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Combination of Print, PURLs, and Special Offers Build Customer Response to Holiday Campaign

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1 1 Case Study Mm

  1. 1. CASE STUDY: 1-to-1 Marketing CampaignsMultichannel Campaign Yields 12% Return••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Combination of print, PURLs, and special offers builds customer response to holiday campaignChallengeThe client was looking for a unique way to incorporate variable datainto a multichannel campaign that would increase loyalty and revenuefrom both its existing customer base and prospective new customers. Challenge: Increase customer loyalty andSolution generate new revenue.When it comes to color digital variable data, Mary Morgan bringsthe conceptualization, data management, and production capabilitiesproven to increase client ROI for their print spend. Showcasing its Solution: Developed a creativeabilities in combining XMPie technology with the company’s iGen digital multichannel campaign thatpress, Mary Morgan helped the client develop a holiday promotion, utilized a combination of print,which offered recipients a compelling— yet simple—example for using PURLs, and a special offer totheir valuable customer data in a resounding way. increase campaign response rates.The client compiled a list of the top 1,600 candidates (customers andprospects) it believed would benefit most from the offering. Each Results:contact was then sent a cost-effective, 4/0 postcard with a personalized Qualified leads exceeded 12%cover image and unique PURL that allowed them to access more (compared with average 1 - 1.5%information and order a full-color, wire-o-bound calendar with 12 images return on standard direct mail).personalized to their own unique information.ResultsJust days after the mailing, PURLs received 300+ hits, with nearly half ofvisitors completing surveys that provided even greater insights into theirneeds. Final qualified leads exceeded 12% (compared with average1–1.5% response rates of generic direct mail.)“Every organization has over the years compiled rich, untapped areasof opportunity in their customer databases,” said Jason Wienke, P: 920.437.0877eProfessional Services Manager. “Our team gives them the ingenuity to F: 920.437.7151convert these assets into realizable revenues.” Green Bay, WI Hartland, WICVDP promotions have served largely as conversation starters, helping Milwaukee, WImarketers visualize real improvements to traditional campaigns. Madison, WI Tempe, AZ“Mary Morgan is all about improving client value in every venue—be itdirect marketing or any other service offering,” added Wienke. “The neweconomy makes what we provide even more valuable. Saving money,improving results, or enhancing ROI, we’re here to make customer goalsa reality.” A CoakleyTech Company