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Biometric and Security Products By Kalkasoft Infotech Private Limited


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( We are renowned manufacturer, trader, importer, exporter, retailer of an extensive range of biometric and security products that have managed to capture the national markets with their high end features, durability and high levels of functional efficiency. Only the best of raw material obtainable in the country is used for our products which garnished with multiple inspection procedures, guarantee our clients absolute value for every penny spent.

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Biometric and Security Products By Kalkasoft Infotech Private Limited

  1. 1. About Kalkasoft Infotech Private Limited VISION AND STRENGTHS WHAT WE BELIEVE OUR SOLUTIONS Kalkasoft Infotech Private Limited (KSIPL) is a premier ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 and registered under the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt of India. The company is run by Board of Directors who have vast experience in providing high end off shelf / customized solutions which meets the exact needs of an organization. The company is better known by its brand “TimeDESKR ” as this is the brand name of all the products and solutions being offered by the company. Basically, KSIPL is a lab where various applications related to Fingerprint / Smart Card technologies are developed in house using the latest prevailing technologies. KSIPL is associated with reputed OEM manufacturers (India & Abroad) for providing high-end readers, customized solutions as per the customer’s exact requirement. Our core strength lies in our software developers, project managers, techno sales persons who have 8-10 years of experience in the related sector. We take pride in understanding the customer’s requirement and delivering software’s on different platforms. KSIPL has wide spread reach with Marketing, Sales and Distribution channels well established in India. Experienced and committed team of professionals are spread across the country to attend on a call related to Sales / Support. KSIPL’s strategy-oriented and technically-proficient sales professionals sell solutions, not just applications, which help our customers manage any problem seamlessly. The depth and breadth of KSIPL sales positions is rivaled only by the caliber of the people it hires. The company is committed to deliver international quality products at the cheapest possible price through laid down procedures to control quality and estimate the cost. The main strengths of the company are listed below: · In-house Research & Development Centre – Helps in the development of new products. · All India after sales support network through Company Offices and Dealer Channels. – Able to manage the Installation spread all over India. · Skilled manpower in Sales / Support. – Able to give proper solutions instead of pushing through a Sales or Support. · Committed and Forward looking Management – Flexibility in decision making · Good brand reputation of TimeDESK · Specialize in Customization and Value addition – New Version launched every year after proper feedback from the customers / Dealer Networks etc. The up-to-date knowledge of the technology & responsiveness to our client is our greatest differentiator. We believe that our clients don't have to sacrifice on technology or security innovation when working with us. We believe that by listening to our client's needs we can learn about the true drivers of the project and provide innovative solutions. We believe that by taking ownership of our client's objective/goal, we can create a partnership that ensures all phases of a project are executed successfully, regardless of the size and scope of the work. By understanding our client's needs, listening to the exact requirement and objective to be met, we can architect a solution that is workable for all – in terms of effectiveness and cost. We have gained great expertise and appreciation from various clients/OEM manufacturers for our different products and Solutions namely: ü Attendance & Access Control (Desktop and Web based software) ü Payroll (Desktop and Web based software) ü Visitor Management Application ü Canteen Management Application ü Parking Management Application ü Club / Gym Management ü CCTV with IP Based Solutions ü Fire Panels and Detectors ü Intrusion Alarm Systems with complete Security Solutions ü Home Automations TimeDESK Digitally Integrated IT Solutions
