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Plant Tonic By National Agro Polyclinic, Nashik

We are manufacturer of quality range of Plant Growth Regulator, Plant Tonic, Biostimulant, Plant Growth Enhancer, Sprouting Booster, GA Booster, Bio Pesticides and Silicon Base Spreader. Formulated under the firm guidance of our experts, our products are extremely admired for their high quality and supreme results. We provide our array at cost effective rates in the market. Utilizing supreme quality packaging materials, our provided assortment of product reaches our esteemed customers in prompt time manner.

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Plant Tonic By National Agro Polyclinic, Nashik

  2. 2. Mr. Nabilal H Mujawar (Propritor)
  5. 5. SYNABOOST  It increases the work power of hydrogen saynaboost.  Leads to uniform sprouting of bud.  It is a cost effective product.  It can be use by spraying.
  6. 6. SUPREEMO  Used to produce export quality grapes  Imparts milky while color to grapes and maintain uniform size of berries  Increases the bunch and fruit in banana.  Enhances the quality, luster ,sweetness and test of fruits.
  7. 7. ELONG GOLD  Elong gold is very effective growth promoter.  It is based on derivative of L-cystine, vitamin and folic acid with adjuvant in buffered solution.  Especially used to produce elongated grapes.  Enhances the quality,luster,brix and keeps quality, taste.
  8. 8. ACTIVA  It is used for flowering and fruit setting.  This product also used for improvement of stroberry, pome, apple, mango, cherry lichee, banana and cashew.  It is also use for flowers & vegetables.
  9. 9. HUMIC 15%  Increases the availability of macro and micro nutrients.  Improves soil structure and texture.  Activates white root system of plant.  Increases population of beneficial micro organisms in the root zone.  Increases water holding capacity of soil.  Resulting higher & quality yield.
  10. 10. BOOM N FLOWER • Boom N Flower is a strong flowering booster for all crops. • It is a combination of naturally available. • Nitro compounds & proteins, hormones which acts as growth praomter in plant metabolism. • Stimulates growth of flower parts and promotes early fruit setting.
  11. 11. AMISTRONG  Proteins in Multigrow contain range of nutrients like free amino acids.  It is unique & natural combination of 18 essential amino acids which are easily absorbed in plant systems.
  12. 12. SOIL MASTER  Increases the availability of macro & micro nutrients.  Activate white root system of plant.  Apply along with seeds to increases germination.  Helps to increase rate of photosynthesis in plant.
  13. 13. ERTIGA SUPER  Ertiga super is specially formulated to meet expectation of high end quality producing farmer’s.  It is remarkably improves both quality & production in grapes & fruit & flower crops.  Hence improve berry size, elongation as well as enhance colour, luster and keeping quality.
  14. 14. COVER+  Cover+ supplies silicon and potassium in available from to plants Because of which cell walls of the plant body get thickened & resistance against diseases & pests gets increased.
  15. 15. ROOT +  Increases the availability of macro and micro nutrients.  Availability of soil nitrogen increases.  Maintains pH of soil.  Activate white root system of  Plant.  Resulting higher and quality yield.
  16. 16. ACTIVE AGROSTIM  Active Agrostim is a combination of natural amino acids & Brassinoloids.  As Agrostim promotes both cells  Multiplication & cell division.  It improves flowering & flower setting.  Useful for export quality fruits like strawberry, grapes, pomes, apple etc.
  17. 17. ACTIVE SPREADER  Active spreader is a strong technical spreader.  It can be used in every spray of insecticides/ fungicides.  It improves dispersing and spreading quality of spray.  It can also be used with soluble ferilizer used in drip irrigation.
  18. 18. VILIN  Vilin solution thus prepared must be used for GA application.  Inhance effectivness of gibberellins and improves yield.
  19. 19. FIGHTER 40  Fighter 40 is natural alexin blended with phosphorus compound.  It is a unique organic bio stimulant induces resistance in plant system.  It protected against fungi like downy mildew,pythium spp.
  20. 20. Thank you , NATIONALAGRO POLYCLINIC