Brands for the Future - Santosh Desai, Future Brands at the IndiaSocial Summit 2012


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Santosh Desai’s presentation on the Keynote: Brands for the Future at the IndiaSocial Summit 2012

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Brands for the Future - Santosh Desai, Future Brands at the IndiaSocial Summit 2012

  1. 1. Brands of the FutureNew Delhi, 3rd April 2012
  2. 2. At one level, we all know this particular story
  3. 3. Ceding controlActing, not speaking Engagement Communities Listening Purpose Crowdsourcing Advocates Collaborative Belief
  4. 4. For all the thrall with which we behold change, we tend to underestimate its sweeping power
  5. 5. The digital world and social media are not media evolutions, but social revolutions
  6. 6. The world of brands is deeply rooted in theassumptions of an earlier time, and resists attempts at fundamental change
  7. 7. The brands of the future will need to be evolvedaround a new mental model, not just of themselves, but the world they live in
  8. 8. A deeper explorationThe familiar made unfamiliar, then made familiar again A look at some key drivers of change
  9. 9. The change in the dominant media form
  10. 10. Why is media so central? Technologies that immortalise the mind and its output – make thoughts alive and imperishableAllow for storage, transmission, multiplication of ideas
  11. 11. “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us”- McLuhan
  12. 12. When dominant media change, they help change everything else• Oral= Emotion, Participation, Unity• Print= Memory, Separation, Logic• TV= Transience, Desire, Currency• Digital= ?
  13. 13. The digital modeIndividual minds connected & multiplied- now Democratic Collaborative Connected Simultaneous (Secondary Orality- Walter Ong)
  14. 14. The Increasing Focus on the Mind The internet as playground of the mind The body made recreational, almost vestigialA complementary virtual world with its own codes The new source of wealth/value creation
  15. 15. Shift in balance of powerNew imaginations, new vocabularies Cultural flows
  16. 16. The Fault lineDe-centralising pull of media/technology v/s centralising grip of power structures -corporations, governments, brands
  17. 17. The Brand DisconnectImagined as a centrally controlled transmission The ability to make people listen and act Consumers as interlopers
  18. 18. Brands of the Future?
  19. 19. Rivers, not lakes
  20. 20. Community owned v/s company owned
  21. 21. Being managed by the brand v/s Managing a brand
  22. 22. Brand dissolution v/s brand building
  23. 23. Creating a meaning surplus- more idea per square inch of thing
  24. 24. Sustainability = Meaning-rich /resource-poor brands
  25. 25. Simultaneous, seamless existence in physical and virtual spaces
  26. 26. Brand as truth that cannot hide v/s mask that cannot be penetrated
  27. 27. The brand of tomorrow needs the organisation of tomorrowThe organisation of tomorrow needs a new mental model of business
  28. 28. Re-integration of the market with society
  29. 29. “ we are primitives of an unknown culture” Gary Snyder
  30. 30. Thank You