  2. 2. TimeDESK PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS COMPUTERIZED CANTEEN MANAGEMENT APPLICATION FACIAL AND BIOMETRIC ATTENDANCE SOLUTIONS VISITOR MANAGEMENT APPLICATION (DESKTOP & WEB BASED) SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS COMPUTERIZED GYM MANAGEMENT APPLICATION Ø Basic Time & Attendance Application on SQL / Oracle with Wage Module Ø Advance Web Based Attendance Ø Employee Leave Management Application Ø Basic and Advanced Payroll Application with TDS, Factory Act etc Ø Export House & Buyer Compliance and Piece Rate Features Ø Canteen Application integrated to Fingerprint / Card Readers Ø Easy to use where the canteen resources are either outsourced Or Owned by Company Ø Easy Reconciliation of data for the exact consumed details Ø Proper Authentication for the employees, visitors using canteen. Ø Different Application to suit various modes of Canteen Operation Ø Desktop as well as Web Application with Advanced features Ø Can be used for Single Company or multiple companies. Ø Ideal for corporate, business parks, hotels schools etc. Ø Integrated with Camera, Barcode Scanner, Signature Pad, ID Card Readers, Fingerprint Scanners etc Ø Option to create Appt request by the user / employee . Ø Different Pass format generation through same software Ø Time & Attendance Application for Students and Faculty. Ø Auto emailer /SMS to parents on arrival/departure and Presence and Absence in the school. Ø Integrated with Fingerprint, Smart Card and UHF Readers Ø Various Reports format Ø GPS Systems for Buses with Geo Fencing etc. ANALOG AND IP BASED CCTV SOLUTIONS Ø All types of Analog CCTV Camera Solution Ø All types of High End IP Based Camera Solutions Ø Integrated with BMS and other applications. Ø Complete GYM Application integrated with Fingerprint / Card. Ø Creation and allocation of Packages from the Software. Ø Unique feature of Peak and Non Peak Hours. Ø Comprehensive Billing Module available. Ø On line View of members along with pending payments etc. Ø SMS feature for Birthday, Anniversary PARKING MANAGEMENT APPLICATION Ø TimeDESK Windshield Tag is designed for fast and reliable vehicle identification. Ø It is designed to work for a wide range of vehicle identification applications such as Toll Road management, Vehicle Tracking, Car Washes, Fleet management, Parking Permit, and Access Control
  3. 3. KALKASOFT INFOTECH PVT. LTD. #278, 1ST FLOOR, SANT NAGAR, EAST OF KAILASH, NEW DELHI 110065 Web: | +91 011-26215451 / +91 11-40576235 SOME OF OUR ESTEEMED CUSTOMERS We believe that providing solutions to end customers is the key to success. We closely work with multiple technology partners to develop unique and integrated solutions to our end customers. Our customer list includes the best in the industry because WE do not only SALE but try to achieve the maximum satisfaction from our systems from the customers
  4. 4. CASE STUDY INDIGO AIRLINES, having its network setup at all major Indian airports and cargo, were desirous to control the Attendance and movements for their employees, ground staff, pilots, airhostess and others. Apart from Attendance they also wanted to track the movement and on time availability of the pilots at the locations. But the challenge was the number of employees fingerprint templates, the online data to the server and the software. All these were effectively met through TimeDESK solutions with High end readers which had a capacity of 50000 templates and accuracy of <1 secs for scanning the fingers. The total number of readers were close to 400 in numbers. INDO AFRICAN SUMMIT AND BRICS SUMMIT, GOVT. OF INDIA where we provided high end Digital Security and tracking for all delegates, VVIP’s and other officials of India and abroad through the use of In House developed Application software and UHF Readers and tags. The same were highly used by different Govt. Officials to control the security of the premises. KOHLER INDIA CORP. PVT. LTD for complete Attendance and Access Control Systems with Fingerprint Modules at HO and IP Based CCTV Solutions at HO and High end Cameras at the warehouses siluated at 4 different Indian locations. AGGARWAL PACKER AND MOVERS for complete Attendance monitoring systems spread all over India at 103 locations. The Attendance is monitored centrally at their HO. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA were desirous to control the Cash transactions of the citizens with specific number of access of each citizens. The same was accomplished through the use of High end Visitor Management Application along with Face and Fingerprint verifications. ESSEL GROUP (DISH TV, ZEE MEDIA and OTHERS) , having its HO at Noida and locations spread all over India. Through the usage of Fingerprint and Card Systems for Attendance and Access Control, they were able to monitor the attendance at their central location. Besides the same, there are many high end customers where we have provided different in house developed solutions for Attendance, Access Control Systems, Visitor Management, Canteen Maanagement, Gym Management and other types of Applications. KALKASOFT INFOTECH PVT. LTD. #278, 1ST FLOOR, SANT NAGAR, EAST OF KAILASH, NEW DELHI 110065 Web: | Mail: +91 011-26215451 / +91 11-40576235