Tablets in the Workplace - Jan Magnusson


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Tablets in the Workplace - Jan Magnusson

  1. 1. Library staffusage of surf tablets Partners: Pieta Eklund, LLR, University of BoråsJan Christer Magnusson, Chalmers University Library Elin Nord, City Library of Göteborg
  2. 2. Today’s presentation• Background and intention• Workflow• Evaluation• Preliminary results
  3. 3. Background• A project financed by the Royal Library of Sweden• Report in spring 2013• Three participating Libraries: o Chalmers library(Göteborg) o Library & Learning Resources(LLR, Borås) o City Library of Göteborg
  4. 4. Ongoing project• Real-life situation Autumn 2012• No finished results
  5. 5. Dual purposeLLR (Borås) and the Chalmers library City Library of investigates how Göteborg to add value to investigates the the information use of surf tablets literacy program as information work tools
  6. 6. Workflow• First inaugurating meeting• Two start up meetings with the participating libraries• We have discussed the best way to use the surf tablets• Both iOS and Android tablets have been used; iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Acer A500• Problems: o Can’t reach the circulation module o Writing on the tablet o Web pages and services not adapted for tablets
  7. 7. Workflow: LLR• Pilot testing in May 2012 o 6 librarians o One hour, two times a week o Take a note of our experiences afterwards• Aim: o Which questions would be raised o Knowledge on pros and cons. • How to give help (treatment and closing contact) • Gathering user evaluation o Which time of day optimal for survey
  8. 8. Workflow: LLR• We decided to brand ourselves o T-shirts in visible colours o Library introduction at the start of Autumn semester o Library blog & News flash at the Library Homepage ( o Facebook
  9. 9. Workflow: Chalmers library• One meeting to decide on how to use the tablets in educational surroundings• Seemingly useful in information literacy courses – or is it really?
  10. 10. Workflow: City library of Göteborg• Using the surf tablets in: o Two of the niche library o City library 300m2 o City Library Miini o Linnestaden library o Majorna library• As mobile information desk
  11. 11. Evaluation• To be able to evaluate the project we have: o Constructed a user survey o Librarians have answered a survey o Librarian connected to instituions has collected experiences and views
  12. 12. Questions• User o Institution affiliation – if existing o Was the user supported by the meeting or not o How do users look at surfing librarians
  13. 13. Questions• Librarian: o Where did the meeting take place? o What kind of questions did the user ask? • Technical questions, simpler information literacy questions, research questions • Was the surf tablet used? …and it was possible to add more comments
  14. 14. Evaluation: LLR• LLR has had: o 37 surf hours since start of semester by 5 librarians o 31 answers from students o 51 answers from librarians o 16 answers on localities and technical questions o 32 questions on how to find a book o 3 research questions o 26 times has the librarian initiated the meeting o 24 have the users initiated the meeting o 7 times has the surf tablet been used• Everybody have been pleased with meeting at the existing locality
  15. 15. User comments• ”It is good because us pupils don’t have to run three floors down to get help and be forced to leave our laptops or renew the search ”• ”Smart to have at multiple places”• ”Great to have access to competent librarians in place!”• ”Great that you came”• ”Jolly good. Was thinking that it would be great if someone was upstairs to help me. Hope you’ll be here next time.”
  16. 16. Evaluation: Chalmers• Chalmers has had: o 101 education opportunities by 7 librarians o 61 times the surf tablet was used – 60% of the time o The reference guide, home page and Chalmers app o Disabilities – Audio Note and Dragon dictate o Easy to use but too long time to find material o Important not to forget the surf tablet o Smartphone – easy to use by one teacher (the rest don’t know) o Focus on mobile units instead of tablets• Better pedagogy to show the students at their work stations and let them type
  17. 17. Work places
  18. 18. Evaluation: City Library of Göteborg• Obstacles in the way: o Afraid that the surf tablet will be stolen if you happen to leave it someplace o Feeling limited by holding it in my hand o Testing a shoulder bag
  19. 19. Preliminary results• Users love to be contacted where they are sitting• The surf tablet is not necessary in educational work• The surf tablet is not optimal in information literacy o Better pedagogy and quicker to point at the screen of the work station where the student sits than to use the tablet o It may be better to use the surf tablet as an ”old fashioned” extra information desk than as an educational assistant• Extra educational help - does not make use of the full potential of the surf tablet• Specially designed educational apps would maybe be of help• Needs rethinking of the concept mobile learning• We need to redefine ”classroom” and ”learning environment”
  20. 20. Surf tablet – static unitInfinite number of pages
  21. 21. Future mobile learning?
  22. 22. That’s how we use it at the office (Touchtech)• We have downloaded Dropbox and shared it between us. The interactive table via Touchtech files has access to the shared dropbox folders• As soon as anyone finds something interesting, that person can save it in the Dropbox folder whether he/she is in front of a computer or a smartphone/surf tablet. Later, when we all gather around the table it’s automatically synced – extrememly useful