Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Brian              Foundation Portfolio EvaluationQ1. The start of our scene reveals the plot t...
Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’BrianThe positive stereotype of the 22 year old is that she is independent and works in agood e...
Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Brianto acknowledge how many people would like this service and how and where theireasiest purc...
Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Brianbeing filmed. Moving on I now know how to edit on the Macs and iMovie because Ihad observe...
Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’BrianDue to the success of super-hero movie franchises, between 1-4 super-hero movieshave been ...
Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Brianinterested in watching all the upcoming movies themselves too. Spider-Man 3’s filmdistribu...
Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’BrianMan, this can depend on a variety of reasons some may be the date and time of yearthe movi...
Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Brian article suggests that ‘...
Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Briangood- they just want to see Spider Man and believe that the movie will be exciting.Most pe...
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  1. 1. Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Brian Foundation Portfolio EvaluationQ1. The start of our scene reveals the plot to our storyline, this is similar to somesuperhero movies such as ‘X-Men 1st class’ e.g. when the little boy’s mother gets shotin front of him, this shows the plot of the movie will be based on revenge. Oursuperhero film is different to other superhero films, because we have not used a maleas the superhero, whereas in films like Spiderman, Batman and Superman they usemale characters as the superheroes, therefore by using a female character we haveshowed that the superhero does not always have to be a male, in order for the film tobe made successfully. We have kept to the conventions of the form to professionalfilms by using a variety of shots, angles and sound effects, this has made our film lookmore creative and had adapted to our audience, because people will only want towatch a film which contains elements of professionalism. We have challenged theconventions of superhero movies by using a female superhero, as many people wouldnot be used to seeing a film with the superhero being female, therefore this setschallenges against other superhero films and may challenge the audiences thoughts onwhether they should watch this movie because those films who do have the femalegender as the superhero always has the help of a man somewhere in order for them toreach their position, whereas in our sequence it only contains the female gender as thesuperhero, who gets no help of a male throughout what so ever, in my opinion ourmovie can gain a lot of attention if the storyline is kept simple and straight forward forthe audience to understand.Also we decided to make the movie quite low hearted and not comedy or act ionisedlike Johnny English, the reason this has challenged superhero films is because it ismore on the sad side. Another movie our film sequence is similar to is ‘Spiderman 2’this is because in Spiderman 2 the hero’s uncle gets killed by a goblin and he seeksrevenge. The similarity of this movie in our sequence is that Sarah wells mother Juliewells is killed by a unknown criminal and Sarah wells has the inheriting of a coinwhich the entire state has been looking for over 20 years, the opening sequence justshows what the people want (golden coin) but later on it shows that Sarah will fight tokeep her mother inheritance safe and find her mothers murderer to get revenge.Challenging conventions-female rather than typical maleQ2. In our movie we represent two young adults one of 22 years and the other of 30years. We have chose the 22 year old to be represented as strong, but then haveweaknesses when dealing with emotions or memories of her late mother, the reasonwhy we had done this was to show despite having to be string as she is a superhero,she still has feelings like any other human being therefore by showing her weaknessesit shows the audience superheroes are almost equivalent to normal human beings. Onthe other hand we chose to represent the 30 year old as vulnerable as she is a singlemother and is unable to protect herself and her child from the villain, in my opinionthis shows that by having parents that are weak doesn’t mean the offspring will beweak, this may show be similar to the real world when people think that disabled orpeople with mental problems are unworthy of having a child, this basically shows youshould not underestimate someone because of their weaknesses or the way they arepresented to you and others.Inderpreet Kaur Basran
