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Indiamap Consulting is a reliable online digital marketing company, which has a promising record for effectively handling online brand management of its ever-increasing clients.

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Indiamap Consulting - Digital Marketing Company | Agency Bangalore

  1. 1. GrowBrands Online
  2. 2. Delighting CustomersThe digital world is exciting, entertaining, visuallyrich and real-time. Working this world are ideas,technologies, content, designs, communicationsand programmes. Customers are activeparticipants in this world as listeners, actors anddoers. We help brands unravel the mysteries ofthese interactions, create programmes that delighttheir customers and build strong bonds of loyaltyand community.Growing Brand ValueThe internet complements real-worldinteraction for a brand and creates newopportunities to engage, build relationshipsand provide services. We help our customersbuild interactions, interfaces and services thatenrich these relationships, add value toservices and build new business streams.
  3. 3. Transformational Impact Digital can transform the relationship of a brand with its customers. We explore, innovate and create programmes that help brands expand, build loyalty and grow in esteem. We help create a digital experience for brands.Universe of OpportunitiesThe internet, mobile and new devices fillus with information, interaction andcommunication. Brands have a universeof opportunities to reach out, touch andengage with their customers. We helpour customers create tangible value andgrowth from these opportunities.
  4. 4. Our mission is to help customers grow brands using the internet.We are a pure-play digital marketing company.For us the internet spans the web, email, mobile and otherforms of interactive media. We believe businesses can build strongbrands over the internet regardless of the business they operate. Weuse a wide range of technologies, tools and market trends to createour brand growth programmes, innovate and develop our own tools,research and apply trends that are launched worldwide every day.Our passion is technology. We are in awe of the internet. Wedelight in applying marketing and communication strategies, design,content creation and other disciplines to work for our brands. Ourteam brings in a diverse blend of talent and experience, unifyingperspectives and creating holistic solutions.We work with brands from start-ups to market leaders, puttingin enthusiasm and passion, tempering our work with wisdom thatcomes from our experience and directing each action to meetstrategic business objectives of our customers.indiamap4 Convent Road, Bangalore 560025T: 080-65791075-79 F: 080-65791078Email: