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SAP BPM Jump Start to Value Package


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Incture Technologies Jum

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SAP BPM Jump Start to Value Package

  1. 1. Incture SAP NetWeaver BPM Jump start packageTechnologies Bangalore, India Experience how you can win with BPM BPM Fast Path Labs For SAP Customers
  2. 2. AgendaBPM Adoption Roadmap and Services – From Awareness to “Desire to adopt” to Pilot Projects – BPM adoption roadmap - Incture Services – BPM Workshops for Executives (Half a day) – “Process in a Day” Workshop – BPM Envision and Use Case Development Workshop – Fixed Price POC/Prototyping application based on customer requirement – BPM Evaluation Hosting
  3. 3. From Awareness to “Desire to adopt” to Pilot ProjectsOrganizations typically go through multiple stages for BPMAdoption – Awareness of the benefits and methodologies of Business Process Management – Convert into a desire to adopt: This is a critical stage and requires a driver (e.g., a particular process operational pains points) and a champion, i.e., at least one individual with passion for the idea of BPM. In some cases, IT systems managers build the business cases for BPM while in other cases the desire to adopt BPM is triggered by business improvement teams, HR departments, business stakeholders, such as line managers or chief executives. It remains without a doubt an ongoing challenge for the community that BPM has no classical home in an organization. – Individual BPM projects have to be set up, executed, and monitored, often with the desire to achieve quick win situations that can then be used to market and expand the BPM ideas across an organization. This is typically the phase in which organizations build up BPM capabilities and credibility. It also often means that individuals develop a fascination with BPM, see potential career paths in its development, and take (often unofficial) BPM ownership.
  4. 4. BPM Adoption Roadmap – Incture Services Push Boundaries, Gain Insight, Reduce Risk Iterative Prototyping Cycle: Growing Solution Reality and Deeper Confidence out of Fuzziness Understanding every 2 Weeks  Use Intensive, Interactive, Iterative, and  “Seeing is Believing!” Visualized approach  Tangible Result, Reality Check, Exit Option every 2 weeks  Form Agreed Requirements  Maximize the output under the given constraints  Ready for Prototyping Checkup Checkup Checkup Checkup Point Point Point Point Iteration Iteration Iteration Iteration BPM PIAD Envision Workshop BPM Hosting 2-5 2W 2W 2W 2W days BPM Overview for Executives “Your Private Breeding Ground” Experience and Success Story Sharing  Individually Configured, Dedicated Environment Sessions  Instant Access to latest system versions Process in a day workshop (PIAD)
  5. 5. BPM Workshops for Executives Half a day workshop• What would be achieved • Key Stakeholder Enrollment • Project Team Enrollment • Drive the need for BPM• Who should join • CXOs, • Business Process Managers • Business Process Analysts, • Change Managers • IT Managers• Typical agenda Why BPM? What is BPM? (Key Stakeholder and Their Perspectives) • Whats in it for LOB owners: Driving your Business KPIs • Whats in it for IT Team: Technical (SAP BPM Technology) • Whats in it for Users: BPM and User Delight (Key patterns for Users) • BPM Project Management: (Team Composition and BPM Project Methodology) SAP NW Tools , capabilities and demo BPM success stories Key milestones in journey and Incture services for the same
  6. 6. “Process in a Day” Workshop Packaged offer for BPM experience in customer landscape/use casePreparation Phase (2-4 hour telephone conference) • Share the BPM overview material (Similar to BPM workshop for executives) • Email the “Guidelines for the process candidate” • Finalize the process candidate and scope for the workshop • Setup the infrastructure and test the landscape before workshop day (Incture hosted shared BPM infrastructure)Execute the 1 day Workshop at customer site • Big Picture SAP NetWeaver BPM • Innovation possibilities, Model and implement desired process • Share and explain canned demo’s of reference use cases • Scope is adjusted to have a running process at the end of the dayClose the workshop • Have the process running in the cloud • Customer can use the shared hosted BPM infrastructure for 1 week without any additional cost. • Have the developments as workshop deliverable (executable & source code)Follow up engagements • POC/Value Prototyping Engagement • Consulting engagement to work on the pilot project
  7. 7. BPM Envision and Use Case Development Workshop• Envision Workshop is designed to critically and systematically review customers’ needs and confirm what they really want to envision• In a way to look into business from big picture down to the technology• Bring them into the agreement of the future process and proof points through our unique, dynamic, and iterative methodology• So that customers can have jointly-agreed requirements and understand how business process is reflected down to the system execution
  8. 8. Prototype Development Prototyping as One project team• Prototype is implemented in our intensive lab environment Incture provides : System Hosting Consultancy• In a way to bring all the expertise, hardware, software, Amazon Cloud from BPM+ Experts and iterative prototyping methodology into one place HTTP Connection/ Project Coordination by System Copy BPM project coach• To answer the proof points identified in the envision System Transport Developer Resources workshop. Customer Provides :• Check-up workshop happens in every 2 weeks Scenario/ Bus. iteration to confirm and refocus so that a more Business Process/IT Requirements Owners meaningful prototype can be delivered over iterations. As- Is process docuemntation
  9. 9. Fixed Price POC application based on customer requirementValue Prototyping/POC: Reduce risks and accelerate realization of value opportunities-poweredby Incture’s Center of Excellence for SAP NW BPMOne-stop Shop providing everything needed to run a prototype • Business Specialists • Application & Development Experts • IT InfrastructureFlexibility, Speed, Excellence and Cost • Jump start a project within 5 days • Project durations between 3-6 weeks • Tangible results, Exit or Scale-up point every 2 weeks • Access to all latest NW technologies and solutions • Services including Coaches, Architects, Experts, Systems • Support including Facility, Methods, Accelerators, Templates • Offshore delivery to reduce the cost with onsite coordinator as required
  10. 10. BPM Evaluation /POC Hosting• Dedicated clean instance of SAP NetWeaver BPM (CE, NWDS, NWDI) (Fixed cost hosting - 300 USD/week (Amazon Cloud))• Delivery of image copy at the end of project• Development & Runtime access via HTTP• Optional add-ons: BI, PI, Solution Manager, additional connections to third party and SAP systems• Shared Incture instance is FREE!!! (for a week) Cloud Hosting Landscape NW BPM CE 7.3 NWDS NWDI Access 7.3 7.3 Developer / Evaluator
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