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Primary research 1

  1. 1. Primary Research One Inderpreet Basran
  2. 2. Maile: I like superhero movies because they have appealingcharacters, good relationships between different characterswhich makes you focus more on the film and almost teaches youhow you can get along with those who have oppositepersonalities to you. I dislike the typical scenarios in superheromovies such as the male gender always being a superhero andsaving the female gender from certain crisis etc. My preferenceis for upcoming superhero films to be different to other typicalsuperhero films and grasp my attention within the openingscenes.
  3. 3. Jyoti: I enjoy watching superhero films because they arealmost set up, to make you feel like you are in a fantasyworld, unfortunately they are nothing like real life situationsthat people face, by showing this in superhero films in myopinion would attract more audience as it is time and worldrelated, I also find the characters in some superhero moviesattractive, this make the movie more fascinating to watch.On the other hand I dislike the fact that there is not enoughdialogue in superhero movies and there is too muchsoundtrack’s which sometimes are not even catchy andmake the film boring, superhero movies can also be toochildish which can be a put off and this may be a majorreason to how and why they lose viewers.
  4. 4. Lauren: superhero films attract my attention because they containa lot of action, drama, romance and tension which is what manypeople would expect from a superhero film, they also tend tohave good storylines and morals which relate to mainlyyoungsters and teach them a variety of different aspects of life. Idislike how superhero movies contain too much explosion andviolence, in my opinion this is a bad outcome on the currentgeneration and this can get youngsters involved into violence, asthey may think it’s a good side of life and act as heroes but inreality are causing harm, violence in superhero movies can alsolead to why youngsters get bullied. Another thing I also dislikeabout superhero movies is that they’re storylines are too similarto other superhero movies, which kind of puts you off fromwatching them as you already guess what going to happen nextand have a vague idea to how the movie will end.
  5. 5. Umaad: I like superhero films because they are exciting andinteresting to watch, they can also be very inspiring to theyounger generation which makes me keener on them. Mydislikes about superhero films are when the superhero dies, thisis very emotional. I would prefer superhero films to be slightlylonger and leave cliff-hangers to gain more attention and tensethe viewers. Superhero movies also need have more narrating tothem to keep the viewers on track as there is a lot of scenecutting in these movies.
  6. 6. Primary Research Two
  7. 7. • I like to see attractive characters, therefore i prefer watching Superman rather than, Spider man because the superhero in Superman is more attractive and appealing to me. I’m exposed to see this attraction because Im from the female gender.• Comparing the two superhero movies; Superman and Spiderman, I personally like Superman more because it doesn’t contain too much action and has a simple storyline which makes it easier to follow and understand. Also its franchises are named differently and not named as Superman 1, Superman 2 and so on, this makes the viewer realise that the movie is not going to be similar to the previous one or carry on from the earlier movies that have been made and shown.• I prefer Superman because its characters are presented more subtly and shown to be doing everyday activities, that normal people do, the layout of the settings and costumes are also relevant and not revealing body parts, which makes it more suitable and comfortable to watch around younger kids.
  8. 8. • My dislikes about superhero films are that they can be unrealistic, and for me regarding my age, parts of Superman are unrealistic for example when he flies up in the sky, but its just the appearance on the actor that makes me want to watch the movie again and again.• In my opinion superhero movies need to contain comedy, to keep its viewers entertained. This was the downfall in Superman, even though its a romance movie it needed that little bit of comedy to put a smile on your face, this film can be slightly sloppy and boring for young kids, as it contains a lot of romance and love scenes.• My preference would be for superhero films to be more realistic and not contain too much action or violence, and for them to be different to others; by showing that the hero does not always have to have super powers and can just be a hero due to their commitment and hard work. Also I would like to see the female gender more in superhero movies and I would like to see how the females present themselves and represent the gender.
  9. 9. • My favourite superhero movie is the incredible hulk, because its almost like the nutty professor, except the man turns into a green beast rather than turning fat. I enjoy watching this than other superhero films like batman, because its more realistic and scientific and shows what chemicals make the human body turn vile but at the same time incredible.• When superhero movies are interpreted by normal, realistic movies they are more fascinating to watch by teens and are more reliable at that age, however for young kids they should still produce superhero movies which are unrealistic because that is what kids enjoy watching, but when there aiming superhero films to teens they should make them more realistic and thrilling to watch, so the audience is looking forward to watching the movie without having thoughts on it may get slightly boring.• The incredible hulk is a great superhero movie that can be watched by most ages from 8 years to 30, because its not too childish and unrealistic, if they carried on making films like this, then in my opinion the film industry would make loads of money and gain a lot of attention from the public.
  10. 10. • The superhero genre is easy to understand and enjoy if your a small child, but when your in your teens, you want to watch new things and experience a variety of reality situations in films. Therefore I don’t like how most superhero films have similar storylines and just one hero, in reality there is more than one hero, in fact everyone is a hero in some form, for that reason they need to show kids in films that every person has a talent and is good at something and you don’t have to be famous or well known, to have power.• Another thing I don’t like about superhero films is that the hero’s costume is always childish with bright colours and logos etc. They need to be more simple and normally dressed to be different to other superhero films, by doing this they may gain elder audiences and make extra profit.• They can also introduce different cultures and races, and people from different backgrounds, in order to show kids the different types of minorities in the country/world. In effect they could also show what happens in different countries. E.g. Poverty, natural disasters, racism but keep it to a certain extent of imagery.• Furthermore superhero films need to be realistic but at the same time be convenient to be watched by a variety of ages and ethnicities.