V Remote oonlrul Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge (LBC6) V MiC1ci—0CN'Ill0|Iei uaseri program V Mairiieriarree Tree Brusriiess Motor V Max Screed 6000 rpm V Max nor I433Gxg V Max volume 6x450 ml bags V reriiperaiure Via Clo 30 C V Trrier up to 99 min Blood Collection Monitor (LCM) V needeziiiity Imll lg ‘ Volume can be set up to 999 ml V Display in weight and vuiumrt V Audiovisual alarm V Lco aiseiey ‘ BBIIEVV backup ‘I Auto calibration Blood Bag Tube Sealer (LTS) V Dielectric radio ireqiiency sealing system V Seating time less than us see per tube V irequency 40 00 MH4 Blood Bank Equip tieitt ice lined Freezer (Ll F) V tenrtzeratue 220 c ‘ Models vertical 5 ttonzorilal V Micro conliuilei based progiani V lriner chamber SS 304 V Adiuslable ss trays V24 ms terrip uackup V / tidiu~visual almii Deep Freezer »20°C (LD F) V Capacity 90. T70. 290. 350, 450 and 600 Lilves V Mudels’ velllcsl is nuruontai V ‘temperature range -20 c V Miuo cxiriltullar based prograrrr V inner diariiber ss 304 V / ‘dluslable ss trays V / udl(J—VlSuaI airrrrr Biofreeze -40°C (LBF) ‘Capacity 90. H0 290. 350 450 and 600 Litres ‘ Models vertical Bi I’IUflAOl’VIaI V Temperature range 40 i: V Miuu ooniioiler based program ‘ Inner chambu SS 304 V/ uiiisiaoie ss trays V / tiitirri-rrsuei aierrri Freezers C02 Incubator V Micro-cuniroiier based program V Temperature 5 (3 above ambient to 50c V Accuracy :0 2 c V cez range 0 lo 20% V Accuracy‘ :0 290 V lnliared C02 sensor 0 LABTOP Quality Lab Equipment Ultra Biofreeze -86°C (LUBF) V capacity 30 50, I55 320, 538 and 030 Litres V irie0eis- yeitrcai 0. Ixliizunlal V rerrrperatiire range’ —40 C to -as T: V Micro controller based prograrri V inner onerriber ss 304 V Adiuslable ss Iiays V Audio-visual alarm lce lined Refrigerator (LI R) V Temperature range 2 lu t. -i~c V Models vertical 5 horizontal V Mrcw controller based ptugrani V Inner chamber 55 304 V / triyusiabie SS trays V 24 his Temp brsckuo V / u. iiu»visual alarm Cryo Bath (LCB) ‘Capacity i2 Litres V ‘terriperaiuie range as c —20 C. T00 c V Micro corrtraiier based pregrarrr V as 310 inletiui wilh rounded ooiriers V Integrated Duniv tor ieniueraiure uririorriiiiy V Aocuacy :0 2
  6. 6. Mini Orbital Shaker (LOS) 1 Shaking speed so lo 300 irmr 1 / lmpirirrae 20 mm 1 MlG‘O cunlmlle‘ based progr. -an 1 Time can be sei up lo 99 his 1 Inlerchangeable plariprrrr 1 Brushless Motor 1 LED display Double 1'ier Orbital Shaker (LOS) 1 Mieio-ounireiler based progsam 1 / lrrrplrirrae so rrirrr 1 Mainienarrpe lree arrrsrrless Meier 1 Urlversal perrdrnr 1 speed range. 