Indalytics advisors advisory services


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Indalytics Advisors provide advisory services in education

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Indalytics advisors advisory services

  1. 1. Indalytics AdvisorsAdvisory Services in Education
  2. 2. About us About us Indalytics Advisors Private Limited provides analytics and research in education sector Our Advisory services Indalytics help supply side of the education sector with all the necessary information to Contact us take correct and fast decisions. Our services include: • Advisory services in education • Reports on education sector across geographies • Data on Education • Trends and opportunity identification in education 2 2
  3. 3. Our Advisory Services > Business Feasibility About us Before setting their office, we help our clients to check the feasibility of starting a venture in India. Our services include: Our Advisory services • Market Assessment and Estimation Business Feasibility • Benchmarking and Competitive Intelligence Outsourced Office Services and • Business Feasibility Representation Business • Identification of Best Practices Development and Lead Generation Office Setup and Partner Search Contact us 3 3
  4. 4. Our Advisory Services > Outsourced Office Services and Representation About us For the clients who just want to have a nominal office presence in India, We work as their Our Advisory services India representatives. Our services include: • Operating an office for clients, and managing correspondence Business Feasibility • Representing clients in front of various industry stake holders, and in seminars and Outsourced Office Services and Trade Events Representation Business • Assistance with various legal, tax and accounting services Development and Lead Generation • Organizing meetings with government organizations, and representing clients Office Setup and Partner Search • Business visit assistance for clients Contact us 4 4
  5. 5. Our Advisory Services > Business Development and Lead Generation About us We help our clients in marketing their businesses in India. Our Advisory services For educational institutions, which are looking to attract students from India, we help them in brand awareness and marketing. Our services include: Business Feasibility • Brand building and promotion Outsourced Office Services and • Alliances with local partners Representation Business • Road shows Development and Lead Generation • Lead generation Office Setup and Partner Search Contact us 5 5
  6. 6. Our Advisory Services > Office Setup and Partner Search About us We help our clients in setting up their offices in India. Our services include: Our Advisory services • Incorporation of client’s business as a legal entity Business Feasibility • Legal and tax assistance Outsourced Office • Office space identification and full office setup — both online and offline Services and Representation • JV partner search and deal review Business Development and • Recruitment of key personnel Lead Generation Office Setup and • Running office under B–O–T and B–O–O–T Partner Search Contact us 6 6
  7. 7. Our Advisory Services > Office Setup and Partner Search About us If in case you want to know more about our services and business alliances, feel free to Our Advisory services contact us: Contact us 7 7