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Indian visa online


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All international nationals travelling to India must have a valid passport and a print out of the Indian tourist visa approval sent to their email before leaving the country they are travelling from. e-Visa can be obtained on urgent basis in 16 business day in case of urgent travels after paying the relevant charges. To avail the expedited service, your travel date must be at least after 24 hours from the time your submit the application.
Urgent Visa Processing:
Fast Track and Emergency Visa Services for who want to get visa urgently in 18 to 24 working hours. Processing time of e-tourist visa application will be 16 working hours from receipt of the payment of visa applications along with documents. This service will be done with additional charges. Apply India Online Visa & Get Visa Approval in 12 to 16 Business Hours. For Details Kindly contact us: and 3 designated seaports (i.e. Cochin, Goa, Mangalore). However, the foreigner can take exit from any of the authorized Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) in India.
Online Visa Facility:
e-Visa is valid for 180 days from the date of arrival. It must be availed within its period of validity. If you are travelling with the purpose of Tourism or Business then it will be valid for two entries and for Medical purpose it will be valid for three entries from the date of the first arrival date in India. It allows a maximum of two visits in a calendar year. The facility is valid for entry through 24 designated Airports.

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Indian visa online

  1. 1. Welcome to Indian Visa Online| (+91)1145501270 India Online Visa All international nationalstravellingtoIndiamusthave a validpassportanda printout of the Indian touristvisaapproval senttotheiremail before leavingthe countrytheyare travellingfrom.e-Visa can be obtainedonurgentbasisin16 businessdayincase of urgenttravelsafterpayingthe relevant charges.To avail the expeditedservice,yourtravel date mustbe atleastafter24 hours fromthe time yoursubmitthe application. UrgentVisa Processing: Fast Track and EmergencyVisa Services forwho wantto get visaurgentlyin18 to 24 workinghours. Processingtime of e-touristvisaapplicationwill be 16workinghoursfromreceiptof the paymentof visaapplicationsalongwithdocuments.Thisservice will be done withadditionalcharges.Apply India Online Visa& Get VisaApproval in12 to 16 BusinessHours.ForDetailsKindlycontactus: and3 designatedseaports(i.e. Cochin,Goa,Mangalore). However,the foreignercantake exitfromanyof the authorizedImmigrationCheckPosts(ICPs)in India. Online VisaFacility: e-Visaisvalidfor180 daysfrom the date of arrival.Itmust be availedwithinitsperiodof validity.If youare travellingwiththe purpose of TourismorBusinessthenitwillbe validfortwoentriesandfor Medical purpose itwill be validforthree entriesfromthe date of the firstarrival date in India.It allowsamaximumof twovisitsina calendaryear.The facilityisvalidforentrythrough24 designatedAirports. EligibilityChecklist:  International Travelerswhosesole objective of visitingIndiaisrecreation,sight-seeing, casual visitto meetfriendsorrelatives,shortdurationmedical treatmentorcasual business visit.  Passportshouldhave atleastsix monthsvalidityfromthe date of arrival inIndia.The passportshouldhave at leasttwoblankpagesforstampingbythe ImmigrationOfficer.  International Travelersshouldhave returnticketoronwardjourneyticket,withsufficient moneytospendduringhis/herstayinIndia.  International TravelershavingPakistani PassportorPakistani originmaypleaseapplyfor regularVisaat IndianMission.  Not available toindividualsendorsedonparent´s/spouse´spassporti.e.eachindividual shouldhave a separate passport.E-TouristVisawillbe grantedonlyagainstvalidpassports.
  2. 2.  6. Not available toInternational Travel DocumentHolders. Documents:  Passportmusthave a validityof atleastsix monthsfromthe date of arrival in India.  The passportmust have at leasttwoblankpagesincase stampingneededtobe done bythe ImmigrationOfficer.  International Travellersare requiredtohave areturnticket or an onwardjourney ticketandmay be askedat the airportto be furnished.  Touristsmusttravel withsufficientmoneytospendduringthe stayinIndia.  For BusinessTravel one musthave hisorher businesscardor a letterfromthe companyfor the purpose of travel.  For Medical Purpose,apersonmusthave a letterfromthe Hospital ontheir letterheadwhere the treatmentissupposedtohappen. <a href=””> Emergency Visa Services</a> #indianvisaonline #indiaevisa #evisaindia #indiantouristvisa #indianevisa#applyforindianvisa #indianvisa #indiatouris tvisa #indianvisaapplicationform #indianonlinevisa#indianvisaonlineapplication #indianvisitorvisa #evisatoindia ...Make your astonishing outing with us. welcome to India ... To Know About More Details Please Visit : And Contact Us: USA +16674016132 AUS +61283111552 Places that One Can Visit during Winter in India