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  1. 1. PROPOSALStephnie and India
  2. 2. PLOT SUMMARYThree females are at home having a girls night in. One of them is watching on the computer/laptop the 1990's Cilla Blacks “Blind date” where the characters begin imagining themselves as the character. Not hearing this a boy calls them. The characters all have a different stereotype of which they follow. As one of the female wins the male the other two are left two imagine. The audience sees the characters having their dream dates all trying to win the male over. At the end of the song they all go back to the real life scenario of the girls watching the show.
  3. 3. ● Original Jade ● http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ9HG0nGe-g
  4. 4. LOCATION IDEAS As a group we have decided on many possible locations to create our vision for our music video. These locations include; •MFH- Multi-functional Hall •Clothes store •Bedroom •Park •Football Ground / Goals •Funfair •TV studio
  5. 5. TARGET AUDIENCE•Our music video aims to target an audience of female teenagers, as the scenes planned to be within our video will be of a relatable nature to this specific group. •The genre of the music is R&B, an audience who prefers this music type will also be attracted to our video. •As our theme is from the 90's Blind date show some of our more mature may also be interested in our music video also. •
  6. 6. ADAPTATION The official video for ‘Don't Walk Away’ was released during 1993. For the idea of our video we have decided to construct a modernised version by simply; •Changing the costumes •Using technical props (e.g.. Mobiles and laptops)
  7. 7. Ideas for costume was for mostly contemporary fashion, however we decided it should be diverse for each individual character. For example an item or accessory which may brand that character which will also help identify through costume or even hair changes who the characters are and the connotations behind those items and costumes. COSTUME
  8. 8. By using the HD camera we intend to incorporate high key lighting to give a glossy stereotypical American affect. Apart from some scene such as the dream scenes and studio within the Blind date scenes all other footage will be high key. Heres an example... LIGHTING Brownstone
  9. 9. EDITING •We intend to use a variety of shots and editing. A few ideas would be: •Panning •Jump cuts •On-beat-cutting • Fades •Point of view •Close ups •Mid shots •Long shots •And more...
  10. 10. Additional information  The video will be a narrative following the story through the lyrics, however will have an abstract presentation through various quirky comical scenarios such as the blind date scene.  It will also be a performance as there will be a very short dance as well as lip-singing