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Brite Coatings Private Limited, Mumbai, Top Coated and Adhesive Coated Films

Brite Coatings is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing of top coated and adhesive coated films and tapes, Today Brite Coatings is a market leader having capabilities, which set us apart from others in the market. Being technology driven and honing over 30 years of experience in the field we are able to provide out of the box solutions and customized product offerings to our customers. We are well known as Self-Adhesive & Coated Product Specialists.

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Brite Coatings Private Limited, Mumbai, Top Coated and Adhesive Coated Films

  1. 1. For detailed information and for our product range please visit our Website We look forward to servicing your self-adhesive material requirements. Mobile +91-9870023217 Phone 022-25821207 Email Website Certifications ISO 9001:2015 / NSIC Accredited Address C-352, TTC Industrial Area, Road 9, MIDC, Pawne, Navi Mumbai-400705, Maharashtra, India   Brite Coatings Pvt. Ltd. Brite Coatings is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Self-Adhesive Products and a trusted solution provider in the area of specialty coated material applications in various industries. Our Company was set up with a vision to provide innovative top coated & adhesive products in the market to meet our customer’s requirements. We manufacture coated films, papers, specialty print media, adhesive tapes and also provide adhesive & other substrate coating services for our clients as per latest industrial standards in our ISO 9001:2015 certified plants. We serve our clients through two state of the art manufacturing facilities with multiple automatic coating and slitting lines. Our advanced R & D, wide production range and trusted quality have made us popular with clients and have helped us achieve a leading name in self-adhesive & top coated materials with two verticals catering to the Consumer Durables and Industrial sector with over 25 products. Our products find applications in various industries. To name a few – Printing, Packaging Automobile, Air conditioning, Refrigeration, Glass, Steel, Membrane Switch, Cables, Healthcare and X-ray Sheet, Paper & Plastic, Textile, Auto ancillary Units, Solar and General Engineering Industries. Our strength lies in helping solve challenges faced by our customers in their self-adhesive product requirements. We maintain the capabilities to offer individual product development based on customer requirements. WHY US - Providing premium quality products that are cost-effective - High degree of customization possible in products based on your requirements - Flexible MOQ's so you do not have to stock large inventories - Application-driven development of coatings, films, labels, and tapes.
  2. 2. Our Surface Protection Films are available in various types, from clear to white and Black&White variants. The Adhesive peel level can be altered based on customer specifications or based on the application. DUROFIX Protection Film ASL100 is a low tack protection film, which is specially designed for easy peel application on glass surfaces. Product features: -Excellent protection against abrasion and scratches -No adhesive residue -Weather resistance -Easy to peel off -Excellent workability -Customizable film thickness (from 30 um to 150+ um) -Customizable adhesive peel and tack level (from <100 gms/ inch to 350+ gms/inch) Surface Protection Films Glass Protection Film - TDS
  3. 3. The objective of this product is to ensure that on breaking, the glass maintains its position, allowing for easy removal, disposal and replacement. Shatter Proof Films are designed to help hold the glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from flying glass during break- ins or severe weather. It can slow down criminals at point of entry or protect innocent bystanders during mishaps. Available in clear variety and paired with a special thicker adhesive to help hold broken glass together. This product can be applied on both sides of a glass. Shatter Proof Film Shatter Proof Film - TDS
  4. 4. Mirror Safety Backing Film is a clear film that is designed to be applied to the back of a mirror as a safety measure against scratches and in the event of impact or accidental damage. Once Mirror Safety Backing Film has been applied, the mirror will not shatter into large dangerous shards when smashed. This Mirror Backing Film has a high tack adhesive with high adhesion and excellent holding power, making it suitable for various mirror surfaces. Mirror Safety Backing Film is coated with an acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive. It has high tack, high adhesion and excellent holding power. Available in clear, black and white. Features & Benefits: - Strengthens against breakage - Reinforced with laminated fabric - High performance and extremely tough - Containment of sharp/dangerous fragments - Easy to install and zero maintenance Self Adhesive Mirror Backing Film Self Adhesive Mirror Backing Film - TDS