  2. 2. Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’BrianThe positive stereotype of the 22 year old is that she is independent and works in agood environment, also she is able to control and manage her own life, this may showan understanding of work commitment to those in the similar age range and maymotivate those who are unemployed, and it overly shows. Unfortunately there is nopositive representation of the 30 year old but the negative stereotype of the 30 yearold is that she is represented to be weak and is not able to protect her child. The TVprogramme that has a comparison with our movie is downtown abbey as downtownabbey shows how women are dependent on the males in the house, but in our movie itshows the independency of the women from the start. This gives a positiveidentification of women; showing that they can be independent and survive withoutmale company this impacts the audience’s views.Q3. The media institution that would distribute our movie would most likely beUniversal, as it is a well known brand name for films, because they have distributedwell known films that are similar to our sequence, these films were; Spiderman 2 andX-Men 1st class. Universal also have the money to distribute movies that cost up to£25,000, the reason I have talked about cost is because our film sequence contains alot of props and costumes which may be costly. We had chose universal because it isa worldwide distributing company and people are aware of it, for example if we wasto have out movie distributed by nowhere productions than this would not gainattention from viewers as they are not familiar with the distributing brand name, butthen again it depends on the film name itself and how catchy the name is and to somedistribution companies may not even be known as they are just interested in themovies. Our movie would be distributed internationally as it would be distributed byuniversal, which tend to distribute their products internationally as they havereasonable amounts of money to do so and therefore are successful in the market ofselling their goods. However TV would be a good way of distributing our product,because on the internet people would access it for free through linked websites, orother websites that are specially set for the public to watch movies for free. Alsopeople would not go to the cinema to watch films when they can access websites andwatch it for free. Last of all TV would be the most liable and correct source, as it hasa wide range of audience and cannot be accessed through piracy for the public use offree viewing.Q4. The demographics of our targeted audience are to both female and male genders,it is a movie containing emotions and no foul language, therefore in my opinionpeople aged of 16 years-30 years are most likely to watch this movie, because theywill have a better understanding of the film than a child who is the age of 6 years, alsoit may relate to their life or general reality problems, every human being faces-death.Our feedback showed us that the movie was slightly confusing therefore it fitted in theage range of 16 years + and the reason we kept the age range to 30 years was becausethe movie shows a women of 30 years and therefore it fits with the public audienceage too and this would be an acceptable age, as people older than that will be lesslikely to watch the movie because audience usually watch films that fit into their agerange and their lifestyle. If international audience would be interested in our moviethan this would be more of an advantage to us and universal as we could distribute themovie internationally to those who would like to watch it, on the other hand if peoplewish to buy this movie on DVD than we would reach them by offering to sell DVD’swith blue-ray (increase sales and make profit) by preparing with market research firstInderpreet Kaur Basran
  3. 3. Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Brianto acknowledge how many people would like this service and how and where theireasiest purchasing store would be. This would make it easier for us as a company andfor the audience. Also our other weakness was the soundtrack fade at the start whichwe had adjusted to the standard required by the feedback.Q5. The props we had used; newspaper, pen and paper, photo, necklace and toys-these props are just everyday used items and are revolved around our targetedaudience. We had used a newspaper to show where daily information is extractedfrom to every public member, this emphasised on the plot of our scene as the scene ofthe radio appeared next showing the second source of daily news. The pen and paperwere used to show how the working atmosphere in an office usually is and they mayrelate to those audience members who also work in similar places. Moving on, thephoto was used to show the imagery of Sarah wells and her mother, many people havephotos of those who are close to them so this is another prop which also connects toour audience, the necklace was then used as another prop to replace the missing coin,which would probably then be found by another family member and the inheritancewould continue further, necklaces especially pendants are worn by a majority ofwomen for a variety of reasons, some may be for a relation with another person andsome can just be for fashion, but in our case it was for a continuous relationship. Thetoys had then shown indication of children and what sort of equipment they use forentertainment, which all kids do in everyday life.The performance was based on mixed emotions containing, shock and action, thiskeeps the audience engaged with the film and shows the audience how the character isfeeling. Our audience feedback had shown that they were engaged in order to keep upwith the storyline and if they did not focus enough they simply would not understandthe story, they mainly said