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Industrial Heaters by Kerone, Mumbai


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Started to create milestones, we, Kerone marked our presence in the year 2006 and operate in the manufacturing / servicing of Cartridge Heaters, Open Wind & Refractory Heaters, Vacuum Oven, Electric Heating Elements, Tubular Heaters since 6 years. Our quality services / products have been always appreciated by our clients. Our spontaneous attitude and confident approach in offering an excellent range of Cartridge Heaters, Open Wind & Refractory Heaters, Vacuum Oven, Electric Heating Elements, Tubular Heaters, Industrial Heaters has deepened our roots in the market. We, Kerone breathe with the aim of fully satisfying our clients with our high-quality products / services. We are a unit of highly experienced professionals, all of them contributing at the best of their potentials to offer the highest degree of efficiency and client satisfaction.

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Industrial Heaters by Kerone, Mumbai

  1. 1. • Steel Industry • Paper and Packaging Industries • Aerospace Industry • Agro Industry Complete Engineering Solutions…
  2. 2. Complete Engineering Solutions… About KERONE 9/6/2017 2 KERONE is possessing experience of 40+ years in engineering excellence. KERONE is one of the most admired and valuable company for customer satisfaction. KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering. KERONE is having immense expertise in manufacturing and implementing various types of heaters and dryers. KERONE is possessing employee strength of more than 140 experts continuously putting efforts for happy industrial heating solutions. KERONE has reported annual revenue of $8 to $10 Million , increasing year-on-year.
  3. 3. Complete Engineering Solutions… 9/6/2017 3 Our Vision and Mission • Turn into world leader in providing specialized, top-notch quality and ecological industrial heating, cooling and drying solution across the globe. • To attain global recognition as best of quality and environment friendly engineering solution company. Vision  To enhance the value of customer operation through our customer need centric engineering solution.  We are committed to provide our customers, unique and best in class products in Industrial heating, drying and cooling segment, with strategic tie-up for the technical know-how with renowned leader in the industry specific segment.  We are company that believes in strong ethics and timely commitment helps to build long term relationship. Mission Mission Vision
  4. 4. Complete Engineering Solutions… Value Propositions 9/6/2017 4 40+ Years Of Rich Experience Timely Delivery Adherence to Standards Highly Customized Product Team of Experts Delivering Quality Cost Effective Solutions Sound Infrastructure Great After Sale Support
  5. 5. Complete Engineering Solutions… Accreditations 9/6/2017 5 ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 9001:2015 | OHSAS 18001 | EMS 14001 Recognized and Rated by CRISIL CRISIL Verified Member of A.M.P.E.R.E. (Europe) ASCB(E) Certification for Best practice Member of AIMCAL Member of IHEA Strategic Partners of Emitech Italy IRQAO Certified For Quality
  6. 6. Complete Engineering Solutions… 9/6/2017 6 Product Categories Industrial Heaters Sterilization and Disinfestations System Industrial DryersRF Heating Systems Microwave Heating Systems IR Heating SystemSpecial Purpose Machine Coating & Impregnation Plants Dehydrating SystemsProcess Equipments Mixing Plants Industrial Ovens Curing Systems Pharmaceutical Heating Solutions
  7. 7. Complete Engineering Solutions… 7 Industrial Heating Equipments  Heat Exchanger  Electrical Heating System  Oil Heating System  Heating System For Refineries  Gas Fired Hot Air Generator  Conveyor Heating System  Hot Water Generator  Flask Cure Infrared Refineries
  8. 8. Complete Engineering Solutions… 8 Radio Frequency Heating Systems  Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer  Batch Dryer  Radio Frequency Dryer
  9. 9. Complete Engineering Solutions… 9 Microwave Heating Systems  Paper Coating & Printing  Plastics  Pharmaceutical  Food Processing  Textile Manufacturing  Rubber Industries  Ceramic  Wood Processing
  10. 10. Complete Engineering Solutions… 10 Infrared Heating System  Infrared Flash Cure Dryer  Flat Belt Conveyorised Oven  Infrared Booster Ovens  Infrared Curing Unit  Infrared Web Dryer  Tunnel/Clam Shell Ovens  Overhead Conveyor Ovens  Infrared Tunnel Ovens  Batch Ovens  Infrared Burner
  11. 11. Complete Engineering Solutions… Sterilization and Disinfestations Systems  Packed food safety  Farm Produced Cereals safety  Chemical and Pharmaceutical ingredient  Packaging  In Strategic collaboration with Emitech, Italy
  12. 12. Complete Engineering Solutions… 12 Coating Lines  Gravure Coating Machine  Reverse Roll Coating Machine  Knife-Over-Roll Coating Machine  Air Knife coating  Metering Rod (Mayer Rod) Coating Machine  Slot Die Coating Machine  Curtain Coating Machine  Immersion/Dip Coating Machine  Hot melt Coating Machine  Web Coating Machine  Fabric Coating Machine
  13. 13. Complete Engineering Solutions… Process Equipments  Feeders  Mixing Plants  Reactors  CIP/SIP Systems  Batching System  Process Plants  Powder Transfer System  Industrial Dryers  Filling Systems  Pilot/Lab Scale Plants  Screw Feeder/Blender
  14. 14. Complete Engineering Solutions… Special Purpose Machine  Designed and build for specialized need of client’s process requirement  100% customizable as per your business need  All aspects are critically evaluated and then designed  Great after installation service
  15. 15. Complete Engineering Solutions… 9/6/2017 15 Industries we are serving Pharmaceutical Tyre and Rubber Foods and Beverages Textile Wood and Paper Ceramic and Printing Paints and Chemicals Refineries Foundries Glass and Plastic Automobile Electronics
  16. 16. Complete Engineering Solutions… 9/6/2017 16 Industries we are serving cont… Paint Baking Powder Coat Curing Paper Drying Coating Drying Rubber Curing Ceramic Curing Printing Ink Drying Curing of Coating on Moulds, Adhesive Drying. Pre-drying of Dyed Fabrics Textile Coating & Processing Thermoforming PVC Preheating PVC Embossing Vacuum Heating Equipments Heating of PET Perform Oil & Gas Industries Food Processing Pharma Industries Oil and Gas Plastic Annealing and Welding Below are the few of industries/ Industrial applications we are serving :
  17. 17. Complete Engineering Solutions… 9/6/2017 17 Trusted Partner of following consultants
  18. 18. Complete Engineering Solutions… 9/6/2017 18 Our Clients
  19. 19. Complete Engineering Solutions… 9/6/2017 19 Serving Across Continents KERONE
  20. 20. Complete Engineering Solutions… 9/6/2017 20 Locate-Us UNIT I B/10,Marudhar Industrial Estate, Goddev Fatak road, Bhayander(E), Mumbai-401105 Phone : +91-22-28150612/13/14 UNIT II Plot No. B-47, Addl. MIDC Anandnagar, Ambernath (East), Dist. Thane- 421506 Phone : +91-251- 2620542/43/44/45/46 EMAIL | | WEBSITE | |