  5. 5. Having been the pioneer in the development and manufacturing of structural glazing spacer tapes in India over 20 years ago. DUROFIX Glazing Tapes have been a prominent part of various structural glazing applications and in-shop fabrications over the years due to their consistent quality and performance. Our Glazing tapes are made from premium quality materials and are manufactured in either of our ISO 9001:2015 certified Plants. DUROFIX Glazing Tapes find purpose in a variety of structural glazing applications such as structural silicone glazing, vibration dampening, wind/ thermal breaker for storm windows & doors and curtain walls. Salient Features: - Compatible with major silicon sealant brands. - Excellent resistance to different weather conditions, UV, moisture, fungi and aging. - Natural viscoelasticity of our foam helps absorb shocks and allows movement for reliability against wind, vibration and thermal expansion/ contraction. - Low thermal conductivity of our foam prevents condensation on windows and metal surfaces. - Suitable for die cutting. Adhesive Features: - Allows for clean edge lines and a premium look - Can be coated on one or both sides based on application - Our Glazing tapes are coated with high tack pressure sensitive adhesive; thereby bonding with immediate handling strength with no drying, fixing or liquid mess. - Our Adhesive has excellent durability having been practically tested in projects for over 20 years. Glazing Tape
  6. 6. Glazing Tape (Spacer) - TDS
  7. 7. Durofix Destructive Labels are used for anti counterfeiting, brand protection and tamper evident seals. Destructive labels help in authentication, theft reduction and protection against counterfeiting. Our Destructive labels use an easily destructible face stock, with a strong, high tack adhesive. These destructive labels, upon attempting to remove fracture and fragment into small destructive bits, leaving behind evidence that material has been tampered with. Our destructive labels are fragile and virtually impossible to remove in one piece and hence deter any attempt at tampering and show clear signs of any misuse. We offer the following customization: -Our destructive labels can be provided with encrypted QR codes, bar codes, sequential numbering, customized prints/logos for added security or track and trace applications. -Pre punched labels, sheeted labels with a thicker release liner can be provided to give lay flat properties. -High Tack range suitable for all types of low energy surfaces. -Available in tape form. Security Label Stock 1. Durofix Destructive Labels Durofix destructive labels - TDS
  8. 8. DUROFIX Void Labels are specialty security labels that offer a variety of asset and property security features that help prevent unauthorized access or altering on removal of such labels. DUROFIX Void Labels leave behind a repetitive “VOID” message on the item to which it is applied if any attempt is made to remove the label. These labels can have add- on special deterrents such as a patterned ink design that is only readable with a black light or security slits on the face of the labels so that it will quickly tear if anyone tries to remove it. Adding multiple layers of security can be regularly and affordably done to keep sensitive products or information protected. We offer the following customization: -Replace VOID print on the label with a custom logo or branding. -Magnetic ink, readable by special hardware, which can differentiate between an original DUROFIX Label and a counterfeit. -Pre punched labels, sheeted labels with a thicker release liner to provide lay flat properties. -VOID print can be provided in customer specified colours. -Available in tape form Security Label Stock 2. DUROFIX Void Labels Durofix Void Labels - TDS
  9. 9. DUROFIX label stock are ideal for a wide variety of specialty label applications due to our extensive experience in coated flexible web substrates extending over 30 years and our development proficiency. Face film can differ from PP, Coated Paper, PVC & PET. Product Description We can provide top coated face stock for thermal printing, Laser (dry tonner) & inkjet among others. Our labels support UV, Screen, Latex, Wide Format. The adhesive can be adjusted as per end application from removable to repositionable grades. Removable Labels are easy to apply and peel off and do not leave any residue on removal. Can be used for temporary barcoding applications as well. Labels can be provided in rolls or sheet form with die punching. Special Features 1) Various grades of adhesive from medium to low sheer. 2) Products can be engineered as per requirement providing convenience and versatility to easily achieve custom self- adhesive label systems for specialty applications. 3) Food Grade certified, Chemical resistant, Heat resistant & Scratch/Abrasion resistant labels. 4) Removable Labels do not leave any residue on removal. 5) Manufactured in our ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certified facilities Speciality Label Stock 1. Removable Labels Removable Labels - TDS
