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HDPE, MDPE & HDPE PLB Duct Pipes By Aspra Industries Limited, Delhi

Started to create milestones, we, Aspra Industries Limited marked our presence in the year 2002 and operate in the manufacturing/servicing of HDPE PLB Telecome Ducts & Accessories, HDPE Pipe, MDPE Pipe, HDPE PLB Duct Pipes since 20 years. Our quality services products have been always appreciated by our clients. Our spontaneous attitude and confident approach in offering an excellent range of Plastic Pipes, HDPE PLB Duct Pipes & Fittings and Plastic Pipe Fittings has deepened our roots in the market. We, Aspra Industries Limited breathe with the aim of fully satisfying our clients with our high-quality products services. We are a unit of highly experienced professionals, all of them contributing at the best of their potentials to offer the highest degree of efficiency and client satisfaction.

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HDPE, MDPE & HDPE PLB Duct Pipes By Aspra Industries Limited, Delhi

  1. 1. india
  2. 2. Company Overview • Welcome to Aspra Industries Limited • We introduce our self as ASPRA Group ( one of the leading PLB Ducts & HDPE Pipes Manufacturing Company in India. Aspra is established in 2002 and got a place in Indian market with it’s young and dynamic stuff. Aspra started manufacturing after having experience in application of big size pipes at sites. Aspra tests and manufacture its products according to all pipe standards in the world. • Quality Management System of Aspra is certified with ISO 9001 by JAS- ANZ. Studies for being certified with ISO 14000 is going on. EN, TSE, DIN and ISO are the main Standard groups for Aspra products. Aspra has ability to produce 300 tons/month pipe. It has ability to rise this capacity up to 500 tons. "Aspra Industries Limited" complying to a host of national & international standards. • Manufacturing is controlled with computers in our labaratory and samples are taken by engineers to manufacture high quality products. Inner pressure test, Density test, Pull test, Tearing strength test, Hitting test, Impact test are the main tests. All employees are trained for manufacturing high quality pipes and fittings.Aspra supports its customers in delivery with lowest cost. İt take care to provide lowest transport costs and transit time in both road and sea transportation. Our Product Range includes HDPE pipes, MDPE pipes, PLB ducts, HDPE PLB Telecom Ducts, HDPE conduits, HDPE Pipe Fittings, HDPE Butt Fusion Fittings, Compression Fittings For HDPE Pipes, Electro-Fusion Fittings, PE Pipe jointing Machine ;s, HDPE/PP Valves, Butterfly Valves, Non-Return Valves, PP Connection Clamp Saddles, Teflon Coated Digital Heating Mirrors, pipe jointing Machines, industrial HDPE pipes, pipe fittings, HDPE valves, HDPE ball valves etc. We believe to stay ahead in the vibrant changing economy to provide you the most consistent and prompt quality services. We not only provide you with Project solutions but also regularly and timely upgrade your knowledge. We take pride in offering complete HDPE Pipes solutions in one roof to our clients..
  3. 3. Aspra Vision is to create a company that industries and society is proud of. • Aspra Mission : To become india,s No. 1 company in every business line. • To provide innovative solutions to the problem of our costomers. • To be an organization of energized employees. • To be customers first choice • To share knowledge and experience with people around us. Fully aware of our important social responsibility, we embrace the following values: • Respect of the rules and highest quality standards • "Motto of "Aspra “ is to strive hard to attain customer satisfaction by ensuring timely delivery of world class products at very reasonable prices"
  4. 4. Aspra Industries Limited services to achieve complete customer satisfaction by consistently matching or exceeding expectations. We aspire to be an innovative, responsive supplier of the best quality products, with the world as the market. We dedicate ourselves to continual improvements in product quality and customer service through... maintain & improve product quality & consistency. : Researching improvements to add to the quality standards of the products. : Providing our units with the latest equipments & procedures complying with international standards : Continuous improvements in unit operations, processing systems & logistics, to optimise the manufacturing process & yield maximum output. Motivating & Training the staff to improvise on the process and quality control systems. Conducting internal quality audits and reviews for an ongoing evaluation, validation and improvement of the quality control systems. Customers are a key source of feedback on quality and product performance, we welcome suggestions and constructive criticism, which forms the basis of improvements.
  5. 5. Team ASPRA TEAM Our Team has over 25-years of operational experience in Hdpe fields, polymers industries and telecom projects ,pipe jointing projects ,manufacturing, sales, services, marketing, and business development. • Our Team members had worked for Guidant Inc.,Aspra Industries Limited. has exposure to national & international business development. • In hdpe pipe industry, success is always the result of team work and we have hired sales team with hdpe industries sales experience. • Our team is composed of highly qualified experts in several fields, from hdpe industries management to production engineering ,from marketing to sales. We work as an effective and coordinated team every day, within an national network of collaborations. • Our organizational structure reflects both the customer-oriented attitude, guided by agility, flexibility and efficiency criteria, and our dedication to hdpe pipes development of effective service levels.
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  9. 9. Distribution Network in India HQ : New Delhi
  10. 10. Organizational Chart Managing Director Finance ManagersGeneral Manager Business Manager-HR Manager- Sales Manager Territory Manager 2 Territory Manager 3 Purchases Manager Territory Manager 2 Technical Manager Territory Manager 2 Logistics Supervisor Logistics Assistant Accounts Supervisor Accounts Assistant Audit Assistant Office staff- 5 Plant Manager 2
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  12. 12. Contact Details 210,Suneja Tower-II, Janakpuri District Center, New Delhi- 110058(.India) Telephone: + 91 9312229555, +91 9811787584 Email :- , Website: ,
  13. 13. Summary • Established market leadership and dominant presence in various hdpe pipe sectors in India • Solid fundamentals, high profitability and promising segmental outlook • Ability to best quality hdpe pipes manufacturing in Indian market • Proven capabilities to identify and commercialize unique opportunities within India’s polymers industry • Strong execution capability combined with commitment to deliver best quality.