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Blue Sky System, Electrostatic Discharge


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Manufacturer and exporter of electrostatic discharge equipment, Bins Rail, ESD Work Stations, Anti Static Clean Room Leather Chair, Anti Fatigue Rubber Mat, ESD Tiles, Panda Bins, Grounding Leads, Anti Static Heel Strap

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Blue Sky System, Electrostatic Discharge

  1. 1. We are among the leading manufacturers and exporters of ESD protectiondevices. We also provide aids and solutions for assembling as well as electronicproduction of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).
  2. 2. - About Us -Incepted in the year 1988, Blue Sky Systems has carved a niche under Mr. J. S.Chadda as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of electrostaticdischarge equipment. Our innovative products have minimized damage due toElectrostatic Discharge. We provide a huge gamut of ESD safety equipment, aidsand solutions for assembling as well as electronic production of Printed CircuitBoards (PCB) under one roof. We aim to provide our clients with cost effectiveand practical solutions along with the range which increases their productivityand quality accompanied with the acute decline in the cost. Moreover, we alsoprovide the training regarding to ESD based on the criteria such as Knowledgeabout ESD, Cause of ESD, Need of ESD and Adverse effects of ESD. We supply andexport our wide range to various renowned companies such as Avery India Ltd,Instel Engineering Adhunik Power Systems (P) Ltd, Indian Air Lines Ltd, AstroTech Kushanga Appreal Pvt Ltd, Anu Auto Industries Pvt Ltd, LG Electronics (I)Pvt Ltd, Avk-Seg & Controls (I) Ltd, Modern Instrument Pvt Ltd, Accurate MetersLtd, Matsushita Television & Audio India Ltd, Bharti Telecom - Ludhiana PulseEngineering And Many Others. For enhancing our reach to our clients, wedistribute our wide range with the help of various renowned distributors such asLensel Optics (Pune), Alkon Plastics Pvt. Ltd., Time Engineers (Aurangabad) andICM Component Enterprises (Ahmedabad).
  3. 3. Work Stations:We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Work Stations, which are used inthe industrial as well as corporate sectors. These products are available in a reliable aswell as cost effective manner. Thus, we offer these products with customized services andthese products are also widely known for their easy installation. Bins Bins Rail ESD Work Stations ESD Work Stations (2002)
  4. 4. ESD Chairs & Trolleys:Owing to supreme quality, we manufacture and export a qualitative range of ESD chairs andTrolleys, which are available as per the industrial standards. These are available in twocolours blue and black and we manufacture these products using advanced technologies. Anti Static Clean Room ESD Safe Chair Leather Chair Conductive Molded ESD Stool Backrest Chair
  5. 5. ESD Flooring System:Being a renowned manufacturer and exporter, we manufacture a competitive range of ESDFlooring Systems, which are available for electro static discharge flooring. These productsare easily available in the domestic as well as international market and we offer theseproducts using advanced technologies. Anti Fatigue Rubber Mat ESD Epoxy Floors ESD Paint ESD Tiles
  6. 6. Component Shelving System:Our enterprise is one of the noted manufacturers and suppliers of Component ShelvingSystem. These are pallet type boxes used to contain the manufactured products such aschemical powders, processed foods, electronics appliances and others. Panda Bins Panda Bins (34) Standard Combinations
  7. 7. Grounding Aids:Grown with long years of business expertise, we fabricate Grounding Aids. These are widelyused as support systems for human beings and objects. We manufacture diverse range ofGrounding products such as leather shoes, slippers, heel strap and others. These are used tocontrol unusual conditions in the human body. Grounding Leads (1001) Grounding Leads (1002) Grounding Leads (1003) Anti Static Heel Strap
  8. 8. Anti-Static Clothing.: Antistatic Fabrics Anti Static T-shirts Anti Static Garments Dangri
  9. 9. Caps & Masks:We are one of the noted manufacturers and suppliers of Caps & Masks. Caps & masksprotect the human head and face from the external factors such as heat and moisture.Safety Caps and masks are manufactured using various raw materials such as stainless steel,plastic, glass and fabrics to provide high protection to the users. Copper Fibre Gloves Carbon Fiber Gloves Copper Fiber (PU Coated) Latex Gloves Gloves
  10. 10. Soldering Systems:We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting a brilliant quality range of SolderingSystems, which are available at marginal prices. These products are manufactured usinghigh quality raw materials using modern machines. Our products are widely known fortheir easy usage as well as durability. Lead Free Soldering Soldering Stations Stations Desoldering Station With SMD Rework Station Iron
  11. 11. Soldering Iron & Pump: Desoldering Pump (018) Desoldering Pump (140) Desoldering Pump (367) Desoldering Pump (368)