the opening got them engaged as they liked the music styleand how it fitted in well with emotions of the character at the start. For the adults inour movie we had used two outfits, one was formal and the other casual, for the babyit was subtle clothing, the purpose of using those costumes was based on what thetarget audience would wear for a daily routine when at work or at home, the clothingalso linked to a particular age range for example the 22 year old in an office anddressed formally gathered together well, on the other hand the 30 year old dressed asan casual 30 year old with her child. The setting was an office room and a house, wechose these as they had fitted in well with our filming but also they can be connectedto the audience, for example if people living in Wolverhampton had knew that a filmwas being made in Wolverhampton, they would want to watch it as the place isfamiliar and exciting for the audience, to see what they’re going to be presented with.The major reason to use an office room was to show the audience what the workingenvironment in an office is like and how majority of them look, and the reason to usethe house was to show where usual people would be located in, when they are not atwork.Q6. I have not really learnt anything new about using a camera, as it was atechnological component which I am familiar with, however placing myself to recordthe scenes and moving it about I was also recognizable with but I had slightlyimproved whilst picking up the pace on using the tilt and pan movement with thecamera, I also got familiar with the way to adjust the camera so it captures all themovement and people in a scene and fitting all the people in the screen that wereInderpreet Kaur Basran
  4. 4. Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Brianbeing filmed. Moving on I now know how to edit on the Macs and iMovie because Ihad observed my peers using the technological machinery and gradually picked up onhow to use it myself, independently. My knowledge on this has improved because Ieventually started to experience new tools on the Mac’s such as all the differentformats in editing and merging scenes together. My skills have improved throughproduction work by learning new things from the people in my class and taking allopinions into account, for example when I was told to improve and put my pointacross in writing to exam responses and since September in my opinion that hadimproved. This production work has developed my knowledge, especially referring tothe Mac and iMovie processor.Q7. Since the prelim task, we had planned and prepared more covalently for ouropening sequence because we had made a story board to guide us through the shots,angles and dialogues needed for the filming; this had made the process easier, as itwas a step by step system. We had improved the quality of the footage shots by usingthe tripod to keep the camera steady for the shots that required steadiness, for examplewhen the camera zooms into the characters eye, this shot required steadiness andfocus from the camera and us as the camera workers, however the disadvantage ofthis shot was that the camera lens did not focus as well and kept blurring so we had tozoom to a certain distance than move the tripod a little forward and repeat the step,because there was no other option besides going really close to the eye, which we hadalso done but the camera lost its focus more. Also the zoom in function of the camerawas too fast and was not at a timed pace which made it hard to get the focus of thelens right in order to continue with the filming. We had added various sound effectsand sound tracks at appropriate scenes to relate to the ambience an example of thiswould be the opening scene when music played along to the character reading thenewspaper, it fitted in well and faded out in time when we had changed the pace of it. Kurt Anthony KrugPress & Guide NewspapersThe word “superhero” has become synonymous with summer, raking in plenty ofcash at the box office.Based on comic book characters and — to a lesser extent — video games and toylines, superhero movies proved to be big business with the success of 1989’s“Batman,” starring Michael Keaton in the titular role, based on the DC Comicscharacter.The 2000s had some of the most profitable super-hero movie franchises in history,starting with 2000’s “X-Men,” based on the Marvel Comics series with HughJackman in the breakout role of fan-favorite character Wolverine. Other successfulsuperhero movies include 2002’s “Spider-Man,” 2008’s “Iron Man,” and 2008’srecord-breaking “The Dark Knight” (it grossed $1 billion worldwide).Inderpreet Kaur Basran
  5. 5. Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’BrianDue to the success of super-hero movie franchises, between 1-4 super-hero movieshave been released every summer since. This summer is no exception with “Thor,”“X-Men: First Class,” “Green Lantern,” and July 22’s “Captain America: The FirstAvenger.” all these up and its obvious Hollywood is betting its blockbuster future on thecontinued success of superhero films. Dark knightWatching the trailer of the dark knight, I think people would have been attracted tothis movie because it contains a lot of action and violence and is a thriller film as wellas a horror film, it also has an appealing character that is dressed as a clown whichmakes the viewer more curious to watch it, as clowns are presented in two forms andin this movie the clown is presented as a scary murderer and is disguised which makesyou want to find out who it is. In my opinion those people who love to see action,violence, pain, blood and mysterious killings would be interested in watching thismovie, more overly people who do not fear are likely to watch this movie because ifsomeone is scared of horror movies they would not be interested in watching the darkknight as it is a horror film. The age range of this movie in my view would start fromthe age of 12+ as it does not contain sexuality in any scenes and kids who are that age,mainly the male gender love to watch lorries tumbling, hero’s and baddies onmotorcycles shooting with massive guns etc. The institution that had distributed thisfilm was the WarnerBros (WB) a famous organisation known for its name and verycommon in Disney movies, as it’s so well-known, this would then help the filmdistribute rapidly to different areas over the world because some people may havewatched previous films distributed by WB and thought that the movies they present tous as an audience are good and therefore from now on I will watch movies distributedby WB.Spider-Man 3This movie is a movie that every child awaits for, as its hero ‘Spiderman’ is soappealing and inspiring to both, the younger and older generation. Also by watchingthe prior two spider man movies and knowing that they were so good has made theaudience want to watch the third one, therefore the movie had gained a lot of attentionand awareness from the public. The way it had been advertised may have also been asource that gained more viewers, one regular way of advertisement would’ve been,people dressing up as spider man and try to get people involved in various activitiesand get kids to persuade their parents to take them to the cinemas to watch the movie.In my opinion this film would be aimed at kids from the age of 6 years to adults at theage of 35, it would start from the age range of 6 years because they are the kids thefilm is originally aimed for as at that age many kids are mature and understand theconcept of dialogues etc. On the other hand adults are aimed to watch this movie tobecause they are most likely to watch it with their children, therefore would beInderpreet Kaur Basran
  6. 6. Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Brianinterested in watching all the upcoming movies themselves too. Spider-Man 3’s filmdistributor was Colombia this distributing team is not well known but the success thatspider man had made was from the film name itself not the distributor, so fortunatelybecause the name of the film was so well known by the public and watched a lot thismade the distributor a lot of profit, so some distributors work with films where theyknow the film itself will bring them masses of profit.The IncrediblesThis movie was successful in attracting audience because kids were so astonished byits trailer and this made them curious to watch it as it had a family with differentpowers that helped on another and the community from danger. Kids aged 4 wouldhave been interested in watching this movie as it is based on cartoon and animatedcharacters which gains the attention of little toddlers, as this is the type of imagerythey like to see. The distributor of this film was Walt Disney/Pixar; these are thedistributors that are set up to disperse movies and programmes for children from theages of 1 year even. Incredible was distributed easily and gained a lot of attentionbecause similar films such as; Monsters Inc, Toy Story and Finding Nemo were alsodistributed by the same company and these films were the most popular films madeand well known by children, in fact they were so popular that more and different typesof merchandise was at demand sometimes.Batman ReturnsAnother movie which is well known, and has been re-invented to the 21 st century’sgeneration. A movie that attracts the eyes of kids aged from 10 years to young adultsto the age of 23 years, in my opinion this movie is acceptable to be watched, by kidsfrom the age of 10 to the young adults to the age of 23 because both ages comprehendwhat goes on in the movie and how the dilemmas arise in certain scenes. This moviemay have been presented to the male gender mostly as it contains explosions, violenceand a lot of the cast are from the male gender. This movie also stars well knownactors; Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito, so this may have been another way togain the attention of the public to watch this film. Once again, Batman Returns wasdistributed by the Warner Bros (WB), which could’ve been another reason to why themovie was successful in its selling point. However in my opinion this movie was wellknown because of its earlier showing in the mid 90’s and the interests that theaudience had in watching the movie themselves and what they were surrounded by,e.g. other superhero film. For example if they had watched other superhero films likeSpiderman, Superman, X-Men etc. Then the public would also want to watch thissuperhero film to see what is different in this one to the other ones than compare themand know whether to buy it on DVD etc.Superman ReturnsLast of all superman returns is another superhero film which attracts in my opinion adifferent sort of audience this time, I would say that this film would attract young girlsfrom the age of 15-18 because they hero ‘superman’ is an attractive character whichmakes the public want to go and watch a movie seeing a good looking character inthere, to judge the acting perhaps. But then again it would always appeal to theoriginal audience which are children and young adults, mainly the male gender. Thedistributors for this movie were also the Warner Bros (WB) which makes the film aclassical and may be typical superhero film, I don’t think it beats Spider Man in thepublic’s eyes because superman is not as original or recognized well enough as SpiderInderpreet Kaur Basran
