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Ganauria Alloy Steels Private Limited, New Delhi, PVC Pipes


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Suppliers of PVC Conduit Pipes, PVC Bends, PVC Sockets And Couplers, Allwin PVC Deep Junction Boxes, Our well developed infrastructure unit is backed by various machines and equipment in order to meet the clients’ specific requirements.

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Ganauria Alloy Steels Private Limited, New Delhi, PVC Pipes

  1. 1. The No. 1 Brand Preferred In Real Estate Projects All Over “Quality with Morality n Sincerity”.
  2. 2. Vision Our vision is to be the one stop supplier of all kind of piping needs of real estate development, not only in India, but Mission Our Mission is to be the most preferred brand in the PVC Conduit Pipe industry, for the most reputed Real Estate Developers of the country by 2009, by constantly Profile Ganauria Alloy Steels Private Limited is an ISO : 9001 : 2000 Certified, Delhi based company which was established in the year 1985 for manufacturing Stainless Steel but due to government policies regarding power consumption, it soon diversified into the plastics industry with the manufacturing of Rigid PVC Conduit Pipes and Fittings, as per IS:9537 (1983) Part III of Indian Bureau Standards . There has not been looking back since. We now have an experience of almost two decades of providing the best quality and customer delight. Quality and Customer Delight has been our primary objective, and we constantly work to deliver just that. Customer Satisfaction is just not enough for us, as we believe in delivering more than expectations. The PVC Conduit Pipes and Fittings are marketed under the brand name , which is also our premium brand. has a strong brand recognition and preference in the North-Indian market ever since it was launched in the year 1992. There are two other brands marketed under the brand names Diamond and Starex, which cater to various segments of the market. These brands are also very popular in their target markets. GanauriaAlloy Steels is part of a well diversified group, which is also engaged in the manufacturing of PPRC & PE-X plumbing pipes under the brand names URO ALLWIN & AQUA-TRANS. It is Also Engaged in Real Estate Development, and Interior Glass designing under a sister concern - . But no matter how diversified the group is, PVC has always been our key industry and our core specialization. We at Ganauria Alloy Steels believe that products are very important, but building and maintaining long term relations is most important. Great relations can be built only when there is honesty, ALLWIN ALLWIN X'hibit Glass Creation PVC Timeline -Polyvinyl chloride was accidentally discovered twice in the 19th century, first in 1835 by Henri Victor Regnault and in 1872 by Eugen Baumann. PVC Timeline
  3. 3. PVC Conduit Pipes PVC Conduit Bends PVC Junction Box We are the manufacturers of Rigid PVC Conduit Pipes and Fittings which is marketed under three brand names: DIAMONDALLWIN STAREX -He observed that the newly created gas- Vinyl Chloride, when exposed to sunlight, underwent a chemical reaction (now recognized as polymerization) resulting in an off-white solid material.
  4. 4. 20 mm 25 mm 32 mm 40 mm 50 mm 63 mm All these sizes are available in mechanical strengths of Light, Medium and Heavy. As a general information, more than 90% usage is of sizes ranging 20mm to 32 mm, in medium or heavy strength. All these sizes are manufactured as per the specifications of IS:9537 (1983) Part III of Indian Bureau PVC Conduit Pipes : Polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated as PVC, is a widely used thermoplastic polymer. In terms of revenue generated, it is one of the most valuable products of the chemical industry. Around the world, over 50% of PVC manufactured is used in construction. As a building material, PVC is cheap, durable & easy to assemble. In recent years, PVC has been replacing traditional piping materials like MS and GI, for electrical The basic product that we offer is Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Conduit Pipes. It is available in all brands in the following sizes
  5. 5. They are piping fittings that are required to join two pieces of pipe at an angle. Bends are to pipes what nuts are to bolts, because more often than not, a pipeline needs to be bent to run along walls and ceiling.The products offered under this category are: PVC Conduit Bends & Sockets : PVC Conduit Sockets 90 PVC Conduit Bend 0 45 PVC Conduit Bend 0 30 PVC Conduit Bend 0 PVC Conduit Sockets
  6. 6. PVC Junction Box A junction box, at least in electrical terms, is a container for electrical junctions, usually intended to conceal them from sight, and to some extent tampering. It is a small plastic container, such as those intended to form part of wiring, especially in buildings; in this type of application, it forms part of a conduit wiring system, or may be buried in the plaster of a wall (or concealed behind an access panel). The PVC Deep Junction Box PVC Surface Junction Box 2-Way Round Junction Box 3-Way Round Junction Box 4-Way Round Junction Box ALLWIN Junction Box Lid 2-Way Deep Junction Box 3-Way Deep Junction Box 4-Way Deep Junction Box
  7. 7. Benefits of Using PVC Conduit Pipes LABOUR SAVINGS PVC conduit is easy to install, easy to cut and join and no special tools are required. SMOOTH INTERIOR, SO EASYWIRE PULLS The inside of our conduit is smooth, therefore wire is not damaged when pulled through. The smooth interior surface of our conduit reduces friction when pulling conductors and wires through long runs. It is easy to pull wire and conductors, LIGHT WEIGHT MATERIAL PVC conduit is approximately 1/5th the weight of steel and half the weight of aluminum, therefore making it easy to move DIRECT BURIAL PVC conduit can be used for direct burial, requiring no additional protection when installed. Normal construction practices should be followed with the trenching and backfilling operations. RESISTANT TO CHEMICALATTACK QUALITYCONTROL&ASSURANCE Our conduit and fittings undergo extensive testing and inspection in our manufacturing facilities. HIGH TENSILEAND IMPACT STRENGTHS ALLWIN PVC conduit has high tensile and impact strengths at all temperatures. It meets the test requirements of ISI. LONG LIFE PVC conduit is resistant to direct sunlight, heat and all weather conditions, even after years of exposure. It is also resistant to macro and micro-organisms, fungi, rodents and corrosive agents. CORROSION RESISTANT PVC conduit Pipes and fittings are non-metallic therefore there is no risk of corrosion when exposed to naturally corrosive soil conditions.They will not rust or corrode from electrochemical and galvanic environments. FIRE RESISTANT The PVC compound used to manufacture our rigid PVC conduit and fittings is a self extinguishing material that does not support combustion. It does not burn without a flame being directly applied to it. Once the flame is removed the material There are many benefits for using PVC conduit Pipes. It reduces maintenance and labour costs, and offers superior performance. Labor Weight Material Cost Relative RGS 1.0 1.0 1.0 Aluminium 0.89 0.34 0.99 IMC 0.89 0.76 0.84 EMT 0.62 0.42 0.35 PVC 0.55 0.20 0.43 Comparison of some types of conduit: (Relative to Rigid Galvanized Steel, RGS Conduit, 25mm) -Source : -In 1932, the first tubes made from a PVC copolymer were produced. By 1933, PVC had an important use as cable insulation during the Second World War
  8. 8. Testing and Quality Assurance As mentioned earlier, Quality has always been our priority. Our products are certified as per IS: 9537 (Part III) Standards. In order to assure best quality, all the tests are conducted in house as per the Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS), on a regular basis. The following tests are conducted by our qualified engineers, in a well equipped and certified Laboratory: Marking Test: Marking parameters like manufacturer’s name, nominal sizes, country of manufacture, strength & standard mark are tested under this.Also a test for durability of marking is conducted. Dimension Test: The attributes tested in this are Maximum and Minimum Outside and Inside Diameter, Length of conduit and uniformity Construction Test: The requirements specified under this test are that the inside and outside surface of conduit are reasonably smooth and free from burrs, flash and similar defects; and the edges over which the conductors or cables are likely to drawn does not damage Mechanical Property: The tests conducted for mechanical properties are the bending test, compression test (during and after the load), Impact test and Collapse test.
  9. 9. Resistance to Heat: The diameter of impression should not exceed 2mm. Resistance to burning: Flame of the sample should have died out in less than 30 seconds after removal of the burner. Electrical Characteristics Test: Electrical strength and Insulation Resistance are tested under this step. Spring Bending Test: Though it is not a mandatory test according to ISI, it is becoming a very popular test in the real world. Every batch has to pass the spring bending test. The pipe must not break by bending at 95 0 Collapse TestBending Test Impact Test Compression Test
  10. 10. Capacity Our existing capacity of turnover is over 700 metric ton per annum, and 60,000 when expressed in terms of bundles. Please note that the number of bundles is approximate and is calculated on Medium mechanical strength. It is easily expandable upto any level in a short time, depending on the demand. ..... Why ALLWIN ? Manufactured as per IS:9537 (1983) Part III of Indian Bureau Standards Delivers Great VALUE, and gets you your money’s worth!! A long list of delighted Real Estate Developers, who swear by the brand and our commitment as a Group Backed by a qualified and dedicated management team Strong Focus on Building & Maintaining long term relations, even though it requires short term sacrifices Our belief that reflects in our Motto- “ Quality with Morality & Sincerity”!!! -And now…..PVC pipe is recognized as a less expensive, non-corrosive and more easily installed alternative to metal pipe. In terms of revenue generated, it is one of the most valuable products of the chemical industry. Around the world, over 50% of PVC manufactured is used in construction.
  11. 11. The People Behind Mr. Rajender Mittal Mr. Sanjeev Mittal Mr. Saurabh Mittal brings with him a tremendous experience of 30 years in the industry, and is a firm believer in teamwork. He nurtures a collaborative ethos at the company, giving requisite independence to his people to take decisions in their respective spheres and grow professionally. He is also a well known socialite associated with a number of organizations and events, and is also the President of Mangol Puri Industrial Area. The company is deeply influenced by his legacy of hardwork, sincerity, and commitment towards work and people. has a long experience in the Sanitary industry, and also the PVC industry since many years. He is a very dedicated and knowledgeable entrepreneur, and the person responsible for converting ideas into reality. He currently heads the production and operations department, along with coordinating all the other functions in order to get things done. brings new blood into the organization with his innovative ideas and the will to go the distance. He is a post graduate in business administration
  12. 12. Manufactured By : Corporate Office : Helpdesk : E-mail : Website : GANAURIA ALLOY STEELS PVT. LTD. A-15, MANGOL PURI INDL. AREA, PHASE-II +91-9811516677, 9910474949