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Garbage Chutes By Technopenta Enterprises


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( We are involved in the manufacturing of a highly reliable array of Garbage Chute. These products are admired for their high strength & excellent resistance to crack.

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Garbage Chutes By Technopenta Enterprises

  1. 1. About Us We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a designers, manufacturers and installers of Centralized Garbage / Linen Systems , as well as specialized Stainless Steel fabrication as per your requirements. "TOTAL SYSTEM RESPONSIBILITY" Our products & services include complete installation of our equipments / systems, including inspection, design, fabrication, installation, start-up and training. From beginning to end, we assume total responsibility for our product to be in operation. We do the job right, because we have control over all stages of the design, manufacturing and installation processes. TechnoPenta Enterprises will design, fabricate, install and start-up complete supplied product to fit your application and requirements. We provide long-term support for our customers to allow fast, affordable maintenance, upgrading and expansion of their machines. “SERVICE” Unparalleled Sai Engineers customer service has been the cornerstone of our business, ever since its inception in 2003. Through our ongoing commitment to hire only the finest employees, to manufacture high quality products at the best possible prices, and to provide the best delivery in the business, we have continued to grow. With a state-of the art manufacturing set-up standing robustly on a 2000 sq. feet campus, and a network of over 10 professional and skilled vendors. “EXCELLENT SALES & SUPPORT STAFF” Whether your need complete planning, estimating, designing and installation of a system or simply require additional information on our product line, the Sales and Project Engineering Departments can provide you with the service and support you need to get maximum value from your new or existing system.
  2. 2. Our Garbage Chutes are manufactured to comply with the latest N.F. P.A. 82 and national building codes. Fully factory assembled with all vertical seams lapped and welded. The horizontal seams are slip joined. All chutes have a flush interior and are assembled without bolts, rivets, or clips protruding into the chute opening. No other projections are inside the chute to snag the flow of material. We provide steel angle frames at all floors. The adjustable intake door and frame are securely fastened to the intake throat. At off-sets the chute will be reinforced and supported if required. Garbage chutes can be installed in Residential, commercial buildings and malls. In any duct, common lobbies, landings, staircase, midlandings, utility ducts, dry balconies and kitchens. If on floor level, Intake Hoppers shall be at every floor level. If at mid-landing, Intake Hopper shall be at alternate floorlevel Advantage of Garbage Chute Single point collection of entire building garbage.Easy operation with hygienic garbage disposal. Separation of wet and dry garbage collection possible.
  3. 3. Type of Building Garbage Chute dia. Hopper size Residentials 450 / 600 mm 300 x 400mm // 400 x 500mm Commercials 600 mm 400 mm x 500mm Malls 750 mm 550 mm x 550mm Hotels / Hospitals 750 mm 550 mm x 550mm CHUTE RISER SANITIZER SPRINKLER HEAD INTAKE DOOR HEAD TOP INTAKE SECTION CHUTE INTAKE SECTION FLOOR SUPPORT STAND
  4. 4. DETAILS OF PIPE LINE FOR CLEANING CHUTE No. of Intake Hoppers Size of Water Connection 0-7 1” NB 0-15 1 ½” NB 0-25 2” NB 0-40 2 ½” NB
  5. 5. GENERAL REQUIRMENTS FOR CHUTE INSTALLATION AT SITE CHUTE DIAMETRE DUCT SIZE / SLAB OPENING 450MM 600MM X 600MM 600MM 750MM X 750MM 750MM 900MM X 900MM Front wall shall be constructed after the erection of Chute. Provide proper single phase power point with earthling for control panel in Garbage Room. Provide predefined water connection with isolation valve. Provide 1”wet riser from fire protection system for total building height inside chute duct ( OPTIONAL) GARBAGE ROOM Room shall be Air tight non ventilated room. No windows or louvers shall be provide in room. Provide wall tiles (min.1.8mtr.high) & floor tiles. Floor to have proper slope with drainage. Provide proper single phase power point with sufficient Lighting arrangement in Garbage Room. Provide outside opening flush door to garbage room. Chute duct slab to be closed in garbage room after installation of chute. TYPE OF CHUTE SIZE OF GARBAGE ROOM L W H STANDARD CHUTE 1500MM 1500MM 2500MM SEGREGATION CHUTE 2100MM 1500MM 2500MM Required Minimum Duct Size for Installation GARBAGE ROOM SIZES REQUIRED
  6. 6. New Advanced Technology OVERVIEW OF GARBAGE SYSTEM
  7. 7. +91 7709978889 / +91 9665955555 / +91 7387997387 Raka Palace Commercial Complex, Office no – 4, Opposite to Elpro Company, Chinchwadgaon, Pune-411033 Email id:-