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Cyanoacrylate Adhesive by Benson Polymers Limited


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( One of the most trusted name in the adhesive industry, Benson Polymers is a leading manufacturer and exporter of wide range of Adhesive, Silicon Sealants, Wall Paper Adhesive, Epoxy Resin Adhesive and Synthetic Rubber Adhesive including Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, Wood Adhesive, UV Curing Adhesive, Acrylic Epoxy Resin, Anaerobics, Thread Lockers, Epoxy Resin Glue and more.

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Cyanoacrylate Adhesive by Benson Polymers Limited

  1. 1. Profile Benson Polymers Ltd. established in New Delhi, in the year 1992, are the prominent ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, supplier, exporter and importer of adhesives and glues We have a team of qualified and experience members, which help us in product formation in the best quality and range of adhesive and glues. These professionals have vast industry experience and rich expertise in their respective domains. We are bulk supplier and offer our material with tailor made product quality which may be suitable for different applications or requirement of industries. Due to our quality range, we have attained a huge clientele from all across the globe.
  2. 2. Products  Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Adhesive  Methyl Cyanoacrylate Adhesive  Methoxyethyl  Wood Seal Adhesive  Instant Wood Glue  Non-Booming Instant Adhesive  Medium Viscosity Adhesive  High Viscosity CA Adhesive  Low Viscosity CA Adhesive  Gel Type CA Glue  Consumer Pack CA Glue  VAE Emulsion  Wood Emulsion  Cosmetic Instant Glue  Tissue Adhesive  Medical Glue  n Butyl Cyanoacrylate  Octyl Cyanoacrylate  No odour CA Glue
  3. 3. Flex Glue POLYFIX cyanoacrylate Instant glue is the most popular glue used by signage Industry. As the application needs strong and instant bonding. While using POLYFIX customer feedback is that POLYFIX is the fastest glue available in the market and it may bond even thickest high-quality flex from which it is difficult to bond from local glues available in market. As pollution is a big concern fabric flex is available is market for which special grade is available. Packing :- 10gm, 15gm, 20 gm, 50gm
  4. 4. Helmet Manufacturing Making of Helmet needs of good quality instant adhesive as the glue must not leave white marks for pasting rubber moulding or bidding with helmet. The adhesive quality should be fast curing and it should also not leave white marks. POLYFIX super strong instant glue is best for this application. POLYFIX is further used to bond interior thermocol with foam covered linings in helmets. Packing :- 15gm, 20 gm,
  5. 5. EVA or Silicone Sticker Pasting Glue for Footwear Industry Benson Polymers Ltd. offers a wide range of footwear adhesive suitable for maximum shoe components bonding purposes. Polyfix Super Glue widely used for pasting silicon or EVA logo on slipper and shoes. After using POLYFIX INSTANT GLUE no white mark is appearing on silicon logo. Polyfix glue is very fast setting glue which save time and increase Production. We also offer extensive private label services with a minimum quantity requirement. Packing: Plastic Bottle Available in 10 gram, 15gram, 20gram, 50gram.
  6. 6. Instant Glue for Marble or Granite Pasting Polyfix Gel glue is Formulated for adhering marble, granite, solid surfaces and another similar materials bonding. POLYFIX Instant Glue is Single component adhesive and ready to use. When we use two components, we need proper mixing, if it is not mix well, not work properly. Sometimes double component mixes extra it is waste because not use after some time. It is suitable for vertical and horizontal application because it doesn’t drip. Application Suitable for general purpose bonding of most common substrates like metal, wood, card, plastic, rubber, leather, fabrics, marble, stone granite etc. Packing Available Available in multiple packings of 1 Kg, 500gm., 250gm., 50 gm.
