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Industrial Internals By Ultimo Engineers


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( Our company is regarded as a specialist in Manufacturing and Exporting the most sought after range of Packed Column Gas Absorbers, Graphite Falling Film Gas Absorbers, Graphite Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger, Tellerette Packings, Random Tower Packings, Knitmesh Packings, Stainless Steel Pall Rings, Carbon Steel Pall Rings, Inconel 600 Pall Rings, Copper Pall Rings, Vanepack Type Mist Eliminator, IMTP Type Column Packings, Aluminium IMTP type Packings etc. These products are highly appreciated in the market segments for its renowned features such as excellent quality, reliability and longer service life.

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Industrial Internals By Ultimo Engineers

  1. 1. Supply of Distillation Column with Process Hydraulic & Mechanical designs are our expertise. Computer aided Design & Simulation softwares are used for the purpose.
  3. 3. Ultimo Laboratory Packings are designed for 25 mm to 200 mm diameter columns and provide large specific surface area per unit height. LABORATORY PACKING: Laboratory Column from 25 mm to 200 mm diameter. Where a high number of theoretical stages is required . With low pressure drop & high capacity. NTSM remain constant over wide range of liquid loading. Available in stainless steel, alloys & various plastics. APPLICATION Sheet Metal Packing Wiremesh PackingKnitmesh Packing CERAMIC STRUCTURED PACKING : PTFE, PVDF & P.P. Structured Packing Ceramic Structured Packings replaces random ceramics packings in many process applications owing to it’s high separation efficiency and lower pressure drop. Ceramic Structured Packing Type Specific Surface.( m2/m3 ) 550 450 400 350 250250 Y 350 Y 400 Y 450 Y 550 Y ULTIMO ULTIMO
  4. 4. 6 Amass transfer tower is fitted with various internal equipments to enhance the process performance. Ultimo manufactures tower internals in a variety of materials to suite variety of mass transfer processes with hydraulic designs. Liquid distributor Liquid Collector Packing support Bed limiter - for uniform Liquid distribution across the tower. - to collect the Liquid from above the bed for redistribution. - to support the bed with minimum pressure drop. - to retain the packings and prevent the expansion of the bed.
  5. 5. Uniform initial liquid distribution at the top of the packed bed is essential for efficient column operation. This is accomplished by a device called Distributor, which spreads the liquid uniformly across the top of the packings. Poorly designed distributors causes mal distribution channelling and by-passing of liquid gas, thereby resulting in poor performance of the column. MOCs. : S.S, P.P, PVDF, FRP, PTFE / PTFE OR PFA Coated, Graphite, Ceramics. MOCs. : S.S, P.P, PVDF, FRP, PTFE / PFA / CS-PFA Coated, Graphite, Ceramics. While primary purpose of the support plate is to retain packings without excessive restriction to gas and liquid flow, it also serves to distribute both streams. Unless carefully designed, the support plate can cause premature column flooding. Thus, design of the support plate significantly affects column pressure drop and stable operating range. MOCs. : S.S, P.P, PVDF, FRP, PTFE / PTFE OR PFA Coated, Graphite, Ceramics.
  6. 6. 90 mm 1,200 65 97 14 METAL SADDLES METAL RASCHIG RINGS Metal Packings are available in MOCs. S.S. 316 / 304, and S.S. Alloys like Haste Alloy, Inconel, Monel, MS, Copper and Alluminium etc. These are used in a solvent recovery plants & multi purpose distillation units. Standard as well as higher thickness are also available Approx Approx Approx
  7. 7. PLASTIC SADDLES PLASTIC MINI RINGS T PACK (S) (M) (L) Also Available in PVC, CPVC & PTFE PTFE / PFA / FEP PVC CPVC PTFE 0 upto 225 c 0 60 c 0 80 c 0 200 c 45,000 9,000 23,500 3,500 1,800
  8. 8. BERLSADDLES Size Wt. kg / m3 Surface m2 / m3 Voidage % 25 mm 640 220 73 38 mm 570 160 76 50 mm 535 120 77 Size Wt. kg / m3 Surface m2 / m3 Voidage % 25 mm 220 73 38 mm 160 76 50 mm 120 77 Made from chemical grade white porcelain with exceptionally good chemical resistance except HF and strong alkali. Available with glazed (smooth) or unglazed surface finish. Most suitable for Sulphuric Acid Applications. CERAMIC TOWER PACKING : Packing Factor 107 55 43 Packing Factor 110 65 45 CERAMIC SADDLES . 630 585 550 515 650 600 710 550 510 480 580 515 485
  9. 9. HONEYCOMBS MINI PARTITION RINGS CARBON RASCHIG RINGS GLASS RASCHIG RINGS PTFE RASCHIG RINGS Resistant to a wide range of acids, alkalis and solvents. Very high resistance to hot strong alkalis. Available in a variety of sizes. High Mechanical strength. Resistant to a wide range of acids and alkalis . Very high resistance to hot strong alkalis. Available in a variety of sizes. High Mechanical strength. Fully carbonised - no extractable impurities These are available in sizes 12mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, and 75mm diameter and height. Suitable for highly corrosive applications. Sizes : 12,16,19,25,38,50,75,100( mm dia. X ht.) Sizes : 9,12,16,20,25,34,38,50,80( mm dia. X ht.) depending upon column diameter and process conditions.
  10. 10. DMF-Water Separation Methanol-Water Separation IPA-Water Separation Ethyl Acetate-Water Separation Solvent Recovery Units (SRU)