  10. 10. Durofix permanent and scratch resistant labels are ideal for demanding applications such as Automotive exterior labels, Permanent Architectural glass labels etc. These labels can be PP, PET, Coated paper or PVC based and support a wide array of printing platforms. These labels are easy to apply and very durable. Having a high sheer and peel they stick well to low energy surfaces and form a strong bond with the substrate. By applying special topcoats of over lamination films we can increase the scratch resistance of the label and its overall robustness. Can be used for permanent barcoding applications as well. Labels can be provided in rolls or sheet form with die punching. Speciality Label Stock 2 . Permanent & Scratch Resistant Labels Permanant & Scratch Resistant Labels
  11. 11. We offer high quality double side and single self-adhesive polyester films for various applications such as mounting, insulation or as a spacer for multi layer products. The special aspects of our polyester tape is high cohesive strength, non-transferable adhesive to withstand stress and for long lasting performance in a variety of environments. Custom made quality is also available as we are able to alter the coat weight of adhesive coating as well as sheer & peel strength. Our polyester spacer tape compliances with RoHS requirements. Double Side PETAdhesive Film Single Side PETAdhesive Film Self Adhesive Polyester Tapes Polyester Single and Double Side Films - TDS
  12. 12. Features: - Available in Various sizes and designs. - Can be applied by hand or machine. - Protects glass from scratches and extends its life. An additional variety of custom designs also regularly feature in our range. Designs Available Glass Decor Films DUROFIX Glass Décor Films were introduced in 1988. Our range comes with a variety of finishes in clear, translucent and solid colour options. The designs range from simple frosted finish to more eye catching glitter, 3D (Cat eye) and solid wood designed finishes. The applications are vast and can be applied onto large glass partitions or smaller areas for decorative or finishing purposes. The film is coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, which makes it easy to apply. The adhesive itself can be tailored based on application to either be permanent or removable without leaving any residue. (Removable)
  13. 13. Our Self Adhesive Aluminium foil tape, is widely employed in refrigeration, air conditioning industry, binding duct insulation, sealing air duct cable and air pipes, labels, etc. Further, being quick and easy to use, it eliminates drying time of liquid adhesive. Moreover, it has very high bond strength to most surfaces. Uses: Aluminum foil tapes are used on seams and joints of surfaces ranging from fiberglass to aluminum backed duct boards. Coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, they provide an excellent barrier to vapor and conform to irregular surfaces. Aluminum foil tape may be used for shielding thermal insulation as they provide superior bonding when exposed to both sub-zero and elevated temperatures. Aluminium Foil Tape provides excellent reflective and flame retardant properties, and remains flexible to resist cracking and lifting around irregular or curved surfaces. Aluminium Foil Tape Self Adhesive Aluminium Foil Tape (AL-50A) 80/90 GSM paper release liner 25lbs/inch 1800 + gsm/inch Dead Soft Aluminium Foil 50 microns (can be customised) Acrylic Solvent Based Item Aluminium Foil Tape - TDS Face Film Face Thickness Adhesive Release Liner Tensile Strength Adhesion Elongation 5% 180˚ Celcius 60.5% Customisable width upto 590mm 50 mtr roll Temperature Resistance Thermal Conductivity Width Length
  14. 14. We, Brite Coatings are Producing a variety of ‘Do it yourself’ Range of Furniture Films under the brand BC Fix Furniture Film. These Films are specially formulated for the furniture industry as well as for end use by customers. They come in different finishes and are coated with adhesive at the bottom for direct stick on application. When applied to furniture, cabinetry, Spear boxes, doors and consoles these decorative films create beautiful, durable finishes. We also have films for application on Sound Boxes. Our Furniture Films are very convenient to use and allow quick and easy installation unlike laminates on which adhesive is applied separately. They are easy to store and can be used to give a particular look to furniture while being manufactured or to change the look of existing furniture. 1. Availability of a wide range of internationally accepted, printed and embossed patterns. 2. Coated with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive allowing for indoor and outdoor use. The adhesive bonds strongly with the surface it is applied onto. 3. Highly durable material, which is water and termite proof. 4. Increases the life span of the original surface by protecting it from scratches. 5. BC FIX Furniture Film is flexible and can be applied on curved surfaces allowing easy self-installation. Applicable on: Plywood,MDFboardsaswellasAcrylic/Plasticsheets,furniture, cabinetry,doorsandconsoles.CanbeappliedonSound/Speakerboxes. Features: BC Fix Furniture Film