  7. 7. Super Instant Glue for Handicraft Making Benson Polymers Ltd. Introduce high viscosity glue that we are proud to suggest you for your manufacturing needs. Wooden Jewellery box or Handicraft manufacturing needs joining of small pieces. While pasting It is very hard and time wasting for clamping small pieces. POLYFIX Gel glue is best suitable in this application. Polyfix high viscosity adhesives come in various properties such as high strength, quick set time, Clear Colour and in reasonable price. Available Packings: 250-gram, 50 gram
  8. 8. MDF Board & Mica Pasting Instant Glue POLYFIX instant wood glue play very important role in saving time for pasting mica sheets on MDF board. Small designs made by mica need small pastings which wastes too much time. Polyfix Super Glue is an industrial product, and available in bottle packing to reach end consumers. POLYFIX instant wood glue is very fast and bond rapidly which results in saving of expensive time. If we are using old method for pasting MDF board to Mica pasting needs lots of times for curing and we need masking tape and Iron nails for temporary holding. But curing time of POLYFIX instant wood glue is only 5- 10 minutes. PACKING AVAILABLE: - 1 Kg, 500gm., 250gm., 50 gm.
  9. 9. PU Sole Pasting Instant Glue POLYFIX Instant Glue is best suitable for shoe/ footwear industry, with low viscosity. It bond quickly and rapidly almost all type of substrate similar or dissimilar variety with in a second at room temperature with high bonding strength. Polyfix Instant Glue hold very quickly PU steps to upper which is help to increase production. Available Packings: 15 gm., 20 gm.
  10. 10. PVC Doors and Window Adhesive Benson Polymers Ltd. manufacture supreme quality of PVC adhesive that provides good insulation to various industrial as well as residential material. Polyfix Instant Glue is best suitable for PVC Door, PVC Windows, PVC Board, WPVC Doors and Windows. Polyfix instant Glue gives the high strength of PVC sheet in just few seconds. Available Packings: 20 gm.
  11. 11. Instant Adhesive Screen Printing Frame In Modern world there are vast development in creation for screen printing frames. Metal, Woollen and Aluminium Frames needs adhesives to be paste with clothes. With understanding of this industry, we are present a wide collection of Screen Frame Adhesive. which is used on Aluminium Frames, Wooden Frame, Iron Frame & some other Metal Frames. Medium and high viscosity POLYFIX Super glue is suitable for Screen Frame manufacturing. As some soft wood frames absorbs low viscosity glue available nearby in markets. Packing Medium and High Viscosity available in 250 gram and 50 gram. Low Viscosity is available in 250 gram, 50gram, 20gram, 15gram & 10gram
  12. 12. Wood Seal Adhesive Polyfix wood seal is the perfect material to make permanent repairs of wood cracks and holes that are difficult to remove and expensive to replace. Polyfix wood seal adhesive create a long-lasting repair on damaged or rotted wood. Polyfix wood seal is easy to handle too. Other adhesive and glues takes hours for repairs but with polyfix wood seal you done it in few minutes. Packing :- 50 gm, 250 gm
  13. 13. Instant Wood Glue POLYFIX ® Instant Wood Glue is high viscosity glue. Advantage of high viscosity is that low viscous glue is absorbed by wood and doesn’t stick and if it sticks don’t sticks well but high viscosity have very high strength and sticking power. It is also been observed that bonding is immediate around 5-10 minutes and joint have water resistance characteristics. It provides a strong, permanent bond and is ideal for hard to reach joints or surface areas that are difficult to clamp. Designed primarily for wood and wood products, this adhesive is also very effective on a wide variety of materials and substrates. Packing :- 50gm, 250gm.
  14. 14. Non-Booming Instant Adhesive Instant Glue generally release white fumes while it is been used in acrylic sheet. In some applications we need neat and spotless work and there is condition that there shall be no white marks remains after we apply the glue in material. This glue is appropriate for transparent Acrylic Sheets. After applying the POLYFIX GLUE no stain marks is visible in acrylic Sheet. Packing:- 50gm, 250gm
  15. 15. Medium Viscosity Adhesive Medium Viscosity Super Glue (cyanoacrylate) is a high superiority product to use in the area where you don’t have a lot of time to wait for adhesive to dry and necessity of application is to form glue drop on application area and where medium gap filling is compulsory. With POLYFIX Medicum Viscosity CA Glue you can bond wood, metal, rubber, nitrile, ceramics and many types of plastics, and many more. To bond two parts together simply, apply the POLYFIX glue to one part and push the other part, then push hold tightly for around 2-3 Minutes. Packing :- 20 gm, 50gm , 250gm
  16. 16. High Viscosity Adhesive Polyfix Viscosity Super Glue is a strong bond that takes between 1-2 minutes to set and 5-10 minutes for initial cure. It provides a strong, permanent bond. POLYFIX Adhesive is very effective on a wide variety of materials and substrates specially best for metal, rubber, plastic, wood, pottery in the fields of every day household repairing, arts making and repairing, apparatus first orienting etc. Packing:- 50gm, 250gm
  17. 17. Consumer Pack CA Glue in 500 Mg. POLYFIX® Instant glue Cyanoacrylate Adhesive is easy to apply almost on every material concept. Polyfix Consumer Glue tubes is ideally appropriate for one time or several use within limited period of time. Easy to apply and fast curing make ideally suitable for consumers at home to fix or repair many broken things in just few seconds.