30 in 25.0 rprrr 1rime up lo 99 ns 5. LED Display ‘ Aulu Restart Three Tier Orbital Shaker (L08) 1 wriprepurrirorer based ulugsuril 1 / lmpirrrrde 501nm V Maintenance H66 Erustiless Molor 1 um-ersal plallmm 1 Max speed 200 rpm 1Trnie! uu lu as rirs 5 LED Display l 1 Auto Restart G) LABTOP Quality Lab Equipment Environmental Shaking Incubator (LSI) 1 Shaking speed so to 350 rpm 1 Amplitude 25 mm 1 Micro cerrirolle based program 1 Time Cm be sel un to 99 its 1 remp sic Io so c 1 Humidity range 40% In 95% RH 1 lnlercrangeable Dlallorm Single Tier 1 Timer up to 99 ms 1 LED Display Orbital Shaking incubator (LS1) 1 Micro oonlioler based program 1 remperarrire range 5 c to sore 1 / i. ld. l0~visu. :1| alarm V ROW“ 30 lo 350 1 / lrriplirrrae. so mm V UnlIHS§ Hallolm 1 / tulcr Restart V Manleaanw [lee Irlducllun MUIDI Micro Plate Shaker (LPS) 1 Variable speed llcrll zoo id i500 rprrr ‘ DC btushless Motor 1 / rN. lI| ude 3 mm 1 Time up to 99 hrs 1 Conllnmus Ooerairan 1 weigrri 7 kg Reciprocal Shaker (LRS) 1 Shaklng speeo so to 250 rpm 1 Shaklng rrrduurr to and rm 1 more ounlroler based program 1 Brusrless Molar 1 lnieietrangeaule Piailurrrr 1 LED drspisry Orbital Shaker (L08) 1 Micro-controller based pruglam 1 mipliirrde so mm 1 Maintenance iree Bruslilesx Mulor 1 Umveisd plallolm V , ' 1 Speed range 3010 350 rpm 0 LABTOP Quality Lab Equipment High Speed Refrigerated Research Centrifuge (LRC-25R) 1 Mrcreconirorie based program 1 Terupelalure -row: id so C 1 / cL>ura<: y :1 c 1 Marriierrarrpe iree Brushless Molar 1 Mm Speed 2500:: rpm 1 Max nor Gl2'. ':Ox g 1 Max Volume eisoo ml Large Volume Refrigerated Mini Centrifuge Centrifuge (LHC-8R) (LMC-10) 1 Mierd-controller based program ‘ Speed upiu ioouo rpm 1 Maniieunoe lree Biirsriless Molur 1 Slarls and Stops in seconds 1 Max speed 3000 rpm V 1 clear cover allows user to 1 Max RCF 14336 x g yrew rulul sialrrs 1 Max volume oiiooo ml 1 Temperature vlo c to so c 1 Timer uo id 99 nun High Speed Refrigerated Laboratory Centrifuge Research Centrifuge (LLC—4) ‘ Mlcro—eontroller based program , Mm cmma based “glam 1 Marriiererrpe lree srirsirless Molui ‘Teniperalure -l0‘C lo soc 3 1"” S"‘*"‘ "°°°'”"‘ ‘MONO’ flc Max RCFZGOOXQ 1 Mantenanoe lree Brushless Molo: IM“ °3““’°‘” ‘G ‘ '5 “" ‘ Max Speed mom ‘pm Swmgoul a Angle Rotor 1 Ma ncr 47400 x g : (T3': ;‘: h:°D"’: ‘: """ r . y Laboratory Centrifuge (LLC-6) 1 Mcrocunlrulla based prugrarri 1 i/ rarrrerarree lree Biushless Molor 1 Max speed oooo rpm 1 Max ncr sum x g 1 max Capacity 6 x so mi 1 Swlngclul & Angle Ruler 1 1'lmel up id 99 min 1 eraplm Drspray Micro Plate Centrifuge (LM C-2P) ‘ Quick span ‘ Cwacilv 2 Nos PCR plates 1 Ruler speeu 2500 rpm 1 nor sooiig 1 Weight 3 kg Centrifuges
  7. 7. Centrifuge (LHC-12R) 1 Mrsrocontrotier based progiarl 1 Maintenance ties Brirstiisss Motor 1 Max Speed aooorprri 1 Max RCF maze x g 1 Max volume elzzioo mi 1 Terrrperaiirre -io c to 30 c 1Trmer L0 to 99 min Clinico Centrifuge (LCC—4) 1 Micio—<; ontIolla based program ‘ Btushless DC motor 1 Salely door lock 1 Max speed Aooorprri ‘ Max RCF 2100 x g 1 ABS plastlc nioiikieii body 1 Timer up lo 99 min 1 LED Display Micro Centrifuge (LMC-1 6) 1 Mlcicrconlvulle based program ‘ Mairlterlance