India skills nomination milind deora youth employability case study


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India skills nomination milind deora youth employability case study

  2. 2. Empoweringyouth. EnablingdevelopmentThe Setting: The streets of South Mumbai. Full of eager, enterprisingand energetic youth. But sadly, they were unemployed. And with nopossibility of a decent job in the horizon. It was in such a landscapethat Shri. MIlind Deora became the MP of the constituency. In hisinteractions at the grassroots level, he understood that the youth hadpotential; but they lacked direction and access to opportunities. Herealized that providing employability to these youth would transformtheir lives.At this opportune juncture, he came across IndiaSkills. IndiaSkills, ajoint venture between Manipal Education, India‟s leading educationservice provider with universities, colleges and 700 plus learningcentres and City & Guilds, world‟s leading vocational training body withpresence in 81 countries for over 130 years, offered the leader an idealsolution. Not just offering world class training in high growth sectors,they had a wide range of industry partners who could provideemployment too. „Earlier, I used get moneyThe initial round of talks reflected significant synergies in the vision of from my parents for everyShri.Milind Deora and the mission of IndiaSkills. Both parties were small need. Now I earncompletely in sync with the fact that the potential of Indian youth was enough for my own needs and I give something to myimmense and providing employability will be the ideal way to harness mother for the house. Thanksthis potential for development of the society and economy. They to IndiaSkills, I have reacheddecided to work together to positively impact the youth of South here‟ – Mohammed Farzi,Mumbai. IndiaSkills Learner 1
  3. 3. Milind Deora Youth Employability InitiativeThis partnership resulted in an initiative that will provide employment opportunities for youth in asustainable and repeatable manner. Called the „Milind Deora Youth Employability Initiative‟, it is anideal model for constituencies all over India to emulate. A model where all stakeholders brought withthem unique advantages towards successful delivery of the project.IndiaSkills offered industry relevant courses and training methodology that helped a learner get allrequired skills irrespective of his educational background. Their dedicated corporate team also ensuredthat the successful learners had multiple job options across locations. Speakwell, one of Mumbai‟sleading Spoken English chains, ensured quality training infrastructure and faculty. The final and criticalpart of this value chain was supplemented by the efforts of Congress party workers. Their deepunderstanding of each of the localities in South Mumbai, their enthusiasm and intent in helping thissocial change happen and their strong presence at the grassroots level, all together ensured that themost deserving youth and their families were reached out to, counseled and sent to the IndiaSkillscentres for training. Sourcing - Congress Party Workers & IndiaSkills Delivery - IndiaSkills & Content, Speakwell Certification & Placement assistance (IndiaSkills) 2
  4. 4. This engine of social change was made sustainable due to the help of Manipal Foundation & RSMFoundation, social organizations that ensured that the world class, industry recognized program wasavailable to deserving youth at a highly subsidized price down from Rs 10000 to Rs 500.This confluence of likeminded entities working towards social change has the aim to train and employ1000 youth every year in South Mumbai. With three batches of youth trained and employed already, itis promising to be a huge success in South Mumbai. Speaking at an event to award the certifications tothe first batch, Milind Deora said “Youth decide the future of our nation; in India the youth account forover 34% of a growing populace within the age group of 15 to 25 years. Employability and employmentof this segment is India‟s biggest challenge currently. Hence it is very important that they are guided inthe right direction; keeping them away from anti-social activities. With this programme we haveattempted a unique model bringing together corporate, political party network, not-for-profit foundationand passionate professionals to offer subsidized skill training cost and ensure gainful employment withreputed companies post the training. IndiaSkills Program aims at offering employable education and achance for employment to as many youth as possible.” Promotiona l activity by Delivery Examinatio congress Center, n& party further Certificatio workers, counseling, n by Student Initial information registration Indiaskills Placement enquiry Training & Assistance generated given by Delivery by Party workers Indiaskills‟He helped us realize our dream of working with big brands like Reliance & Shoppers Stop. Now wehave a secure income and an education which will help us throughout our life.” said Abhishek Patil,alumni of the training programme employed with Reliance Timeout. Shoppers Stop, Hamley’sReliance Digital, Vishal Megamart, Café Coffee Day are some of the other employers. 3