  15. 15. DUROFIX Lamination Films were introduced in 1988. Our Lamination films are developed in compliance with international industrial standards. Cold Lamination Films are made using pressure sensitive adhesives, which are used to bind the film to the material being laminated instantly without heat. Since pressure-sensitive laminating film eliminates the risk of heat damage to your prints, it can be used with a wide array of media types and inks, including digitally printed substrates. Features: - Moisture resistance. - Available in Various sizes and designs. - Can be applied by hand or machine. - Increases durability and life of photographs compared to thermal lamination. - Can be directly printed. - Improves the appearance of your printed materials. Deepens and brightens colors and enhances contrast. - Protects the material from starches, spills and harmful UV Application - Photo and Document lamination - Over lamination, Labels - Graphics and Posters - Glass Interior and protection application - Applied on Printing inks which are heat sensitive - Vinyl substrates can melt or stretch under heat so Cold lamination is needed. Cold Lamination Films Designs Available Glossy Satin Matt Dull Matt Canvas Silky/2D Khadi Glitter/Sparkle 3D Product Clear Lamination Film Gloss, Matte, 3D, Glitter etc. 135 gsm Paper Liner 100 gsm laminated release paper -Over Lamination of prints -Glass Décor -Cold Lamination -Printable film for signage applications 80 or 100 micron 20 gsm (+/-5%) Solvent Based Acrylic Finish Film Thickness Adhesive Thickness Adhesive Release Liner Adhesive Peel Value Application Temperature Resistance -10o C to +90o C 40 / 50 / 60 Inches (Can be Slit to size) 50 mtr rolls or sheets One Year India Widths Lengths Shelf Life Manufactured In
  16. 16. Discover the versatility of DUROFIX Non Tear Papers, which combine the advantages of pulp-based paper with the durability of synthetics. Our Papers provides the ease of use and printability experienced with natural paper along with the durability and significant advantages in terms of water repellency and tear resistance of synthetic printable media. Advantages DUROFIX Non Tear provides outstanding ink holdout for sharp graphics and faster drying time, precision cut edges, and sheet cleanliness. Which can help improve productivity and performance of printing runs for improved efficiencies, reduced waste and durable prints. Our Papers provide the toughness of synthetics with the simplicity and ease of use of paper. • Completely Water Repellant • Wide Printability • High Tear Resistance • Good Dimensional Stability • Premium Feel • No Special set-up required Applications There are hundreds of applications: Sensitive & archival documents, government certificates, licenses, ID cards, temporary credit cards, envelopes & direct mailers, maps, labels, wrist bands, menus, tags, book covers, tickets, file folders, CD insert sleeves, horticulture tags, posters, ream and box wrap, banners, posters and packaging, letter heads and many more! Non-Tear Papers Film Thickness General Properties Range starts from 150micron upto 300micron microns. Dry toner (Laser Printers), Silk Screen, Copier. (Solvent ink compatible) Good Foldability, Die-cutting and Perforation. Feel & finish of natural paper Self Extinguishing (Internal Test) 15° - 30°C; upto 70% Relative Humidity Good reproduction and natural colour output Good water repellency under flowing water & drop down test Good tear resistance against hand tear Printing Conditions: Colour Output Water Repellency Tear Resistance Handling Flame Retardancy Storage Conditions Manufactured in India 6 monthsShelf Life
  17. 17. We offer high quality Mounting Film for Mounting of various substrates. It is widely used for mounting of Photographs, Nameplates, Hoardings, Acrylic sheets, Labels, foams and graphics. Our Range of DUROFIX Mounting Films also find extensive application in the Identity Card Market and work best with our range of DUROFIX Polyester Glossy Lamination Films. Mounting Films Grades Available: 1.Wehaveageneralgradeformountingofprints,artworkandacryliclettering 2.Ahightackgradewith aggressive adhesiveforhighlydemandingapplications 3.UltraClearGradewhichisusedtomountphotographsontoclearacrylic Special Features - With both side release liner it is easy to use - Easy to cut by hand or machine - Lab Tested, Industrial Grade Adhesive - Custom made variety also available - Good for creating multi-layered effects, mounting artwork and Photos, school/office projects and quick fix items Thickness Technical Details 25/75/100/125/175/250 microns 40inches & 50inches 50 meter rolls & sheets Acrylic Solvent Based Film Laminated paper to preserve the adhesive smoothness and optimize clarity Width Length Adhesive Release
