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New presentation


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New presentation

  1. 1. Digipak analysis
  2. 2. ● This is the basic three frame digipak. I chose this because it has a similar feel to the sort of look my group is looking for. The colours are very warm with the oranges, reds and browns are very inviting and relates to the theme and type of music the artist creates. As the artist creates a variety of music with different genres one particular genre “R'n'B” is similar to our music. The inside has all the information needed and necessary for the consumer which is what we also plan to use. The photography used within the artist are also shown relate with a consist feel throughout.
  3. 3. ● Alicia Keys' album “As I Am” main colours are red, black and grey contrast each other with the predominant red. I like this album cover because it draws the attention the red especially with the image of the keys on the back in red and black. The keys are a play on image used with the artists name which I also like as my group have also thought of something similar with our own digipak and name. Our name is Jade and we plan to have most titles and writing in a jade green. On the front shows a promotion of songs included within the album alongside the record label and production logo which has also given my group many ideas. The close up shot if the artists face next to the CD designed of an “A” the first letter of the artists name is also good promotion as the consumer identifies the face with the name.
  4. 4. ● The leaflet inside does not contain lyrics but contain information about the songs. For example who produced them, companies etc. I like the lay out of the poster like effect which has also given my group some ideas. The colours remain consist which shows continuity. The artist produces songs similar to our chosen song and the digipak design has given my group ideas.