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June’15 sees 65 VC/PE deals aggregating ~USD 900million


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Indian venture capital / private equity investors reported a 65 transactions in Jun’15. Aggregate value of reported investments for June’15 was robust, at USD 895million, from 46 transactions which reported deal amount.

As per data with India Business Reports (IBR), the aggregate investment over first half of 2015 (Jan-Jun) was USD 6.1 billion, more than twice the amount of USD 2.8 billion reported in the same amount last year.

Sectoral composition continued to be dominated by Internet related businesses, which accounted for almost 43% of the total number of deals. Over Jan-Apr’15, 126 transactions – about one third of all transactions – have been reported where business models are driven by Internet.

Real estate sector reported the 2 largest deals, and had a total of 4 in top ten. Another interesting transaction was USD 133m of investment led by Warburg Pincus in a e-commerce focussed logistics firm Ecom Express. Among early stage transactions, a considerable number were reported in companies trying to deliver hyper local services.

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June’15 sees 65 VC/PE deals aggregating ~USD 900million

  1. 1. VC/PE deals in India – June 2015 Sector: Venture Capital (BFSI) Jun 2015
  2. 2. 65 deals reported in June’15 2VC/PE investments in India Source: India Business Reports 44 42 47 49 24 50 40 35 64 59 52 50 59 53 57 67 59 65 JAN-14 FEB-14 MAR-14 APR-14 MAY-14 JUN-14 JUL-14 AUG-14 SEP-14 OCT-14 NOV-14 DEC-14 JAN-15 FEB-15 MAR-15 APR-15 MAY-15 JUN-15 NO OF DEALS
  3. 3. ~$ 900 million in disclosed amount* 3VC/PE investments in India *Amount invested available only for 46deals, 19 deals chose not to disclose details Source: India Business Reports - 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 1,600 Jan-14 Feb-14 Mar-14 Apr-14 May-14 Jun-14 Jul-14 Aug-14 Sep-14 Oct-14 Nov-14 Dec-14 Jan-15 Feb-15 Mar-15 Apr-15 May-15 Jun-15 Amount ($ million)
  4. 4. 60% investments were Angel/Early stage; rest Growth/Late stage 01-07-2015 4VC/PE investments in India Source: India Business Reports Jun'15 Angel/Early Growth/Late Jun'14 Angel/Early Growth/Late ytd2015 Angel/Early Growth/Late
  5. 5. Internet related businesses attract maximum deals 5VC/PE investments in India  The Internet madness continued. Businesses with internet/mobile based business models attracted almost 50% of all deals.  Real Estate is witnessing more deals since the last2 months Source: India Business Reports Sectors Jun'15 Jun'14 Jan-Jun'15 Jan-Jun'14 Internet 28 6 126 32 IT/ITES 7 10 46 45 Healthcare 1 5 23 28 Media & Entertainment 3 4 18 18 BFSI 2 3 25 30 Real Estate SPVs 6 5 25 16 Education 4 2 18 17 Food & Beverages 3 3 15 12 Others 11 12 62 58
  6. 6. Top 10 transactions of Apr’15 6VC/PE investments in India Source: India Business Reports, internet  Real estate has 4 among the top 10 deals  Ecommerce logistics continues to be a hot area, Warburg makes a big bet here Target Investor (s) Amount ($m) Industry SP Infocity IT Park SPREP Pte Ltd 220 Real Estate 247 Park Blackstone 166 Real Estate Ecom Express Warburg Pincus 133 Logistics PVR Ltd Multiples Alternate Asset Management 55 Media & Entertainment Oberoi Realty Temasek 51 Real Estate Applied Solar Technologies Future Fund Management Agency 40 Capital Goods Solvy Tech Solution (Zopper) Tiger Global, Nirvana Venture Advisors 20 Internet Value & Budget Housing Corporation Stichting Van Herk Investments 20 Real Estate Norwest Venture Partners 17 Internet Vatika Group Indiabulls Asset Management Company 16 Real Estate
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