  18. 18. White & clear vinyls are a flexible and versatile and can be used to make eye-catching signs and logos. They are commonly used to create outdoor and indoor graphics for advertising, but can also be used to decorate walls, windows and other areas of an office or home. DUROFIX Vinyls are wholly manufactured in India. Our White & Clear Vinyl’s come in both Gloss and Matte Finishes. We offer a highly customizable product where the Vinyl face, adhesive and release liner can be tailored to suit your exact requirement. All this is supported by flexible MOQ’s and easy delivery. Salient Features 1. Our Self-adhesive vinyl can be applied to a variety of surfaces including vehicles and low energy surfaces such as Glass & plastic and can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue. 2. Different adhesives available: Removable adhesives for Vehicle branding, Reel & Peel adhesive for Wall Décor and Permanent adhesives for Highly Demanding applications. 3. Our Vinyl is a 100-micron highly ink receptive material specially designed for crisp and accurate colour printing. 4. Eco-solvent, Solvent, Latex, and Screen printable for high quality outputs. Suggestions 1. Using an over lamination film is highly recommended and will greatly extend the life of the print, specially if it is used outdoors and exposed to colour depleting UV rays. 2. Our DUROFIX range of Over Lamination Films are ideal as they are engineered to give best results with our DUROFIX White Vinyl material. 3. We have over 10 different finishes: Satin, Glossy, Dull Matte, Glitter, 3D, Canvas, Khadi, Leather among others. Self Adhesive Vinyl Product Self Adhesive White Vinyl Film Gloss Or Matte 135 gsm Paper Liner Between 900 to 1900 gsm/inch based on application -Outdoor/Indoor Branding -Permanent Stickers/Labels -Automotive branding 80 or 100 micron 23-24 gsm Solvent Based Acrylic Finish Film Thickness Adhesive Thickness Release liner Handling Adhesive Peel Value Application Temperature Resistance -10o C to +70o C Solvent, Eco Solvent, Latex, Screen, UV Flexo 40 / 50 / 60 Inches (Can be Slit to size) 50 mtr rolls or sheets -Adhesive can be tailored to suit application -High Gloss & Matte finish available -Available in Clear and Opaque white -Excellent Durability One Year India Print Compatibility Widths Lengths Features Shelf Life Manufactured In
  19. 19. Adhesive Transfer Tape is often used as a base material for temporary or permanent bonding, especially in stickers as the adhesive is directly transferred onto the surface without a carrier. Further, they are a good substitute for glue and gum due to its superior quality. They have a good finishing and have neat edges. They are available in different lengths and thickness and can be modified according to customer needs. BC FIX Adhesive Transfer Tapes are available for different substrates and applications, such as foam/ Acrylic sheet/ Low energy surfaces. Adhesive Transfer Tape Product features - No carrier present, the adhesive layer is applied directly onto the surface - Quick & easy to use, eliminating drying time of liquid adhesive - Bond strength increases over time - Bonds well to almost all hard substrates, foam and Low energy surfaces - High Shear Strength Advantages - Quick and easy to use, eliminating drying time of liquid adhesive. - To make all types of surfaces Self-Adhesive
  20. 20. Adhesive Coating Services We conduct Solvent & Water based coating services for our Clients as per their requirements. All processes are undertaken in our ISO 9001:2015 Certified Plants. With our experienced team, we are capable to take on a wide variety of Adhesive and Speciality Coating Services for existing as well as new products. With multiple full-length coating lines and capabilities to run double shifts, we are a one-stop shop for all adhesive and top coating requirements.
  21. 21. Our range finds application in general purpose bonding and specialty applications. This Product is known as BC Fix Foam Tape. Our range finds application in general purpose bonding applications and spacer applications. It features a thickness of 2/4/6/8 mic and a width and length of 6mm to 630 mm.and 1 mtr/6 mtrs/12 mtrs respectively. This product is known well known as BC Fix Closed Cell Foam Tape in the market. Specifications: - Available various thicknesses and lengths - Custom based products also available - Good heat-resistant - 85 to 145 GSM release liner - Acrylic Solvent Based/Rubber based Adhesive - Adhesive: Solvent acrylic PSA Specifications: - Available in black and white color - 85 to 145 gsm release - Acrylic Solvent Based/Rubber based Adhesive. 1. Double Sided PU Tape 2) Closed Cell Foam Tape Foam Tapes
  22. 22. Spacer for Membrane Switches We offer high-quality Double side and single side adhesive coated polyester film for Membrane switches. our Spacer tape for Membrane switches have a High Cohesive strength, non-transferable adhesive to withstand stress for long lasting performance in a variety of environments. Custom made quality also available. Thickness 25/50/75/100/125/175/250 microns 1000mm x 1000mm sheets or in rolls Custom sheet sizes and rolls are also available 2 MIL on both sides High Performance Acrylic Solvent Based Film Laminated paper Both side Release Liner 50 sheets packs Size Adhesive Thickness Adhesive Release Special Features Packing
  23. 23. Quality Control Parameters Brite Coatings has achieved its industrial growth by implementing strategies of research and development. Both our manufacturing facilities have an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate. All due process are technological, well-defined, and environmentally conscious. Through our field study with end users, in-depth understanding of customer’s requirements is acquired and after constant and repeated testing products are finalized and launched. Trade Memberships Brite Coatings is an Active member of Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO). Iso Certification 9001 Certified