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Surface Coating & Spray Painting Equipment By Jaguar Surface Coating Equipments


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( We are one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of Surface Coating and Spray Painting Equipment. Manufactured using quality material, these are fitted with high-grade components that ensure their high quality and durability.

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Surface Coating & Spray Painting Equipment By Jaguar Surface Coating Equipments

  1. 1. ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY Coating Applications for Drum / Barrel Manufacturing Industry
  2. 2. Fast, Efficient Color Change – With An Easy-to-use, Graphic-based User Interface. Precise Coating Application – Eliminates Masking When Banding In Different Colors. Minimal Material Use – Fine Atomization And Soft Controllable Spray Minimizes Waste. Recipe-driven Automatic Color Changes –Provide Greater Consistency And Less Waste For Up To 12 Recipes. Higher Productivity – Decreased Downtime And Reduced Maintenance With A Cleaner, More Efficient Operation. Reduced Operating Costs – By Minimizing Material Costs And Improving Overall Efficiency. Meet Specifc Production Requirements – With A Wide Range Of Standard And Special Models. Precision Efficiency in Drum / Barrel Coating Application
  3. 3. High-Performance Products for Superior Results Standard Spray Nozzles Provides Optimum Uniformity Of Coating Thickness Excellent Atomization At Lower Fluid Pressures Unique Spray Pattern Proven Materials For Any Application Jaguar Flat Spray Nozzles Provide Improved Atomization With A Wide Range Of Materials, Low Pressure Airless Spraying Produce Signifcantly Wider Fan Patterns Than Conventional Airless Nozzles Airless Automatic Spray Guns Modular Design Wetted Parts Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide, PTFE Wear-resistant Coating On Piston And CylinderHard Chrome Efficient Air Motor Design Quick-disconnect Coupling Adjustable Upper Packing Set Pneumatically Operated High Flow Pump Reliable Automatic Spray Guns Compact, Rugged, Stainless Steel Construction 450 Bar pressure Rating Fast Cycling With Positive Cutoff Several Models Available Accessories System Components Stainless Steel Paint Filters Paint Heater Paint Regulator Paint Booths Tip Filter
  4. 4. PLC Based Control Panel for Drum / Barrel Painting Application Touchscreen, graphics- Based User Interface - Makes Operation Simple Storable recipes for easy, repeatable changeover - To Different Color Combination Monitors temperature, pressure and pump Operation in a single system - To provide Proper Material Flow Permits Fast and easy color changes - With Minimum waste Timer-based control system Office : + 91-20-66306016, 65340411 Fax : + 91-20-66306016 Delivering Engineering Excellence PLC Based control system - Specially Designed for the Drum / Barrel Coating Industry