  18. 18. Consumer Pack CA Glue in 2 gm. Polyfix Cyanoacryate Adhesive in 2 gram may also be used by industries where the daily usage is very small. Packing is ideally best suitable for multiple times if properly capped and if stored at temperature below 20 degree. It is Easy to use and Its rapid cure properties make ideally suitable for consumers at home to fix or repair things by themselves. Applications- metals, certain plastics, ceramics, wood, leather, stone, rubber Usage- Footwear, handicraft, automobile, electronics, Utensils, Home repairs.
  19. 19. VAE Emulsion Vinyl Acetate Ethelene Emulsions are a general purpose copolymer water based emulsion of vinyl acetate with low ethylene content having been developed as a powerful adhesive base, which offers the following special characteristics :excellent heat resistant, Initial Adhesive Strength High Wet Tack, Good Creep Resistance, Water Resistance, Alkali Resistance, fastest setting speed, excellent hold out, excellent flexibility, excellent ageing properties, with low VOC, low odor, superior shielding power and formaldehyde free properties. Available Packing:- 5 Kg., 25Kg, 55Kg, 200Kg.
  20. 20. Wood Emulsion Benson Polymers Limited are leading supplier of Polyvinyl acetate water based adhesive are generally used for pasting wood-to-wood, laminate, pressing mica. The Furniture Adhesive can be easily applied and are extensively used in furniture industry. Formulated of an aqueous Polyvinyl acetate dispersion, the wood adhesive glue has excellent cross linking properties and the film forming temperature is quite low. These wood adhesive are available in variety of packaging and sizes. Packing Avilable:- 500gm, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg, 200kg.
  21. 21. Finger Nail Glue POLYFIX ® Nail Glue for fingers nail extensions gives professional results. The medium viscosity creates a more natural in appearance on artificial nails and allows glue to fill all air space between nail bed to fully cover the nail.
  22. 22. N Butyl Cyanoacrylate (Tissue Adhesive) Butyl cyanoacrylate is used in gastroenterology to treat bleeding gastric varices, which are dilated veins that occur in the setting of liver cirrhosis or thrombosis of the splenic vein. They are injected with a catheter needle inserted into the varix through the endoscope. Octyl Cyanoacrylate (Medical Glue) In medical and veterinary applications, they provide rapid wound closure,are bacteriostatic, and their use is usually painless. The Octyl Cyanoacrylate provide weaker bond and is more flexible. Low odour CA Glue Methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate Adhesive( cosmetic Glue) is used to make nail paint, Eye Lashes, False Hair Wig in which no irritation in eyes because of no odour while glue in use.
  23. 23. In Summary  A strong manufacturer in India’s adhesives and chemicals industry  Strong position in most products and segments  One stop solution for wide range of adhesives  rack record of consistent growth in Sales and Profits  Strong Balance Sheet with zero debt  Consistent dividend pay-out over the years  Quality Policy- To provide our product to fulfill the requirement of our customer is our quality policy. Contact us Benson Polymers Limited Address : Building no.3, Local Shopping Complex, Third floor,Rishabh Vihar Market, Karkardooma, Delhi-110092, India Email I.D : Youtube: Mob.: +(91) – 9212430840 – 41
  24. 24. Tel. : +(91) – (11) – 22372477 +(91) – (11) – 42508446