  12. 12. Soldering Accessories:Supported by the modern infrastructural facilities, we fabricate premium range of SolderingAccessories. Soldering accessories are various components of an integrated solderingmachine. Our broad range includes cleaning sponge, tip refresher, soldering stand, cabletester, desolder wick, solder wires and others. Taping Gun Soldering Smoke Absorber Bits For BS-942 & BS-936 Thermometer
  13. 13. Soldering Pots:With the help of modern infrastructure, we manufacture an extensive range of SolderingPots. Available in varied models and designs, these are used in the repair and jointing ofelectrical components. Digitally controlled, these appliances use variable temperature toensure high soldering joints and fixation of various components in the electronicsappliances. Soldering Pots (11C) Soldering Pots (21C) Soldering Pots (31A) Soldering Pots (31C)
  14. 14. Nippers & Strippers:Using our modern production and design machines, we fabricate a wide range of Nippers &Strippers. These items are cutting tools that are used to cut soldering and insulated wires indesired lengths. Wire and rod cutters are widely used in various establishments such asresidential houses, commercial shops, recreation centers, transport companies andpackaging units. Nipper (EX-21C) Nipper (ITR 5000) Nipper (ITRR 58) Strippers (PCC-1)
  15. 15. Racks & Carriers:We are one of the noted manufacturers and exporters of Racks & Carriers. Racks arecarriers are used to contain household and commercial items. These containers areavailable in varied sizes and models to keep items. Moreover, these carriers are fabricatedfrom various materials such as teakwood, sandalwood, stainless steel, aluminum and others. Conductive Adjustable Non Conductive PCB Carrier No. 5 Adjustable PCB Carrier No. 6 Fixed PCB Carrier Racks & Carriers (1001)
  16. 16. Storage Boxes:We are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Storage Boxes. Storage Boxesare widely used to contain raw materials as well as finished items. Our containers areoffered in multiple designs and tensile strength as per the specific storage requirements ofthe customers. Storage boxes and carts are available in varied shapes like rectangular,square and circular. Storage Boxes (1001) Storage Boxes (1002) Storage Boxes (1003) Storage Boxes (BS-PCB- 1001)
  17. 17. ESD Safe Packing:Our company specializes in manufacturing high quality ESD Safe Packing. This is a packagingbag used to carry Printed circuit boards. Our all packaging boxes and bags are manufacturedusing premium grade materials such as PPE, PVE and fibers. Packaging bags are available invaried printed designs, sizes and shapes to carry raw materials as well as final products. Anti Static PE Grid Bag BS Anti Static Shielding Bags GBG 1000 & Material BS-SBG 1000 Anti Static Shielding Bags Anti Static Ziplock Bag BS- & Material BS-SBG 1001 SBG 1002
  18. 18. Cleanroom Accessories:Our company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of Cleanroom Accessories.Cleanroom accessories are various cleaning products like exhaust fan and dust bin, that areused in the domestic and commercial buildings. Bench Top Ionizer Bs-bti- Conductive Dust-Bin 1001 Bs-iag-1002 M-3 Cleaning Wipes BS- M-1 Cleaning Wipes BS- CW-1001 CW-1002
  19. 19. Testing Equipments:Human Body Voltage CheckerHuman Body Voltage Checker is a new and unique visual method of detecting how muchstatic charge a person is carrying. The unit can be wall mounted outside the ESD protectedarea to avoid charged persons unknowingly entering, or used by operators to periodicallycheck that they are not creating a charge within the protected area. Wrist Strap Footwear Wrist Strap Tester Tester Wrist Strap Cum Dual LED Surface Resistance Footwear Tester Meter
  20. 20. Electric Screw Drivers:Our clients can avail from us a supreme quality range of Electric Screw Drivers, which areavailable with various torque range. These products are used in different electric &electronic industries for varied assembly applications. Electric Screw Driver Bits Electric Screw Driver Bits (4mm & 5mm) (4mm) Electric Screw Driver Bits Electric Screw Driver Bits (5mm) (6MM)
  21. 21. Magnifiers:We are specialized in manufacturing an excellent quality range of Magnifiers, which areavailable according to the global quality standards. These products are suitable tovisualize the details of each and every minute and we offer these products at cheaperprices. Video Microscope Bs-200b Bs-220-vm Bs-200c BS-200D Magnifiers
  22. 22. Toolkits:Being a well-known manufacturer and exporter, we manufacture a wide variety of Toolkits,which are available in different varieties as well as grades. These products have a greatdemand in the domestic as well as international market for their easy usage and we offerthese products in a cost effective manner. Computer Maintenance Home Maintenance Tools Tools Kit (20PCS) BS-814 Kit (20PCS) BS-817 Professional Tools Kit Electronic Repair Tool Kit (41PCS) BS-820 (23PCS) BS-824
  23. 23. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1988Nature of Business Manufacturer Exporter TraderTotal Number of 11 to 25 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent East Asia Middle East South East Asia
  24. 24. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Blue Sky SystemMr. J.S ChaddaA-53/2, Amritpuri - A, East Of KailashNew Delhi, Delhi - 110 065, IndiaWebsite: