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M/s. Contech Instruments Ltd., Navi Mumbai, Magnet Based High Precision Electronic Balances


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Manufacturer And Exporter of Magnet Based High Precision Electronic Balances, breeze shield, mini printer, motorized calibration, flameproof junction box and standard weights such as Semi Micro Balances, Analytical Balances, Precision Balances, Industrial Precision Balances, Digital Carat Scales, Digital Carat Scales, Digital Silver Scales, Portable Pocket Scales, Supermarket Retail Scale, Supermarket Hanging Scales, Baby Weighing Scales, Waterproof Scales, Crane Scales With Heat Insulating Shield, Crane Scales With Wireless Transmission, Stainless Steel Housing Indicators, Milk Bowl Weighing System, Static Check Weighing Sytstems...

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M/s. Contech Instruments Ltd., Navi Mumbai, Magnet Based High Precision Electronic Balances

  1. 1. Indias Largest Manufacturer And Exporter of Magnet Based High PrecisionElectronic Balances, breeze shield, mini printer, motorized calibration,flameproof junction box and standard weights.
  2. 2. - Profile -Contech Instruments Ltd, an ISO 9001 2008 Company established in the year1992 has an installation base of more than 3 lac customers all over the world.Contech, the leading manufacturer of high precision electronic balances in Indiawith 18 years Industry experience today offers the complete range of ElectronicBalances and Weighing scales for various applications. Our range comprises ofLaboratory Balances, Moisture Balances, Gem and Jewellery Balances, SuperMarket Scales, Health Scales, Industrial Scales, Crane Scales, WeighingIndicators, Electronic Weighbridges, Scales for special applications, etc.Company has added range of laboratory equipments like pH Meters, ConductivityMeters, Melting Point Apparatus, Polarimeters, Digital Refractometers and alsoX-Ray Gold Purity Testers.Company was established by three technocrats in the year 1992.Companygradually added various models to its range of products and today has got aproduct range from 0.01mg Analytical Balances to 150 ton ElectronicWeighbridges. Where Innovation never stops…. is the slogan of ContechInstruments Ltd and is synonymous with Contech having more than 100 modelstoday. Contech an 9001:2008 Company is the largest manufacturers ofElectronic Balances based on Electro Magnetic Force Compensation Technologyin India today and is selling more than all other manufacturers put togetherwhich only shows the market domination of Contech for High Precision ElectronicBalances. Contech is the only Indian manufacturer who has developed andmanufactured in true sense the complete range of Electronic Balances from0.01mg Analytical Balances to 150 ton Electronic Weighbridges in its own setupillustrating the technical competence of the Company. Company employs morethan 250 personnel and manufactures more than 30000 Balances per year today.Company has got enough infrastructure for manufacturing 3000 Balances permonth.
  3. 3. Laboratory Balances:Contech the leading manufacturer of Electro Magnetic Force Compensation High PrecisionBalances manufactures Laboratory Balances from 0.01mg accuracy. These Balances areavailable in various models and specifications to meet the requirements of wide range ofapplications in Research & QC Laboratories of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Textile industriesas well as Educational Institutions. Semi Micro Balances Analytical Balances Precision Balances Industrial Precision Balances
  4. 4. Gem and Jewellery Scales:Contech has various options for the Gem & Jewellery Industries – Carat Balances, GoldBalances & Silver Scales. Digital Carat Scales Digital Gold Scales Digital Silver Scales Portable Pocket Scales
  5. 5. Supermarket Scales:Contech has various weighing solutions for the retail market segment – simple retail scalefor the basic weighing and packing, advanced micro computer based price computing scalefor weighing and price computation, billing and report generation of the business andhanging scale with detachable and washable stainless steel pan for fish and meat weighing. Supermarket Retail Scale Price Computing Scales Supermarket Hanging Scales
  6. 6. Health Scales:Contech offers scales for health management, gyms and hospitals. These economy productsare batery powered, compact, portable, attractive and convinient for usage. Adult Scales Kitchen Scales Baby Weighing Scales
  7. 7. Industrial Scales:Contech offers total weighing solution for all the Industrial segments with various options.The applications are Table Top Scales, Piece Counting Scales, Platform Scales, Floor Scales,Pallet Scales, Waterproof Scales, Flameproof Scales, etc. Tabletop Scales Piece Counting Scales Waterproof Scales Pallet Scales
  8. 8. Crane Scales:Contech manufactures Crane Scales for weighing upto 50 ton. Options available are remotekey panel, heat shielding for high temperature application in foundries, Metallurgy andwireless remote Indicator. Standard Crane Scale Crane Scales With Heat Insulating Shield Crane Scales With Wireless Transmission
  9. 9. Weighing Indicators:Contech Platform Scales are offered with different types of Indicators for different workingambience and application. Flameproof Indicators are housed in special enclosures to meetthe stringent requirement for different gas groups and are certified by Central Institute ofMining & Fuel Research , Government of India. Universal Indicators Batch Weighing Indicators Flameproof Indicators Stainless Steel Housing Indicators
  10. 10. Scales for Special Applications:Industries require special type of scales based on the ambience of weighing, type ofweighing to facilitate the ease of handling of weighing material and increase the speed ofweighing. Milk Bowl Weighing Ramp Platform Scales System Static Check Weighing Customised Weighing Sytstems Systems
  11. 11. Balance Accessories:Accessories offered along with Balances are remote display, Battery Backup, StandardWeights, Motorized Calibration, Printer, Breeze Shield, Flameproof Enclosure,etc. Auxiliary Display (Remote Large Panel Display Wired) Switch Mode Power Battery Backup Supply (SMPS)
  12. 12. Electro Chemical Instruments:Contech, the pioneers in Laboratory Balances has added high quality laboratory equipmentslike pH Meters, Conductivity Meters, DO Meters, Polarimeters, Refractometers, Melting PointApparatus to the existing range. Vast experience and in depth knowledge of Laboratoryneeds and instrumentation has helped Contech to roll out these most advancedtechnological products. Multiparameter Meter Lab PH Meter, Economy Lab PH Meter, Precision Conductivity Meter
  13. 13. Optical Instruments:Polarimeter measures the optical rotation of substances which helps to determineconcentration and purity in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic Industries. Theunit displayed is in International Sugar Scale (ISS) Digital Polarimeters Digital Abbe Refractometers Digital Melting Point Apparatus
  14. 14. Gas Analyzer:Infrared biogas analyzer measures the gas concentration of CO2, CH4 based on NDIRtechnology, concentration of H2S and O2 based on ECD. Infrared Biogas Analyzer Infrared Coal Gas Analyzer Infrared Fluegas Analyzer
  15. 15. Other Products: Moisture Analyzer Weighbridges Truck X-Ray Gold Purity Tester
  16. 16. Other Products: Density Determination Kit Flameproof Balances Enclosure High Precision Laboratory Platform Scales Balances 16
  17. 17. Other Products: Digital Floor Scales Stainless Steel Low Profile Scales Breeze Shield Mini Printer 17
  18. 18. Other Products: Motorized Calibration Flameproof Junction Box Standard Weights Auxilary Display Attached To The Balance On The Pole 18
  19. 19. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1992Nature of Business Manufacturer Exporter
  20. 20. - Contact Us - Contact Details:M/s. Contech Instruments Ltd.Mr. V. N. HollaNo. 301, Punit Industrial Premises, Turbhe NakaNavi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 705, IndiaWebsite: