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Jaideep saikia islamic militancy in north-east india


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Jaideep saikia islamic militancy in north-east india

  1. 1. Jaideep Saikia
  2. 2.  Burmese invaders in1829 destroyed the whole structure of Assam. In 1921, the Army corps had practically captured the area of Goalpara. Over half a million population has transplanted itself from Bengal to Assam.
  3. 3. Muslim Population in Assam3,500,0003,000,0002,500,0002,000,000 Muslim Population1,500,0001,000,000 500,000 0 1901 1931 1941
  4. 4.  Islamist militant activities have begun to breed in the region with an urgency. ISI and DGFI are expanding their support in North-east area by including Islamist groups.
  5. 5.  It facilitates immigration more than prevents it. It is a “piece of legislation” which makes it impossible to direct and deport illegal migrants. The onus of proving citizenship, etc rests on the immigrant. BJP tried to repel the IM (DT)act
  6. 6.  Bangladesh has discarded secularism and chosen to become a Islamic state. No misconceived and mistaken notions of secularism should be allowed to come in way of deporting migrants.
  7. 7.  Indigenous people of Assam are reduced to minorities in their own land. The influx of illegal migrants is turning these districts into a Muslim majority region. It will then only be a matter of time when a demand for their merger with Bangladesh may be made.
  8. 8.  Supplying explosives and weapons to terrorist groups. Promoting militancy among the Muslim youths in the name of jihad. Promoting communal tension between Hindu and Muslim citizens. Providing active support to the local militant outfits. Causing sabotage of oil pipelines and other installations, communication lines, railways and roads.
  9. 9.  ULFA-Hindu organization helping Muslims to accomplish their selfish means. The major leaders of the organisation are:  Paresh Baruah (Commander-in-Chief)  Arabinda Rajkhowa (Chairman)  Anup Chetia (General Secretary) (in Government of Bangladesh custody)  Pradip Gogoi (Vice-Chairman) (in Government of Assam custody)
  10. 10.  ULFA never shy away from taking Muslim interests. ISI has influenced ULFA. ULFA Vice president, Pradeep Gogoi, stated Dhaka arranged passports for ULFA leaders to travel Pakistan in various Muslim names. ULFA and NDFB have set militant camps in eastern-Nepal. ULFA perpetrated genocide against Hindi- speaking Assamese, with the help of Jamaat- e-Islami.
  11. 11.  PareshBarua is the self-styled commander- in-chief of the militant group ULFA. Paresh Barua is now a permanent resident of Bangladesh and with full knowledge of the Bangladesh authorities. Hefrequently visits Pakistan under a Muslim name Kamarudin Zaman Khan.
  12. 12. Fundamentalist slogan in present-day Bangladesh
  13. 13.  Sheikh Mujibur Rehman took first step in Islamization of Bangladesh. Whosever came to power in Bangladesh had to fulfill two stipulation for surviving in power. He/she should maintain certain amount of distance from India. The person should confirm the Islamic identity of Bangladesh.
  14. 14.  After the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman process of islamization of Bangladesh grew in its magnitude. Gen. Zia-ur-rehman amended the constitution and replaced socialism, secularism with absolute faith in almighty Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful” Lt. Gen. H.M. Ershad amended constitution in June 1988 and introduced Islam as the state religion.
  15. 15.  The Islamist resurgence in Bangladesh begun with the resurfacing of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Jamaat is the third largest political party of Bangladesh. It promotes anti-India and anti-Hindu.
  16. 16.  The East Bengal Evacuees Act 0f 1951: The Hindus were not allowed to take with them immovable assets. The land left behind was taken over by the state. The Enemy Order II of 1965: India was declared an enemy, and the regulation allowed “enemy” lands to be appropriated by the state. Vested and Non-resident Property Act 1974: approximately 2.5 million acres of land were seized from Hindus and almost all of the 10 million Hindus were affected.
  17. 17. Nasreen’s interview to the New Yorker of 12September 1994
  18. 18.  Phisician Tasleema Nasreen, Journalist Shahriyar Kabir and teacher-activist Professor Muntassir Mamoons, for documenting and speaking out against the atrocities committed on the Hindus were preceded by a fatwa.
  19. 19. HUJI-B are arraying themselves to imposeIslamic rule in the erstwhile East Pakistan.Osama Bin Laden is said to have called Faridand Farooqui and advised them to go backand create a Dar-ul-Islam in Bangladesh.23 February 1998, Fazul Rahman, leader ofjihad movement in Bangladesh signed theofficial declaration of jihad against the US.
  20. 20. MFO’s aim is to spread Islam stealthily.
  21. 21.  30% reservation in education and employment for Muslims. Establish Muslim court in Assam Reservation of seats in the Legislative Assembly for the Muslims of the Barak Valley.  To ensure the security of the Muslim communities.  To establish flood relief camps in the Muslim dominated char areas.  To enforce prohibition in Muslim dominated areas  To enforce the IM(DT) Act on illegal migrants who have entered India after 1972.
  22. 22. Abu Bakr Siddiqui
  23. 23.  What sort of work were you asked to do in Assam after your training in Pakistan? Were you told to carry out explosions?- No, we were not given any instructions about bombings, etc. we were simply asked to enter Assam, take shelter and wait for our strength to grow. Did you receive any instructions from the ISI about any specific task?- Yes, we were instructed by the ISI to assassinate Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani.
  24. 24.  What is the strength of HuM in Assam?-There are about 300-400 boys in Assam. In our group of 15. save 2 all have surrendered. After we left, some fresh recruits have been sent for training. Also we have heard that the Jaish-e-Mohammad & Harkat-ul-Jihad have entered Assam. Some fidayins have also come. The fidayins (sucide squads) are from which country?-They are from India. Which state in India?-Uttar pradesh.
  25. 25.  History asserts the role of madrassas in the birth of the Taliban in Pakistan. With certain madrassas in UP and Gujarat found to have huge caches of arms and ammunitions Urdu letters are taught like this  Jeem stands for jihad  tay stands for tope  kaaf stands for Kalashnikovs  khay stands for Khoon
  26. 26. An illegal migrant elder in a small hamlet in Assam’s Sonipur district: