Maximize Your Magento Site for Dramatic Traffic Sites


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Indaba Group shows you how to maximize and prepare your online Magento store for high-traffic, peak days.

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Maximize Your Magento Site for Dramatic Traffic Sites

  1. 1. Maximizing your online storefront fordramatic traffic spikes
  2. 2. a littleabout us
  3. 3. is a Zulu word that refersindaba to a gathering for sharing ideas, doing business, and discussing important matters.
  4. 4. an experienced team ofwe‘re designers, developers, pm’s, sales and accounting - all working together to create awesome sites.
  5. 5. we have a variety of clients from archery, to carwho parts, to subscription sites, to tea, to online marketplaces, clothes, bikes and beef!
  6. 6. we have four Certifiedsmart Magento Developers on our team, ensuring your code will run properly.
  7. 7. is flying helicopters, filling the office keg, crackingfun jokes, and creating amazing, functional and converting websites for clients.
  8. 8. what wedo at indaba
  9. 9. we design for usability, based ondesign best practices with a discerning eye for design
  10. 10. we develop websites withdevelop clean, functional code in magento and cms platforms: *certified
  11. 11. we dig deep toproblem figure out what your companysolve needs, and provide the best possible solution.
  12. 12. topics ofdiscussionshoppers create plan maximize
  13. 13. shoppingonline is growing, growing, growing
  14. 14. Forecasted online shoppers[Source: U.S. Online Retail Forecast] $202 billion $226 $327 billion billion 2011 2012 2016
  15. 15. Forecasted online spending[Source: U.S. Online Retail Forecast] 192 167 billion billion will spend will spend $1207 on $1738 on average in average in 2012 2016
  16. 16. $96 billionestimated for holiday spending in 2012[Source:]
  17. 17. 23%23% of allecommerce sitesare using Magento 77% Magento[Source: Tom Robertshaw, Magento Developer/Meanbee] Other eCommerce
  18. 18. Expect the unexpected! spike!
  19. 19. so, what does this mean?
  20. 20. you need a storefrontthat delivers
  21. 21. createan appropriate server environment
  22. 22. here’s a handychecklist:
  23. 23. Server Checklist1 Create a backup strategy: Nothing ever works flawlessly, all the time.
  24. 24. created forgotthe thebuzz backup
  25. 25. spike!
  26. 26. Server Checklist2 Plan for high volume: Create scalability, and allocate enough servers for overflow.
  27. 27. 9 servers
  28. 28. 12 servers
  29. 29. Server Checklist3 Expect the unexpected: Perform load tests to make sure your site can perform under peak load scenarios - before the traffic hits.
  30. 30. 8,000 Orders 300,000 dollars1 radio promotion
  31. 31. Expect the unexpected9000 spike!80007000600050004000300020001000 0 11/30/12 12/10/12
  32. 32. Server Checklist4 House the development server and web servers in the same environment. Allows for updates to be made, without interfering with the main site, as well as quick pushes to the live environment.
  33. 33. Server Checklist5 Enable Magento caching features: Make sure visitors to your site aren’t loading all content, all the time.
  34. 34. The average webpage has 8% morerequests this yearthan last. 86 98 requests[Source: 2012 Page Speed and Web Performance]
  35. 35. HTTP CachingGet content to customers. Quickly! application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy
  36. 36. 60 shops 3500 products
  37. 37. Server Checklist6 Schedule reports or other admin tasks during off-peak times: Don’t run admin tasks during a rush, or you risk interfering with the customer experience.
  38. 38. run reports outside magento
  39. 39. when sites are slowJust a 1-second retailersdelay in page load can losecan result inincreased siteabandonment. 7%[Source: Aberdeen Group]
  40. 40. slow sites cause stressAND anger
  41. 41. Server Checklist7 Use a CDN for serving up static content (images) Again, don’t make the customer load unnecessary content throughout the pages.
  42. 42. Out of top 2000retails sites, only 45923% use a CDN 23% /2000[Source: Top 2000 Retail Websites]
  43. 43. Server Checklist8 Remove inactive pages, old promotions and products. Having old content just bogs down processes on your server.
  44. 44. clean the clutter
  45. 45. Server Checklist9 Get rid of any extra functionality or modules you aren’t using. Eliminate unnecessary functions on your site.
  46. 46. Server Checklist10 Minimize the number of concurrent promotions running. The more rules, the more calculations needed.
  47. 47. Server Checklist11 Set any catalog rules before any peak hours: It takes time for Magento to update prices to your catalog, so give ample time to update rules - well ahead of peak traffic times.
  48. 48. maximizeusability and accessibility across all platforms
  49. 49. Responsive DesignMake sure your promos can be seen everywhere! big promo
  50. 50. 1 in 5% online sales will happen on a mobile device[Source: Strangeloop Collective Study]
  51. 51. tablet owners spend 21% % more than desktop and laptop shoppers[Source: Strangeloop Collective Study]
  52. 52. Responsive DesignBrendan Falkowski, Gravity Department
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  54. 54. Ever heard the phrase:So easy a monkeycould do it?
  55. 55. wrappingit all up
  56. 56. plan for peak days, allocateplan enough servers so you don’t experience down time
  57. 57. streamline your magento store asprepare much as possible, and share the load between servers
  58. 58. create a site that is usable,design friendly, and follows best practices
  59. 59. the end! / / @indabagroup