liee Brushless Motor 1 Max speed lsooo rpm ‘ Max RCF I7&OO X g 1 Timer up to 99 min 1 Graphic Display Cooling Micro Centrifuge (LMC-16R) 1 Micro-controller based program 1 Maintenance iiee Brirsriless Motor 1 Max speed 15000 rpm 1 Max RCF 17800 x g 1 Timer up to 99 min 1 cirzpnic Dsplay Quality Lab Equipment Super Large Volume Refrigerated Laboratory Centrifuge (LLC-5) 1 Miacl-ourilrclei based plogtanl 1 Malntenaice liee Brushess Molar 1 Max speed sooo rpm 1 Max RCF 3350 x g 1 Max capacity 33<l5 mi 1 swingoiri & Angle Rotor 1 Tlilt! up iu 99 min 1 crapnri: Display Large Volume Refrigerated Centrifuge (LHC-6R) 1 Mluomnlrofler based program 1 Maintenance iree Bvushless Motor 1 Max Speed eooo rpm 1 Max ac: oeao x g 1 Max yotirrrie 6>lI2OO ml 1 reiiipeiairrre -io c lu so c 1 Tnrer up to 99 min Refrigerated Research Centrifuge (LRC-20R) 1 MIEIG -conlrcilet based program 1 Maintenance tree laruxiiless Mulor 1 Max speed 20000 rpm V Max RCF 2‘/ ECO x g 1 Temperature -10 C tu 3D’C 1Tnre up lo 99 min 1 swingoiri and Angie Flolois (IQ-t Q Magnetic Stirrer without Hot Plate (LMS-3) 1 Mioru-controiier imed program 1 Max Speed I500 rpm 1indirctron Motor 1 LED diswar Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate (LMS-280) 1 Miao-corrtroiier based program 1 Max speed 1500 rpm 1 Tanpeiature up to are c 1 Induction Mule! 1 ceraniit; hot plate 1 LED display Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate (LMS-550) 1 Microconirdiie based program 1 Max Sueea 1500 rpm 1 Temperature up to 550 c 1 inoiroiion Motor 1 Ceramic hot plate 1 LED display Laboratory Rocker (LRS-10) 1 Roetong mollon’ seesaw 1‘l'lll angle, 9 1 Load capacity to Kg Vspeerlrawge’ I0-70rpm 1 LCD drsnlavy ‘Vllmfi l-D lo i1S39niin Stlrrers 3* i 9” 3+ Quality Lab Equipment Multi Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate (LMS—10) ‘ Sveedupto iron rum 1 Terriperatirre L010 i2o C ‘V Biushle-is DC motor 1 lo oriannet magnetic stirrer ‘ Speed regulaluv Over Head Stirrer (LSO-20) ‘ Bl| JShl&S DC motor 1 speed range lrdm o lo 200 rpm 1 LED Display 1 speed regulator Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate (LMS-340) 1 Tenpeaiirre up to 340 c V Brustlless DC motor 1 Ceramic Plate 1 LED Dsplail Magnetic Stirrer (LMS-10H) 1 speeduptd IIU. ]rp«I 1 arirsiiiess Dc motor 1 in cnannst magnetic strrer 1 speed regirlzrtor
  8. 8. 3D Shaker (LSD) ‘Sluilw ril'_lllJll at Thermo Shaker ABTO ” Quality Lab Equipment ABTO i Quality Lab Equipment Biosafety Cabinet . . Laminar Air Flow (LLF) (LBS) Class | |A2 ‘ wzvz‘ um): Reciprocal Table Top Shaker (LRS) l mi iw 1‘l»ii'' Ulll u rd 2 to uitlu ii‘; :4"il'l Micro Plate Shaking Incubator (LPI) ‘la l‘ll' l‘-" Single Zone Dry Bath Incubator (LDB) Mini Dry Bath (LDB) ‘T{llli('V: |lil' ')'l_J'1 . -5 c lu too L Two Zone Dry Bath Incubator (LDB) u1»x: i Multi Tube Biomixer Dry Bath incubator Biosafety Cabinet (LBS) Class HB2 w M’. Mixers