  7. 7. Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’BrianMan, this can depend on a variety of reasons some may be the date and time of yearthe movie was realised and the amount of advertisement done for the movie and howappealing the advertisement was itself.Upcoming ReleasesThe Amazing Spider ManIn my opinion The Amazing Spider Man’s target audience would be children agedfrom 8 years to 16 years but then again the age varies, because it depends on theinterests that a person has in certain categories of films, for example an individual of18 years may enjoy watching romance films, as this is their interest and passion on theother hand a person aged from 18 or above may like watching superhero filmsbecause this is where there interests lie. Their interests may lie in superhero moviesbecause they may have been bought up in an environment where superhero hadsurrounded them,, on the other hand they may have to take younger siblings to watchthese films and therefore their interests may have grown within the superhero filmssector. Also I think that superhero movies are mainly aimed to the male genderbecause it contains all the action and violence that the male gender love to see infilms, henceforth I think that this film will also be aimed more at the female genderthan the male gender. Income can be another source of information which can affectthe amount of viewers watching this film, as currently recession is going on andpeople are budgeting on where and how they spend their money therefore the viewersmay decrease, as cinema ticket prices are increasing and consumers may go elsewherewhere they can watch this movie for free.The Dark Knight RisesThis film would be more considerate to be watched by people from the ages of10years-22years, and once again it would be aimed at the male gender as this genderis shown more in the trailer and it would attract this gender more, due to the fact thatthe males in the trailer, are shown to be taking part in activities which involveviolence and action, and these are the activities that young males like to watch.Statistics show that the male gender’s psychographic interests are to watch actionmovies, as the male gender has always been presented to be hero like, strong andpowerful compared to the female gender, this representation of the male gender, inmy opinion is also due to historical results, as in previous centuries the male genderwould work and provide for the female gender and their offspring, hence movies wereproduced on the male gender being superhero’s and facing difficulties in order to besuccessful by using all their strength, this may be why the male gender is so fond ofwatching superhero movies.Thor 2This film will once again attract mainly the male gender as it contains action and alsoit is a thriller film, however the female gender may also be attracted to this movie as awoman is presented to be working with the males in violence and romance is shownbetween two characters, this film will also be shown in 3D therefore a lot of thepublic members may want to watch it because of that as it is a better way to gain allthe action out of the movie and experience the movie in reality, this is where moneycomes in and people cannot watch a movie in 3D at home and have the sameexperience as they would at the cinemas, therefore they are likely to go to the cinemasto watch this movie and spend £8-13 on each ticket, increasing profits.Inderpreet Kaur Basran
  8. 8. Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Brian article suggests that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘The Avengers’ and ‘TheAmazing Spiderman’ will be successful in finding audiences because; The DarkKnight Rises will be released on 20th of July which is summer time, the articlementions ‘This will be one hell of a summer’ meaning more audiences will beattracted and are likely to attend, especially kids because they have longer holidays atthis time of the year. Therefore they are more likely to have time to do their work andstill watch this movie. However the article shows that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and‘The Avengers’ will be more successful in gaining audience than ‘The AmazingSpiderman’ this is because the other two movies have used different directors andactors which in their view will gain the attention of viewers more and will attractthem to something new, rather than something that they are already aware of, but inmy opinion some people may like a movie because of its director and the familiaractors because this can be a reason what keeps them engaged to a film and make themaware of what is going on, and makes more sense as they know or are familiar withthese actors from previous film viewings. A cause that can affect ‘The Dark KnightRises’ audience is if the storyline is different or not as expected by the people whohave studied the books of this title.It is stated that ‘The Dark Knight’ had brought in $158 million on the openingweekend and since those four years more cinemas are now open to the public, whichmeans ticket prices may have increased booting up the profit for their upcomingrelease ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ which is known to be a super hit. ‘The hype up forTDKR will bring fans in, and also the key ingredient.’ This movie may also even besold in six months in advance as it is in so much demand from the public. ‘Thesemovies are going to influence the future of several superhero movies’ this suggeststhat other franchise movies will do the same in order to be successful for their sellingpoints and gaining audiences, and may cause competitiveness in the film industry.‘G.I Joe won’t even make it to 200 million where Spider Man will get it before TDKcomes out’ It is also stated that the costs of an opening day for this movie will bearound about $170-175 million, but it will simply make $400 million. So this openingday can attract a huge amount of target audience for this movie. Unfortunately ‘TheAmazing Spiderman’ will also have a open day earlier that same week, and this maycause conflict between what film the audience prefer and for one movie it can be atotal waste of time and energy if they lose millions of viewers.In article is written that the first Avenger introduced new characters who have provenpopular amongst other moviegoers, at the same time as Samuel L, Jackson’s NickFury and Scarlett Johansson’s black widow. The avengers is also linked to, the returnof the incredible hulk in 2008 with the character this time shown as Mark Ruffalo. Onthe other hand Tom Cruise has been successful in Mission; Impossible-GhostProtocol. So this report is basically telling us that the actors have a great impact onmovies and are the main achievement of success in superhero films, nevertheless theaudience feedback quotes this: ‘The Avengers is the movie I am most concerned with.The Dark Knight Rises will coast on the hype from Dark Knight and has nothing toworry about. For Nolan- it’s pay day!!!Spider Man is also a proven franchise. I don’tbelieve that most people will be concerned about the cast change if the trailers lookInderpreet Kaur Basran
  9. 9. Media StudiesAS LevelMr. O’Briangood- they just want to see Spider Man and believe that the movie will be exciting.Most people will not car at all about the change of director.’ This quote tells us thatthe public will not be bothered in who stars in the movies, they are just anticipated tosee what the movie has to offer them and give them a good view of the film, at thisstage their remarks will just be on how good or bad the movie is.In the first starting paragraphs it has been exposed that, the Dark Knight Rises and theAvengers are well ahead of Spiderman and the reason to that could be the change ofdirector and characters, an comment by a public member on this was; ‘I know as wellas The Dark Knight Rises will deff. Come on top, The Avengers second. Then theamazing Spider Man .Spider Man could be second, if Sam Raimi were still in thedirector’s chair. The Avengers, however has been in the making for, 4-5 years now.’So comparing the top two paragraphs in my opinion, a change in characters anddirectors can attract audience but at the same time can lose audience, however this alldepends on how long your movie or franchises have been out in the film industry andwhat sort of target audience your movie is invented for. But as an viewer i would saythat trailers grasp your attention whether to a film is interesting or boring, so in thetrailers you’ve got to show all the different scenes that are going to be shown in themovie and make the viewers think that your movie is different, and an experiencethey’ve never discovered before, so this is where the directors and actors do notbalance out the audience attraction.One comment stated; ‘The script will have to be really good to keep a focused moviemoving forward’ this once again relates to how the movie is presented in its trailer tothe viewers, the film industry need to realise that the public is seeking newadventurous and uncommon films to keep them engaged and not predict further. star actors are important to superhero movies because they are the main plot toattract audience, for example if a famous or well known person had starred in a moviethan this would attract they public eye as they would want to go and see this personsmovie and see how well the movie is, the other reason is attractive characters thatappeal to the public will make them want to spend money and watch films, othermembers of the public may just want to see characters their familiar with for a varietyof reasons, the main being their acting, whether its good or bad or whether the actor isgood as a comedian and entertainment for the audience.On the other hand the director of the film is also very important because if peoplehave watched films of a familiar director previously and had enjoyed them, then thisattracts them to watch more movies made by the director, as the director has given apositive aspect of themselves to the target audience and other public members.Inderpreet Kaur Basran